43 thoughts on “A PR problem at DMR? New Frontiers for Scallan and Co”

  1. I am wondering now if the Sun Herald has been put on notice about putting articles about the DMR on the front page? Do you think that maybe the topic is too hot to handle? I am sure that the crooks would love for Anita to take a vacation, but hopefully, she is still there working in the background on this disaster. Time for all of the crooks, buddies or not, to leave the DMR. Included, but not limited to, should be Miss Price, Mr. Boyd, and the rest of the cronies (you know who you are without any mention of your name). After years of bullying, lying, and thinking that your holier than thou butts are better than everyone else, it looks like your time has finally come. Adios amigos! Ta-Ta! So long! Hit the road Jack! We will continue until you clear out of the DMR and all government work! The taxpayers should not have to pay salaries for liars, thieves and crooks in my opinion.

  2. This is like calling up a friend that everybody hates and inviting him/her to the party you are planning. To import the PR disaster called Kemper to the DMR is really doubling down in a game you cannot win. I just hope they are asking this Ms.Power Communications/Public Relations professional what they did wrong not what to do because if you watched the new MS. Power CEO on the Doug and Dave Show last night on WLOX you could only come away with one conclusion. Both Ms.Power and DMR are in very poor favor in the eyes of the people they serve and they both have wasted our money.

  3. My Fellow Americans (Part 1–You should be embarrassed)

    When reading the story on the SH I could not help but notice the word “volunteer” mentioned over and over. No doubt they wanted to make sure the public understands that Ms. Duvall is devoting her personal time to assist this fucked up agency. God forbid if word got out that MSPower was paying Duvall clock time to assist with a state agency. Even with that said, I get the perception she will have to take leave without pay or use her personal leave to truly make this a “volunteer” effort. I commend her for her professional offerings since they seem to be greatly needed in that department from the years of destruction one of it’s “survivors” had created under the Walker regime stronghold and the current actions.

    The SH quoted and reported (in part) that Miller mentioned that help was needed with standing up communications and public relations planning. The story continues on and mentions that Duvall stated (in part) that she is going to help Melissa Scallan as a professional peer and help her with any kind of background from her public relations background. Again, Ms Duvall’s efforts are commendable but the question is why is this happening? Why is help needed in the PR department when Melissa Scallan was hired on to act in this capacity. After thinking about this over and over, the only answer I can come up with is she was hired politically rather than on her merits and professional credentials. Also, I think at this point in time it is finally revealed and the public citizens should be concerned that a state agency is being staffed ineffectively with personnel who require professional assistance.

    The SH story closes with a paragraph that is full of bologna. The story quotes Jamie stating (in part) that they rely on volunteers to do a lot of work in terms of cleanups and fishing rodeos. The cleanups he is speaking of primarily consist public volunteers to help with cleaning the coast and the rodeo volunteers are most likely employees or close DMR partners. The volunteers for these events volunteer to fulfill an effort they care about….they don’t volunteer to help DMR employees do their jobs.

    When reading the SH article and observing the quotes from Miller and Duvall, I immediately picked up on the soft and nonchalant tone in which they were speaking. It also got the perception that Jamie is attempting to handle this situation with a light hand and not to give off any indication of what is really going on. What I believe is going on is that Melissa may be having major trouble performing her duties and if word got out to much, Jamie would once again have questions to answer–just like with the shifty business with Frontier.

    I think at this point, Jamie Miller seems to be the type that is not embarrassed about his behavior no matter what he does because his boy in Jackson will have his back no matter what happens. Remember Jamie, you may be safe in the state of Mississippi but one day you will be judged by the Great Architect and it seems like you are going to have a lot of explaining to do.

    Melissa Scallan on the other hand should be embarrassed and ashamed of herself for accepting a position that she is evidently unqualified to perform. She received a public state position that was not advertised for recruitment and I hope that is on her mind each time she walks into the Bolton Building and interacts with the people who have had to compete and fight for their jobs.

