15 thoughts on “Yup (Part 14)”

  1. Holy Strawman Security Screwups Batman,

    Excuse my dilect but dat dere Exhibit A leak done bees way bigger den da’ Snowden leak. Dis’ gotta bees da’ work of the infamous SNSA ( Slabbed Nation Security Administration).

    Tink dat leaker done moved to Russia too?

    1. Did you notice a strange email address in that filing like “[email protected]”, whom, to my knowledge not a party to this case. Jim, is james E. Smith Jr, currently managing partner of Stewart Title in New Orleans but the inclusion makes sense on one level because Smith owned property in Nova Scotia with Broussard and pals.


      My personal opinion is that each and every one of the LLC’s Broussard set up to hold real property in Nova Scotia existed for the purpose the Feds said Nova Scotia Enterprises LLC existed.

      Speaking of Nova Scotia Enterprises I have a couple of PRRs out that I expect will bear fruit in identifying the owners of the now infamous entity. 🙂

  2. My father used to tell me Viet Nam sniper stories that to protect your location you never let the enemy see the smoke from yo’ muzzle

    Exhibit A tells me that Lil’Napoleon carelessly packed a little too much smokeless powder in his old muzzle loader and well you know the rest of da’ story


  3. I notice another oddity. Broussard as a Louisiana attorney would NOT refer to anyone a “power of attorney” as the correct title in Louisiana is a mandate, to a mandatary under art 2989, or procuration under CC Art 2987.

    Doug, I have to believe the pack of liars and incompetents slipped up on this one.

  4. Pardon my ignorance but I was of the belief that when incarcerated one is possessed of limited “civil rights” including legal competence to enter contracts. Shouldn’t a “power of attorney” have been made BEFORE surrendering to federal prison system?
    In any event watch these clowns try to fob this fraud off on some court somewhere (Canada maybe…Elbonia??)

  5. You can’t give “power of attorney” to someone to represent you in legal proceedings. An attorney either represents you via a contract of representation or doesn’t. I’m wondering if Broussard isn’t having Abel legally represent him due to a potential conflict of interest. Sounds like a Motion to Strike is in order, IMHO.

    1. Yes and no, Had Enuff, you give a procuration to “X” who in turn hires counsel. See La. C.C. Art. 2987. A procuration is a unilateral juridical act by which a person, the principal, confers authority on another person, the representative, to represent the principal in legal relations.

      The procuration may be addressed to the representative or to a person with whom the representative is authorized to represent the principal in legal relations. [Acts 1997, No. 261,

  6. Doug If you did not file a motion to remand within 30 days of even an improper removal, the case stays in federal court, unless you stipulate that your damages do not exceed the amount required for federal jurisdiction. Good luck

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