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  1. Well, I guess all you can say about this is it is very risky on the part of Stacey Pickering. In my opinion the Republican party ,its office holders, and local soldiers are trying their best to own these various ongoing scandals. Just a quick view of the host list and you can see many people with deep past/present involvement with the Walkers, the DMR, the Ms.Power disaster called Kemper along with the PSC (name should be to Please Screwme Commision.) With all that is being looked at by the Ms.State Auditors office this event will be perceived by 99% of the population as nothing more than an attempt to influence the outcome of the investigation.. When they have business partners, son-in-laws, business clients, friends and neighbors a part of these ongoing investigations do you think these people will not be trying to whisper in the ears of Pickering and his staff to consider going easy or back off totally? I will not believe for a second that this event is about raising money but more of a meeting of a few people at a “if we help you can you help them” gathering.

    1. One semi-informed looksie at certain of the crowd featured on this post along with other Mississippi Coast Political Fundraisers lends great context to large portions of the commentary on certain blogs circa Dickie Scruggs scandal. Considering Scrugg’s Jackson County roots such is obvious on one level but I am speaking specifically of the Coms influences of certain of this gang on what was being said back online back in 2007/2008.

      IMHO from a big picture standpoint this is less about political party and more about good ol boys and girls gathering for a social event.

      1. Welcome Miss Press link followers. Here is some additional commentary on the Miss Press story. The coverage and the link is appreciated, but the story is a little weak in the spine in my opinion.

        Miss Press reports on Pickering’s Fundraiser. Links to Slabbed. More effort is required for Miss Press to prove they are not just “he said, she said” stenographers.

        Small group of protesters picket Pickering in Ocean Springs

        In general terms, the protesters believe it was a conflict of interest for Pickering to have a fundraiser hosted by people who are thought to be friends or have done business with former Department of Marine Resources Executive Director Bill Walker, who was fired by the Commission on Marine Resources in January amid allegations of misspending. The DMR is still under investigation by Pickering’s office.

        In general terms what matters are facts. Miss Press should find them, and then report them.

        The Walker Three’s (Bill, Sharon, Scott) business and political dealings through such transactions as: CIAP grants, IMMS, various consulting contracts with governments such as D’Iberville, consulting contracts with contractors seeking business from various governments, DMR grants, various property purchases, various DMR procurement contracts and leases, and the various DMR Friends and Family(tm) employment arrangements either are, or are not, intertwined. As reported previously, the three Walkers are known to roll together Land Rover style.

        For the first two hours of the executive session, Walker’s wife, Sharon, and son, Scott, sat in a Land Rover SUV in the parking lot of the Bolton Building, where the DMR offices are.

        In specific terms, some of these people at Pickering’s Fundraiser either are or are not friends of Bill Walker. The same applies for both Sharon Walker and Scott Walker.

        Some of these people at Pickering’s fundraiser either have or have not done business with Bill Walker and/or Scott Walker and/or Sharon Walker.

        The Miss Press could verify these points, and then print the results of such journalism, if it chose to do so. The piggies might squeal loudly and be rather non cooperative in any such investigative efforts. This would also be newsworthy.

  2. Leonard, Leonard Jr, Casey, and Jay. PSC present and accounted for. Wonder why they need so much favor with the Auditor??

    The Cedar Point Land Scandal Gang is well represented: Little Lemon and Uncle Ben. Just need Daddy Palazzo and David Harris.

    This is no coincidence. Our Auditor is being bought by our local public sector organized crime ring.

  3. Do not think for a second Scott Walker is not involved in this event. While he may not be a sponsor I bet he will be there along with Moby Solangi, George Malvaney, Bill Walker, Terry Robinson, Michael Janus and others. I think we,the people should all show up across the street on the beach and have a big bondfire protest,get loud,get drunk and get rowdy. I am ready to rumble!!!!!! I am going to start work on my sign. I am thinking about ” NO DEAL FOR THOSE WHO STEAL”

    1. Now dears….I’ve looked at MissScottyWalks blog and can tell you how to crash this party.

      Strap into your finest Lilly print outfit and simply stroll in as if you belong. Kick off your shoes early if you wear them inside at all. Insist that all your drinks include fresh citrus which you witness being juiced by the help who you treat as though you attended prep school together in CN. (As if! But it’s how Mummy taught you).