  4. MS Power employees don’t sneeze without getting permission from the upstairs corporate powers that be. And while I know Cindy Duvall to be very good at what she does and to be quite professional…..something doesn’t add up here. MS Power is putting a lot of effort into community relations right now as their brand image is suffering due to cost over runs at Kemper. Their own internal approval ratings showed that last year so they moved some folks around corporately and into “community relations”.. Cindy Duvall is one of the good guys at MS Power, unlike some other self serving inept people (Arnie Williams) BUT why in the world the power structure would let one of their bright stars hook up with a public agency that’s about to send some of their former employees and friends to the pokey and/or at least get nailed for huge tax evasion penalties is very mind boggling. There’s something else going on here and it doesn’t make sense at all. And how is Joe Cloyd going to justify the $50K he’s making off the DMR for “PR” if MS Power is letting one of their own do it for free?

    1. The 50k paid to Joe Cloyd thru the brand new made for DMR business called Frontier Gulf Coast cannot be justified and this is proof he was just Shaggying everyone. But we knew that already. He was in the building the minute Miller was decided because someone in Jackson said so. He gets paid for ?.That might be one of the subjects the first PR release covers. “We are still wasting the peoples money but hey at least it is not that Bill Culture of Corruption Walker. His days are numbered.” This meesage sent to you by the Ms.Power Company in conjuction with the DMR ,Gulf Coast Frontier,Shaggys Resturant and Riverside Senior Independent Care( built as a workforce housing project but who cares).Sounds good,no editing necessary and I volunteered my time.

  5. I work for a Fortune 500 company that captured billions of dollars of its market share last year, has 13k employees, and locations around the world. Guess what? We don’t even have a P.R. department! When the public needs to be made aware about something, the CEO issues a statement. That being said, I don’t understand the need for any of our state agencies, especially the DMR to even need a PR person. It doesn’t take some sort of advanced degree to report to the public what the DMR is doing, hell, Jamie Miller’s secretary could issue a statement regarding boaters rescued by the DMR, the dates of shrimp season, and write copy for public service ads for the local t.v. and radio stations reminding boaters that on holiday weekends, they will have extra personell on the water so drink responsibly.
    Ok, so it’s currently a mess at the DMR. I fully understand JM not being able to comment on an ongoing investigation, but tell me why can’t he disclose to the public what he is personally doing to fix the current problems such as putting in place guidelines to assure that it won’t happen agian??
    That’s why he took the job, NOT to hire people and firms and rely on them to do his job for him.
    Show me a business with a PR department, and I’ll show you a business with less than adequate leadership at the top.

    1. It sounds like your “Fortune 500” company must be one of the few without a PR department and your CEO does not have much to do. If you look around, most major corporations and agencies have a public relations departments or some kind of a community relations department. They must exist for some kind of reason.

      Part of the reason the DMR is still in the fox hole is because their previous staff that was under Walker sat at idle and did not do anything when the bombs started dropping. I believe Doug may be able to interject on this issue but I don’t want to put words in his mouth. Now they hired a person who evidently cant do much and has to be taught and you combine this with Millers decisions he has made since he came to the DMR and anyone with common sense can see why the public is still pissed. When Miller was first selected, he kept mentioning the word “transparency” but a lot of his actions have been very clandestine and covert in nature. One example, look at the Frontier deal, the public was not pleased and we didn’t receive any public communication until the “BIG REPORT” hit the street a short time ago. And the report was less than I would have expected for the amount of money that was paid. If you read the material that was presented a lot of it was already known information and the rest of it should have been able to be identified by staff managers and himself. Miller has displayed a trend of inexperience (or deliberate actions) since his arrival and that cannot be denied.

    2. I ,for one, agree that the DMR does not need to have anyone but Miller speaking for this agency. They have a PR person on staff, a paid consultant with Frontier Gulf Coast and now a volunteer professional from Ms.Power. A little overwhelming to say the least. If Miller just stands up on occaision and tells the public the truth not what he thinks they want to hear he will gain the peoples trust much quicker. Very simple stuff being made very complicated.

      1. Perhaps when the PR department completes all steps of the REHAB program we may see them engaged a little more. People wonder why government workers have such a bad reputation. What Jamie Miller really needs to do is explain why all this is needed and why his new PR crony (and the rest of the gang) can’t fulfill the requirements of the job. Also, he needs to explain why he choose to allow her to come on board in the way she did and why she was selected. After all, he and her are public servants that are being paid with tax money.

