3 thoughts on “BREAKING!!!!!”

  1. what about organizing one in Jackson the same day if front of the Auditor’s office or any local offices he has
    throughtout the state. 60 Minutes would love this too.

  2. I think we need to pull out all stops. We have to make them aware this ain’t going away and neither or we.

  3. TGIF for PRR’s. Albannach – The Uprising in Mississippi. MacClannough, MacClannough! We heard about what was happenin’, and we don’t want ya thinkin’ ya can have your fun without us in metro New Orleans. Say Grace to God, lads. (waiting for godot – samuel beckett) We’ve just seen the coming of the Messiah. Always that De Tocqueville touch at slabbed nation, you scrappers!

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