      That crowd wouldn’t know what hit them. They would be blinded by the neon tigers groping monkeys playing trumpets on your pants. They see those clothes, they think PalmBeachMoney and dance with welcoming delight.

      Bonus points if the clothes are worn or a bit stained and wrinkled…..shows you are so above it all you just don’t give a fuck. Because OldMoney doesn’t. Don’t drink the cheap gin; dead giveaway that you’re simply NOKD.

      Laugh quietly but exude false sincerity, be droll, commit to nothing but say that you “work for” Mummy or Daddy’s firm.

      And that is how I suggest this little soiree’ be crashed . That crowd would nursing topical ammonia burns from the amount of uric acid deposited in their pants after I dropped the family name because no matter how royal you are here, not much trumps legacy membership in Daughters of the American Revolution. Don’t mean to sound mean, but this southern girl with long deep roots up north in YankeeLand can spot a wannabee social hanger-on with ease. That whole crowd.

      G & T, anyone?

      1. Forgot to add…..triple bonus points if one arrives sans undergarments….those clothes are lined for a reason. RIP Lilly, you rascal.

          1. Aw girl you are killing me!!!! Lilly and the “420”!!!! I bet sista Walker knows that one as well, given her fondness for Missy and The Dutchie. I would totally go to Dillard’s and get one to go crash Stacy’s big ‘do, and I never wear panties, but my 300 lb. grey body would not go well with those neon prints, shoot! So I will swim by and smoke. P.S. The OS cops will have to R-U-N-N-O-F-T anyone swarming around the party, so drive by and take pictures of the guests with your celly! This makes everyone nervous. Ta, see you there.

  4. I hope the Snake Nation is reading this. I’m sure they will show up in force at this event. I’ll bet there will even be dancing at the party. The dance style will be ‘Reverse limbo’….NOT how l-o-w can you go? BUT how h-I-g-h can you go? in my opinion. Is there no level to which these crooks will sink? They were caught with their hands in the cookies for goodness sake. There is no explaining, denying,….there is just no logical explanation for what they have done to the Coastal Taxpayers, Coastal resources, AND Federal Taxpayers!!!! And to top it all off, it was done under the name of the DMR, whose mission is to protect and enhance the natural resources and marine waters. How much worse can it be?
    And if Stacey Pickering is willing to sell his soul to that bunch of devils???? Well, he is about done anyway after the awful remark he made about the lady Walker and Tina Shoemate tried to blame their filthy actions on. As innocent and honest a woman that God ever made. A woman who was tortured by conspiring hogs. And Shoemate had plenty of help. In my opinion, people with no moral fiber aided she and Walker such as Joe Zeigler, and many others at the DMR from the 6th floor (or the penthouse). She was used as a patsy by a man that she worked for and trusted. How could he betray her with a clear conscience? And then to deny it? How can he and Tina sleep at night? I just don’t understand those kind of people. I thought those kind of people resided in hell, and were not walking the earth.
    All of that being said, the people need to come out in FORCE to vote this election. The slimeballs need to go. Anyone associated with that disgraceful group of people need to get what’s coming to them. If they stood by and supported Walkergate, then they need to go. Don’t forget folks. They are counting on our memories being short, and time healing all. Nothing will heal what has been done to Michaela for myself and a lot of other people. I have no forgiveness to offer and there is nothing they can do or say to make it right with anyone that has a conscience or any moral fortitude. They have to go. They need to be run off of OUR COAST!! Let’s take our home back!!!! Run the trash out!!!

    1. I am hearing rumors there will be some form of protest outside of the Cloyd residence. If there is any way I can make to it OS on Tuesday I will but it is a long shot.

      1. My idea of a protest is destruction and damage. Unfortunately, I am not in the position where I can afford to go to jail and pay restitution. I may take a drive down to observe peacefully though.

