3 thoughts on “Yup (Part 12)”

  1. I notice the Yount affidavit states Yount “further identified” the Handshoe vehicles as those of Handshoe,

    I won’t comment about Mississsippi but in Louisiana any attorney, let alone some unlicensed private dick, obtaining ID info from Louisiana Motor Vehicles will have hell to pay. So how did Yount so “identify” your vehicles. For example, even if a Handshoe was in an auto accident where the car’s plate was identified, given modern discovery prevents adding to the record discovery responses except in certain circumstances, Yount couldn’t get it from a lawsuit . Also, any UCC filing would only ID the car, not the license plate. One can go down the “possible” alternatives but none of those dogs hunt, Doug, to support the allegation that Yount could ID the cars with you by their plates.

    Just thinking out loud, given Yount had “cooperation” of the local police in delivering a federal summon(rather extraordinary in of itself, private servers rarely call on the cops and even then, must have one crime free area where that can happen), did your local constabulary go above “cooperation.” Mr. Yount in discovery could have to state what the process was that he employed to “identify” those vehicles as your vehicles.

  2. Addendum: when I note “crime free”, I mean in the context that a local constabulary have far more important things to do than accompany some klown to serve federal process.

    1. That mistake only happened once Empire. Chief has far better things to do that run interference for sleazy goatherders though the nice Police officer will make an excellent witness for the Plaintiff. Yount is officially MIA and like the coward that he is now in hiding. I think I’ll put out an amber alert tomorrow. 😉

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