        Wait a minute–I don’t think he won’t do that for two reasons:

        1) There is no real logic behind his actions other than possible political tactics
        2) He will hide behind the tree that does not allow personnel matters to be discussed with the public–His best crutch

  6. Volunteer help from anyone associated with Big Bully MS Power is like getting help stepping on your own package. I’m one of those 180,000 people who were told this lignite stuff is great, yall won”t see it, and it will give these Kemper people jobs and your bill won’t go up…much. Now we have lies and cost overruns and nobody really knows if the thing will bottom out at what?…2 BILLION…and now MS Power’s PR department tells us hey that giant increase during the hottest days of the year was really not bad, was it? because we are going to increase it MORE next year and by the way the Sierra Club is the most hateful bunch of ninnies, aren’t they?…and my power bill was FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS last month, and I do not have a big mansion on the beach. If not for the most excellent attorney for the Sierra Club getting the reversal in court of another attempt by MS Power and our so-called commissioners to rape the Coast, it would have been more. So go on and Volunteer, baby girl, because it sure looks like there will be more to cover up than hideous scars on the land, massive cost overruns, experimental uses, and giant power bills for a bottomed-out populace. Do your best.

    If you are not trying to sell something, you don’t need PR. I am always astonished that these hospitals that are public and receive taxpayer money think they need to spend money on advertising? Why? Spend the money on patient care, it’s a public hospital! DMR, spend the money on annual audits and hiring qualified, degreed employees that are not concerned about conferences, partying, hair-and-nails, or fun luxury trip bonuses just for showing up for work, and your agency can get by with Melissa just fine.

    1. And so will everybody else think he is hiding something. Maybe he has not learned the leeson about what is best yet, He will or be gone to another government job or consultant position with one of his friends.

  7. I grew up in a household where one of the main rules was “honesty is the best policy”. After a few years of that policy being ingrained on the flesh of my ass with a switch, I finally realized that when I screwed something up, it was better to go forward and admit it, other than to try to cover it up then lie about it. Ass-chewings were always better than ass-whippings.
    MAH, you said it all, it’s simple. JM really needs to tell us the truth, even if it entails things we may not necessarily want to hear. More specifically, even if it entails things his higher up(s) don’t want to hear.
    Until he does this, I’m going to think that he’s trying to cover up stuff, and that makes him absolutely no better than his scandalous predecessor.

    1. There is no doubt in my mind that there are cover-ups happening and I am free to believe what I wish. I can’t say he is any better or worse than his predecessor but from what I have been told the employees generally did not fear Walker the way they do Miller. I can’t say that I blame them because employees have had caps busted in their ass from inside drive-by’s since he took the helm. How many is it up to now? 4, 5, 6……………………..?

  8. One of my next week comments hit the press today. Southern Company is the parent company again. The lucky ratepayers this time and their new (delayed and over budget) plant are in Georgia. Here is the rest of the story. The plant in Georgia is Georgia Power Company’s Plant Vogtle. Georgia Power Company’s parent company being Southern Company. In the Miss Press and other places the AP story headline is Deal on Mississippi Power’s Kemper facility may figure in Southern Company’s Georgia nuclear plant.

    It is another train wreck for the ratepayers, and the troughs have been slopped full to ensure the pols and lobbyists can git-r-dun for Georgia Power. This time the trainwreck actually includes a real trainwreck with the most expensive part of the reactor. Not to mention some suspect PR work(again).

    Nuclear train wreck by Jim Morekis

    A COUPLE OF YEARS ago you purchased, among other things, a 300-ton reactor pressure vessel made in South Korea.

    The vessel — an enormous hunk of steel, heavier than the Statue of Liberty — is intended to eventually contain one of the pair of new AP1000 nuclear reactors in the expansion of Georgia Power’s Plant Vogtle between Augusta and Savannah.

    I say you bought it because you did. In an unprecedented deal enabled by a compliant Public Service Commission and the Republican majority in the state legislature in 2010, Georgia Power was able to secure advance payment for the entire Vogtle expansion in the form of increased rates from its customers.

    Despite whatever rhetoric you’ve heard about the American way, hardy capitalists bearing financial risk, etc., in this case Georgia Power, its lobbyists, and the politicians they influence essentially transferred all risk for the estimated $14 billion Vogtle expansion, present and future, to the public.”