  5. Here is the million dollar question. Why is it being held on Million Dollar Row at this specific residence and what is to be gained from holding a fundraiser to support Pickering? The Ploy…I mean Cloyd gang has already received millions in state contracts so what is the end goal?

  6. Read the above article about the DMR and you will see why they are having a party on MILLION DOLLAR ROW next week and this also explains why Stacey Pickering is going to be the guest of honor. I am in shock and headed for the whiskey bottle.

    1. To the Slabbed and Snake Nations:
      Does anyone happen to know who Sharon Walker’s lawyer was in the spring of 2004 when she was head of the child development center at NASA? Might have been a USM lawyer assigned to that project?

      1. What is with the mentioning of Snake Nation on Slabbed? Has that group moved over this way or are we now involved in a co-op program with the SH community? LOL

        1. Sorry about that. I read all 70-ish of the comments on the Pickering article, and had the Snake Nation on my mind as folks who are also fully devoted to figuring out what has gone on at the DMR, and why. This is one facet of the mystery that connects one of the Walkers to Hancock County. I hit the wrong reply button, too. Again, sorry.

          1. And, no, Mr. Handshoe, I haven’t forgotten that the SH has treated Hancock County like the proverbial red-headed step-child, particularly with Bay Tech! Truly sorry if I was out of line.

          2. It’s all good DMMS.

            I do not think we have heard the last of the Bay Tech Building Swindle.

  7. We can only hope Eye! I thought (expected) that as mad as the Snake Nation was about all of this that they in fact monitored this site. I, for one, would be glad if they would co-op with us because we will need all of the help that we can get to make this bunch do the right thing! Looks like Mr. Pickering might be throwing in his lot with them? after reading the deal that he cut with them on behalf of the Taxpayers.

    1. Hmmmm…..Well, perhaps Doug may want to make the call to Snake Nation for backup and cover fire.

  8. I am an honorary member of the Sunherald Snake Nation and they do monitor and comment here.

  9. We all need to pool our talents and resources to battle the Walker Crime Family. Based on Stacey Pickerings report released earlier today he has been compromised. We must somehow call the FBI,IRS,CIA,DEA and every other agency that will fight organized crime. The state Republican Party is going down over this scandal they are covering for. We cannot allow for these people to steal our money and walk free.

  10. Everybody needs to get up this morning, put on your camouflage stap on those combat boots and get reading to do battle. First all need to read the Audit Exceptions report for Fiscal Year 2013 released by the office of Stacey Pickering yesterday. On page 14 you will find information about the Dr.William Walker boat scam. HE WALKED FREE WITHOUT EVEN PAYING FOR THE COST OF THE INVESTIGATION. Read the other cases listed from throughout the State of Ms. that went thru Pickering’s office. Look at what happened to some of these people that stole, embezzled, misused, laundered public money. The message sent to the public is clear. If you are connected your punishment is nothing. If your not, like Jefferson County Circuit Burnell Harris you go to jail for 72 months for the same charge and a similar amount of money. Harris also has to make full restitution. Stacey Pickering has managed to buy this scandal and deliver it to the front steps of the state Republican Party. I hope they, the Walkers enjoy the party and celebration with Pickering Tuesday night in Ocean Springs at 433-435 East Beach Blvd. Ya’ll come. Plenty of beach in front of these homes to watch the party from. Today is the beginning of a new movement called the CEA Party, CORRUPT ENOUGH ALREADY. I am MAD AS HELL and preparing for combat. I am getting ready to burn down the MFing image of these scammers by using the truth as an accelerant and my keyboard as the flame. Are you with me ? Do you feel screwed like I do this morning? Lets roll. Come on Snake Nation.We need every fang you got punching out our message which is “WE ARE MAD AS HELL AND ARE NOT PUTTIN UP WITH THE THIEFS ANYMORE!!!! Lets roll.

    1. And the school secretary that steals under $10,000 gets 10 years total. This is sadly typical of the Auditor’s office investigations, adept at crushing petty thief but will to let a major skate on hundred of thousands of dollars of losses.

