Anne Marie Vandenweghe has issued the following press statement (Updated)

It was with disbelief that I read the details of my Settlement splashed across the page of the local paper ( online and hard copy). I was doubly shocked to discover that the Parish Attorney, Ms. Foshee, was quoted in the article and had allegedly emailed information to the reporter.

It was in fact Foshee and her outside counsel at Phelps Dunbar who insisted on a Confidentialty Clause so her releasing any information is interesting at the least.

Whatever ulterior motives the Parish of Jefferson and/or their representatives harbor, such unprofessional behavior is indicative of what is still very wrong in Parish government.

Whether it violates conditions of the Settlement thus warranting sanctions I leave to my attorney Bobby Truitt to determine.

Update: Parish Attorney Deb Foshee has issued the following response.

All parties to the settlement are obligated to maintain confidentiality to the extent allowed by law. The Parish as a public entity may not withhold this information if it is requested. The settlement is a public record involving expenditure of public funds. The Parish will not unilaterally disseminate this information in light of the settlement agreement. The Parish Attorney’s Office takes the public records obligation seriously and we do our best to follow the public records laws. I certainly regret any concern this had caused Ms. Vandenweghe and would appreciate the opportunity to apologize to her personally if allowed by her attorney.

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  1. Unfortunately, Anne, the only likely basis for penalty is court-ordered sanctions as most jesters are too clueless to impose damages for breach of contract when of course it is a State actor doing the violation.
    Federal judges are known to screw over a plaintiff on attorney fees, even to the point of legally whizzing on a magistrate’s recommendations. Except of course when a State actor is the one entitled to the penalty, then an “accommodation” is made.

  2. The JP government says that a press or PRR request has been made so let’s have the entire settlement word for word exposed in the sunlight including what was paid to Phelps Dunbar to defend the JP government and not just Theriot and any and all prohibitive covenants like not commenting on local internet sites on JP government for a certain period of time..

    Anyone else hear that the crazy kissing and hugging Mayor of San Diegor was denied paid attorney fees by the City Council to defend the lawsuits filed by San Diego employees yet JP paid Theriot’s attorney fees to the tune of $42,000. Who said we’re supposed to be the conservative populace and California the liberal spendthrifts.

    1. As a matter of editorial policy Slabbed New Media has long opposed confidential settlements. This particular case is no different in that regard. Since the subject was busted wide open, I have a post coming on the true total cost of the settlement. I’m hearing PD got almost as much as AMV did. I have some docs but have not had the time to look at them yet.

      1. The shocking release of the JP government settlement was an attempt to get out in front of a predestined PRR story and show the populace look how much money we compensated AMV and we are the new and improved, good guys with the open sunshine government. The real story is the total cost this political hatchet job cost the JP treasury and what changes are currently being made in personnel management to stop these repetitious personnel lawsuits costing hundreds of thousands in outside counsel.

        JP should have from the start told Theriot you screwed up personally and reacted without any evidence and only to political pressures. Therefore defend yourself and pay your own attorney fees. Such a political statement would have put everyone on notice (Administration and Council) irrational personnel management will no longer be tolerated and defended by outside counsel on the backs of taxpayers.

        Let’s be brutally honest here. JP didn’t pay AMV for personal damages sustained as much as it was out of fear of discovery, depositions, etc. which could have revealed the dirty little secrets of past and present Administrations,, Councils and possible identities of the political puppeteers.. Or as Ray Ray termed the “shadow” government.

        Just another reason JP voters this October will vote down all new tax increases being pushed down their throats for a second time..

        1. I have a post coming on that topic as soon as the research is complete.

          On TheRiot’s suit against the Blogosphere, only the Parish Council has the legal authority to file suit on behalf of the Parish. If you go back and see how the gang at Phelps Dunbar styled it, such was not the case yet the taxpayers still paid as if the Parish Council had filed it. It is absolutely rotten despite the fact TheRiot subsequently ran away from the litigation like a scared schoolgirl due to the withering public criticism.

          1. Doug, you’ve hit a good sore spot. There’s a great deal of tension in some governments under their home-rule charters as to the executive’s duty to act, but in most cases the charters and law are clear that the governing authority is the suitor.

            The Jefferson Parish Council can either move to undo a nullity, or continue to look like rubberstamps/lickspittles. One could visualize a Machiavellian way to screw over the settling party by declaring the settlement without authority, although that would be a big one too hard to swallow even for local judges who dutifully “service” their local governments.

            On the other hand, seeing an ex Legislative Auditor get hoisted on a petard is worth the price of admission.

  3. RIGHT! They take the PUBLIC RECORDS OBLIGATION SO Seriously that they unjustly FIRED AMV for attempting to uphold it!

    Foshee actually made the following COMMENT.
    “Ethics are like yellow lines on the highway & I like showing people where those lines are.”

    I doubt that she could complete an escalator ride without guidance.
    Just sayin’.

  4. Well, now that tommy-dog & his whore are not sittin’ in the parish saddle anymore; guess the only way to give JeffParish an enema is to stick it in Deb Foshee. Gotta get the crap out before even the dry parts of the parish sink into the cesspool!

    1. Usually these agreements stipulate the Plaintiff gets screwed and the agreement rescinded. Frankly, this is a first in that the defendant who doesn’t want the taxpaying serfs to know how much was shelled out for the defendant’s violations of law is the one who went public!!

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