    Just for grins, how does Georgia Power’s PR and corporate management compete with Mississippi Power? (If you want to view the trainwreck right now click here) Georgia Power does something like this:

    The media, and therefore the public, didn’t find about the reactor vessel accident until Jan. 10, nearly a month later.

    So where is your reactor vessel now? You should know, since you’re paying for it.

    A month after the train accident, the reactor vessel — as the accompanying photo indicates — apparently sits near the port of Savannah, the so-called misalignment having been rectified at least enough for the train to limp back to its starting point. Link for above.

  9. So I turned on my machine this morning and this popped up:


    Now I can just imagine this politispeak PR dribble from Big Bully MS Power applied to the DMR:

    “Why, shucks, this kind of, well, you know, …conflict of interest stuff, like, all those boats and land deals and conferences and phantom jobs, hey! That stuff happens all the time! And, we, like, are trying to get everyone to have some! It will be better in the future and all your wildest dreams will come true. So don’t worry, we will still save your dumb asses on Cat Island, but please don’t worry your little heads about what’s going on here. We out!”

    C’mon Melissa we know you can do better than this!!!!

    1. I watched the interview and was relieved to know that the way it is being paid for will save the rate payers a half a billion dollars. That is significant. And maybe if they apply that to what has been lost at the DMR it is a break even fot the people. I feel better now and I have all of the PR/Communications experts to thank for the positive messages being provided.

  10. Something is up. I smell a CONsultant in the woodpile over in Jackson County. At one time Scott Walker was involved in trying to steer the jail project to one of his clients. Can not remember who it was.

    1. What amazes me most about Scott Walker is how he had built such a influential empire so quickly. If you sit back and think about it, it’s actually quite amazing. According to what I have read he graduated college in 2001 and “Walkergate” started going down last year so that leaves about 11 years. Minus the time he has spent out of state (I was told) working for other high powers. He needs to write a book on how to obtain success very quickly and let the rest of us know how its done.

      1. Maybe it is by being shadier than a live oak tree starting from his first day in the private sector with the help of some public connections he rubbed into in Washington and Jackson. His real boost washed ashore with the BP oil because of his connections at the DMR. He was working for Habitat for Humanity just prior to the oil spill as a handler of local government entities. He may be the youngest scheming scammer wammer jammer that the Coast has ever seen. Hey but in his group its just business.

  11. Miller should handle PR . He was hired as the fix it man. All I see is more and more of his personal friends involved

    1. That is the same thing that I believe also as seen with Frontier, Scallan, and an internal repositioning according to inside operators.

  12. The Feds can’t figure out how to actually nail Scott, Bill, Sharon, Tina, Moby, etc….so the IRS will step up on all of them on tax evasion and Terry Robinson will be added to the list (He is past State Ethics commission Chairman Ben Stone’s son in law Who is also the Chief legal Counsel for the Kemper County plant) You can’t make this stuff up in a John Grisham novel. So it’s an IRS deal because Scott got paid by people like bankrupt Terry Robinson over $250,000 to get the DMR to bless his oil spill technology and Scott or Terry can’t prove where they got that money. South MS is better than this and these losers that are souring our Coast reputation need to go away for a long time and or pay the piper. The Coast is better without these shysters. Just watch, the Feds can’t prove RICO, mail fraud, wire fraud, etc. IRS will pull a Capone on all of these bloodsuckers

  13. Before the IRS has their way with these questionable people they will face charges in State and Federal courts in my opinion. The Oil Spill cleanup contract you reference involved Terry Robinson and Brett Ware both of Gulfport I believe. This was for an oil absorbing fence with changeable fabric. They were successful in getting Ocean Springs and Pascagoula to agree to having it installed but it had to have DMR/DEQ approval to get funded with BP money. In comes Scott Walker to work his magic at the DMR for a substantial portion of the proceeds which amounted to several hundred thousand dollars. Can you imagine the Mayor of Pascagoula participating in proceeds from an agreement the city had to sign off on? Robbie Maxwell, as a principal in Maxwell-Walker just may have. And did all of this money from BP flow thru United States Environmental Services? Lots of questions but I feel sure Pickering’s office and the FBI already have the answers.