      Even if the Walkers aren’t at Cloyd’s party they certainly have reason to celebrate Stacey Pickering.

      1. A very sad day for Ms. I have never been much on party politics but I am sick an tired of these so call Republicans being able to get away with financial murder at the DMR,IMMS,MDA,DEQ and involves the same group of connected people who have connections at each agency. I hope the Sunherald has the guts to take his report from Pickering and make him defend it which is not possible on the Coast. When in Ocean Springs last week Pickering did not have the guts to mention the agreement with Walker. He is just another empty shirt, the kind of politician people hate. I just hope he is reading Slabbed and can see my middle finger held high and proud for him. I am sure he knows the words that go with it.

  11. In answer to “don’ make me sing” you are right on about Hancock County. If anyone deserved an award
    for how many times he could “turn his head” it would be Pickering. I say let’s put the heat on and big
    time. After all, it’s August in Mississippi, since it’s already hot, let’s crank it up a nothch!!!

  12. I am positive that Evelyn McPhail would be very ashamed of Haley Barbour and friends. (Et tu, Bru-te- inniinni?) Unfortunately, she died at age 68 from injuries received in a car accident many years ago, or she would probably tell them all herself. She was a kind and caring person.
    (As an aside, I want to thank one of the past recipients of the Evelyn McPhail award for the out-of-the-blue snipe in the parking lot of Rouses’s in Diamondhead last year. Do you get extra points for kicking a dog when they’re down? It was very revealing in that I feel sure the Club Women have been just as involved in these ongoing travesties as the club men. Just my opinion, of course.

  13. Yes, Evelyn is past on and cannot speak; she probably would be unhappy with what is going on. But,
    the Elephant in the room is: Where are all of the Republicans right now? Do they just stand by writing
    checks and never call their people for how they are executing the offices to which they helped get them
    elected. The major newspapers in Miss. should be chock full of letters to the editor saying how ashamed they
    are of Pickering.But everyone is just waiting for it to die off. What is needed here is a “ground swell of
    discontent.” Yes, we are experiencing a few tremors, but this needs to crack wide open and both
    parties need to call them accountalble for how these scandals were handled. And, in closing, I voted
    for Pickering, but never again.

    1. How many people have passed on and cannot speak is one of the other elephants in the room. How many? The eventual answer will give a whole new meaning to Death Panels.

  14. It is not enough to come forward and say how ashamed you are of someone’s behavior. When you are paying their wages with your tax dollars, you have to be a little stronger than that. Like getting them out
    of office. In Miss. and this entire nation we need to excerise the term limits we have as voters—it’s
    called the ballot box. “Oh, I’m so ashamed!” just won’t cut it anymore. We need to turn this situation around
    and make public officials worry about how we are going to react to their behavior, not us fearing how much
    damage they can do while “serving”—they can strike that word from all of their campaign ads.

  15. The one man in the state who is supposed to be bound by integrity and keep government officials honest has just put himself in a position to compromise his independence. If it’s not compromised, it is at the very least a compromise of the appearance of independence.

    After reading the audit exceptions report, it appears Pickering isn’t up to doing his job of keeping his “friends” honest, so the State’s largest control over abuse of money has failed. Lets just hope the FBI and IRS can get these folks out of here. We’re making Louisiana politicians look like poster boys of integrity.

    1. The report makes one thing crystal clear to me. An exception has been made to keep Dr.William Walker out of the pokey. Why? I think it is because of what he knows about others higher up the food chain or the party. There is a reason and proof is the number of people in prison today because of much less. Maybe there is a master plan to give him the boat scam and let the FEDS or the IRS take him down. Either way it makes the AG’s office and the Auditor’s office totally under the Walker gangs control. So far it is Bill Walker -1 The People -0. This must change if we have to do it ourselves. If I can find a cause of action I will sue him myself on behalf of the taxpayers. I have plenty of time and my own money I worked for.

    1. And somebody said they have tunnel between the two mansions painted red ,white and blue. Party for Pickering will be invaded by snakes I am hearing. Snakes love a tunnel.

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