27 thoughts on “Welp, Anne Marie gets $150,000.”

  1. The foul stench of douchebaggery is afoot…. Payment seems way too light for the level of bullshit she had to go through…..She had them by whatever balls they have left and let them go for a measly 150k? I’m calling shenanigans….

  2. I am interested in what people think the damages could be and how they could be calculated. For example, after she was fired was she not able to get another job and thus lost the income she was getting from JP? Was her reputation damaged and, if so, how would you value that? Pain and suffering? I agree the amount seems low given what she went through, but I would like some pointers on how to calculate the amount. These sorts of calculations may become relevant in other contexts relating to other, somewhat similar, situations.

  3. This council voted to reimburse Theriot’s legal expenses???? , Each & every one should be put to death, and their corpses displayed for pissing-on in a public place. What a bunch of pus-sucking maggot bastards! Who do these scum represent? Call Orkin…The Yenni Bldg. needs an extrminator to clean out the infestation!

  4. If the terms of that settlement were confidential, I wonder how this disclosure exposes the Parish to possible additional damages?

  5. Also, I thought you had the attorney’s fees spent on this from CFGG and it was more than that. In fact, for Phelps Dunbar, that would have been just to open the file! Can you post that document?

    1. Prince Charming you are forbidden to read this :

      The Mini-me is a mini- leaker ok but more known as the King of Campaign Payola and his mammoth campaign deposits which he checks on his 4 G terlit at 5AM.

      Wonder if he’s heard about the new moistened tissues ( Cottonelle Fresh Kare’ Flushables ) to help remove those real sticky deposits as fat people with short arms have trouble getting back there regularly.

      Doug, when is Quinlan going to get the ” rest of da story” – namely Phelps Dunbar fees for the AMV lawsuit?

      1. I had cause to visit Wal-Mart. There exists discrete consumer choice. Although I’m not intimately familiar with the Cottonelle brand, I would recommend ‘equate: Hemorrhoidal Medicated Wipes’ with aloe & witch hazel. This brand compares with Preparation H and is also flushable. The medical purpose (astringent) suggests a misnomer; asteroid would be anatomically correct. If this condition worsens or does not improve within 7 days, test,test,test,test before consulting legal or the IG as the case maybe.

        1. William Dwyer hat-tip to ya’:

          You could be on to a big medical diagnosis here. In passing over such mammoth campaign deposits the size of ” asteroids”- your quote, Mini- me has possibly ” strained the intestinal fartitude and rectum of JP government” by repeatedly saying that he’s not playing Payola, yet he’s parading and riding on multiple royolas.( hemorrhoids of da’ rich and famous)).

          I concur that Hemorrhoidal Medicated Wipes with aloe is indicated but dat witch hazel may burn when he’s lo’ riding for hours in his Choo-Choo train parade on his royolas.

          If Mini-me would only decide to eat the ethical preventable diet of say a Honorable Councilperson like Cynthia Lee-Sheng, who very rarely excepts a campaign donation over $500, he wouldn’t even need to sit straining on his terlit at 5AM nor would he need medicated wipes.

      2. Sounds like someone is really in your grill, that you call him out before you make any substantive comment. Your manner of writing these comments is neither as cute nor as witty as you think. Redundant-yes, creative-no.

        1. Prince Criticizing, bro’ you are not in my ” grill” but if I ever saw you stupidly crossing the street I would be tempted to incorporate you and your criticizing attitude into my grill and then self report a hit and run of an illiterate assh*le who can’t read clear pedestrian signs , as I politely asked you not to proceed and read my comment above.

          If it takes creative “redundant” comments to make the King of JP Payola see his wrongs and regret his 5 AM terlit comment so be it . As far a creativity I wish you had never been kissed and would someday just revert back and retire to your nearest lilly pad to do your boring aggravating croaking there.

          William Dwyer: Got a chuckle out of your hemorrhoid comment yet we still seem to have a persistent Prince Criticizing croaking his same crock of a tune.

  6. If mini-me is the source for Adrianne Quinlan she should be preared to discover she’s been played: Butch Ward’s pet not only leaks & squeeks he lies then denies!

  7. Kinder, this circuit and district are not friendly to whistleblowers, particularly those who expose evildoing in government.

  8. Comments on here should be restricted to intelligent and genuinely humorous debate. Not faux dialects that are simply not funny nor additive of insight. Thanks! Have a nice day.

    1. Doug, first it was the Goatherders now we have the inhouse word police in Had Enuff and Prince Criticizing on Slabbed saying we can’t use different “dilects” cause dem’ cajun/ country dilects aint funny tings.

      Guess you also better also stop using dat and aint in your posts cause these grammatically straight, stuffed shirts aint doing their highly investigative, intellectual posts on our highly ethical and honorable politicos for ” shits and giggles” like us common folk whose quotable heroes are Dizzy Dean and the like

      Oh, almost forgot to give the warm victory salute to Had Enuff and Prince Criticizing dat bees if dem done wish to be da’ victors in dere unconstipational words censorship:


  9. Anyone who thinks 150k is light is crazy. Remember, even if she was given money at trial, 5th Cir. loves to zero these cases where public money is given away. She would have been a fool to turn down that kind of money.

    1. Sad but true, Sel. That is why I noted above that she is in the wrong district and circuit, and frankly, in these times, the federal jesters are rather reluctant to tag their kleptocrat associates in any level of elected kleptocracy with compensation to a violated serf.

      I recall in the 1990s the word even from a supposed friendly judge was that $50k was “sufficient” for those who lost jobs, pensions, insurance and were blackballed as a result of whistleblowing. There you have it, “your” government at work.

    2. This is even better, much like those notorious “one shilling” awards you’ll see in cases from Merrie Old England, for example:

      Plaintiff is hereby awarded nominal damages in the amount of $1.00 against Warden Michael and Lt. Col. Hamil, in their individual capacities, for his 42 U.S.C.

  10. Here it is 2020 and Jeff Parish is still wasting Tax payers hard earned money on those people riding around in little white and green trucks with bubble gum machines on the roof CODE ENFORCEMENT /QUALITY OF LIFE. . SAD SAD SAD . After 2 years of studing it Makes me sick how the parish is wasting money Harassing it’s citizens . If anyone want’s to talk to me about this waste of money let me know . Norman M [email protected] or 504 340 4296 . Thanks and pass this on to someone who can help .

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