  14. Well Doug and Snake nation, I just want to leave you with the site to RSVP to the Stacey Pickering Fund Raiser that will take place on Tuesday, August 6 at the home of Joe Cloyd, 433 E. Beach Drive in Ocean Springs. Be sure not to forget to check in, as they expect a large crowd. You can send your checks payable to “Elect Stacey Pickering”, at P. O. Box 320263, Flowood, MS, 39232.
    I am sure that the Host Committee, which include Jessica & Joe Cloyd, Jean & Al Luckey, Debra & Brooks Holstein, Leslie & John Dane, Robert Wilkinson, and Ruth & Al Hopkins, will appreciate your response as soon as possible.
    Some of the attendees expected are: Amber & Commissioner Leonard Bentz , Jill & Rep Casie Eurie, Jana & Chris Hebert, Barbara & Scott Lemon, Jo Ann & Jerry St. Pe’, Supervisor Wendy Swetman & wife, and Tara & William Yates, just to name a few. Oh, did I mention that you have to have an invitation to attend?
    Looks like Mr. Pickering will have a fun time with his “friends” that live right next to Scotty Boy Walker. Baby Walker, Billy and Sharon Walker, and John McKay are conspicuously missing from the attendee list, but are expected to zip by in my opinion. Sounds like a fun time for all, and Mr. Pickering surely doesn’t have a conflict of interest with any of these fine folks, as none of them are connected to any investigations. Nope, no impropriety here!
    Doug, please see that the SH is aware of this fine outing….you can’t tell who may want to attend!

    1. Slabbed Nation. I think the guy behind the Snake Nation is doing 46 at the Federal Pen in Butner North Carolina.

      What we need is the invite. Anyone that has one should send it to me ASAP. :-)

      1. I do believe the snake nation he refers to is a group of commenters on the Sunherald website who have taken on the name of various snakes and often refer to themselves as the Sunherald Snake Nation. We need a new post for the Stacey Pickering fundraiser. Just the invite will be enough.,it says it all.Hard to believe at this point in time Pickering would venture down to Million Dollar Row for a fundraiser or might be better called a DEALRAISER. Remember Scott Walker had a fundraiser for Lynn Fitch next door last year. Is Joe Cloyd the new Scott Walker ? Sure does seem he has moved into that envious position of being a money bundler here on the coast for state wide politicians. And he has been rewarded with plenty of CDBG dollars for his realestate projects. A comparison between the guest list of the Fitch fundraiser and the Pickering fundraiser is interesting. You can see the political landscape changing due to the DMR scandal.

    1. Can you post a copy of the invitation? That is what the Sunherald needs to do a story on just as they did with the Lynn Fitch fundraiser held next door at the mansion of Scott Walker which was before the FBI party that invited Stacey Pickering’s staff to come. How ironic. I guess they can use that secret tunnel between the two mansions I have read about somewhere to handle the overflow crowd. Wonder if the Gmen will send somebody undercover say as a server or bartender?

      1. So, the Public Relations consultant that Jamie Miller hired at the DMR just happens to live in a house that he recently bought from Bill Walker. And now he’s throwing a fundraiser for our State Auditor in it. Commissioner Bentz is a sponsor, wonder where Trudy Fisher is. She would complete the triangle of corruption. DMR, DEQ, & PSC. It’s the very “culture of corruption” that Stacy was talking about to the OS Rotary/ Sun Herald. And it’s at his own fundraiser!

        1. Just a slight correction to your thoughts. The fundraiser is being held next door to Scott Walker’s house at the home of Joe Cloyd who is part owner of Frontier Gulf Coast who has a public relations contract for work being done for the DMR but the contract is between FGC and another firm. That being said he is a very close associate of Jamie Miller, Scott Walker, Phil Bryant, ect, ect.. He did not buy his current mansion from Bill Walker but it appears the DMR is helping pay for it thru his FGC ownership.

          1. I had also heard that Cloyd purchased his Jackson County home from the Drs. Walker. Can any real estate guru confirm who Cloyd bought it from? It would make sense, as Dr. Walker would need clean money for legal fees.

