Debbie does Newhouse: A Correction

A few days back I left a comment which implicated Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts as the source of the press leak regarding the amount of the Parish’s settlement with Anne Marie Vandenweghe, the terms of which I understand were confidential. My assertion regarding Roberts being the source of the leak was incorrect.

In any event I have embedded a pic of the leaker below the jump. Enjoy.

Parish Attorney Deb Foshee via the Times Picayune
Parish Attorney Deb Foshee via the Times Picayune

Since I’m sharing I hear very reliably that John Young and Julie Quinn were spotted cuddled up with each other over the weekend at the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo, just days after the Parish Council crucified Code Enforcement Director Tiffany Wilken using the Ahlittia North murder in a totally classless act.  Prez Young, as is his wont, did not stand up for his employee ostensibly in favor of taking the high road.  That said, tongues are wagging he was really counting down the minutes of the meeting so he could pal around with his girl Julie hanging Wilken out to dry by distraction in the process.

There is more because the Aaron Broussard Hurricane Katrina pump abandonment case is moving right along and there is lots of chatter on it out there.  Somewhere on these pages is Broussard’s deposition, which I will find and link when I have more time.  I mention this because the good word I’m getting is Team Young has thrown the former Goatherder in Chief under the bus, deservedly so I might add.  There exists a strong possibility that Broussard, an inveterate liar, will once again be exposed as such during the course of the litigation. In fact, the odds of such happening are as super close, journalistically speaking, to 100% but I’ll let the docs, whenever they bubble up, speak for themselves.

These are the toxic waters that Team Young appointees, such as Parish Attorney Foshee and Wilken swim.  I know there is more backstory here with all these topics and in due course Slabbed will make the rounds and get to the bottom of things.

3 thoughts on “Debbie does Newhouse: A Correction”

  1. Doug, now that was “cold.” As in Arctic blast. Outing one of the jackals in the pack of kleptocrats is a delicious move.

    One is reminded of public confessions (and subsequent “disappearances”) in the young days of Mao’s China.

  2. Her voo-doo leak to Newhouse has enough karma to get her fired and requires a chicken feet potion. Pic with colliding palm and facial lines indicate she can not be the missing porn star of Debbie Does Dallas.

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