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  1. This is a good song for Billy Joe Cloyd’s fundraiser sang to the ODE music. It was the third of June, Another humid rainy Gulf Coast day. Joe was working on a Shaggys While Scott was planning his legal play. Stacey called an asked Can ya’ll do a fundraiser for me ? I haven’t decided which office, But the Governors is a nice place to be. Then Joe said no need to worry, We will do it at my new house. Its on Million Dollar Row, Come August 6 and bring your spouse. We will have a big party, With the local politico crowd, My raising money for you, Will really make me proud. Then Stacey got some emails , From the people on the Coast. Saying rethink this fundraiser, Or negatives are all we”ll post!! Seems like nothing ever comes to no good on Million Dollar Row , Hanging with this crowd Stacey makes you look like a political HOE.

    1. I have a more refined version coming. Wished I could post as a real song instead of sing it in my head. He, He ,He, I am having fun on my day off. These people make it so easy for the 99% to distrust and despise them.

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