          2. Maybe they bought it to be close the grandkids then all hell broke loose. Do know that sweet Trinity is expecting again. They think Scott is the father. Check out her blog for updates.

        2. You forgot the Ms.AG. I feel certain the Runnels will be there to determine who is producing all of the trash. And maybe someone from Ms.MDA will attend to see if this fundraiser qualifies for any CDBG funds that were previously tagged for workforce housing. Of course this is all just speculation. Hope they get some good pictures so we can have a confirmation.

  15. I will say that the Snake nation has really taken the awful things Stacey Pickering said about Mrs. Hill to heart, and I believe that they will let it “all hang out” now! I am sure that they will try to arrange it so that Doug can see a copy of the invite. And you will be surprised at the rest of the names on the committee list. How these individuals can stand behind someone that has publically attacked the character of a wonderful lady who is no longer with us because of the ConProfit Scam, made possible by the conspiracy and conniving of the Walkers, McKays, Harris’s, Cloyd’s, Schumate and family, Zeiglers ,(and the list goes on), in my opinion, is beyond me. I am beginning to wonder if any of the Republican party that is left are not beginning to jump right in and pick up where the crooks left off???? Come on fellas! I know a lot of you are better than this. What gives? Does anyone have any morals left? What has happened to the old guard??? Is there anyone of you out there that has any compassion and love for this Coast and its people? Those crooks need to pay. And you should serve them up rather than cover their arses! I need to change my name to MadAsHell, because that is the way I feel. I am so disappointed in the ones that are covering up for this bunch under the name of the “Party”. Ronald Reagan did not mean not to talk bad about liars, crooks, and thieves in the party. I am positive that he would have turned them out!

    1. I am MAD AS HELL. You will have to settle for MAD AS HELL TOO. Someone please post the invitation to the Stacey Pickering political fundraiser for all to see. From the sponsors I have read so far many have direct connections to the Walkers.Like as an example Alwyn Luckey who is/was Scott Walkers business partner at the Ocean Springs Record. He also was Scott’s attorney when he contested his loss the first time he ran for Mayor of Ocean Springs. I believe he is the attorney for the Ocean Springs School Board which based on Sharon Walker’s involvement she hand picked him I bet. The event last year for Lynn Fitch next door at Scott Walker’s Million Dollar Mansion was a seafood feast like no other. Wonder where all of that fresh shrimp an oysters came from? Like a good neighbor Scott Walker is there to assist Joe Cloyd put this thing together. One thing they will need is music just loud enough to cover the whispers from the deal makers. I hope somebody gets the word out to Moby,Shaun,George,and some of the others that might be in a little disfavor at present. It would not be fair to shut them out. because this is their crowd and they have already paid their dues to this exclusive club of business as usual men and the political pawns that keep them in the circle of friends.

  16. The Pickering Invitation has nothing titillating or scandalous, but it is In poor taste and ill timed. Typical Republican mid stream off election year crowd. Walkergategroupie was spot on about who is on the list. Lot of fans of the PSC on the list which in contrast is NOT your typical MS Power political check writing crowd….BTW who WERE quite obvious at the Lynn Fitch party held across the fence at Scott’s earlier this year. On a side note….Lynn Fitch is smooth silky smooth and has a very strong female based group garnering support for her in pockets all over the State. Look out Tate. Lynn might catch up with you. And it doesn’t help that Tate and Scott have so much in common. (Ritz Georgetown Memphis chick with a cell phone.) Pics don’t lie. Scott is scary but Tate is frightening . Anyway, I ask again…why a beleagured MS Power with Kemper/PR issues lets one of their own lend it’s help to the DMR….and flip that around and see the PSC supporters hosting Stacey Pickering at Joe Cloyds house?…..and he is who the DMR hired as their PR guy. It goes to show how snobby the political candidates and hangers on will go to further their contracts, fundraising, and re-election efforts in the wake of a suicide, deaths, terminations & firings, OIG/FBI etc at the DMR. Are decency, and class even a trait that Stacey Pickering might consider right now? How could he think a fundraiser in Ocean Springs might even be appropriate? To raise what? $15 or 20 grand? Peanuts! Perception is reality and reality is that there are a lot more f****d up people around here that will eventually go down…one way or another. Nuff said

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