Not to be outdone by the new royal baby, the royal babies……..

On the Jefferson Parish Council arrived by helicopter for a weekend of debauchery in Grand Isle before shamelessly using the tragic murder of Ahlitta North to bash Parish Prez John Young and the code enforcement department.  I guess Chris Roberts and company liked it better back in the olden days when the person in charge of code was carrying on a torrid extramarital affair with a certain Parish Attorney.

Newbie Adriane Quinlan has all the jackassery and more for NOLA Media Group.

Next up is the brawl in Kenna as Walt Bennetti has throw down the gauntlet and challenged Greg Buisson to a cyber fight.  I have Walt on speed dial and I have Greg on speed dial but mainly I’m gonna enjoy watching the donnybrook because after all, its Kenna Bra.  😉

In other news, yes I have been keeping up with the latest wetlands lawsuit filed by the East Bank Levee Board. Bobby Jindal remains a self serving narcissist and shoeshine boy to the oil industry.

Finally I’d like to say it is pretty much an open secret that the FBI has resumed poking around the Yenni Building and the betting money is on JPAC.

By popular demand: Of home furnishings and ‘culture of corruption’……

But first some lovely music:

Pickering: DMR probe may reveal “culture of corruption” ~ Da Noose

Auditor Pickering had to get out in front of the rampant rumor mill and boy did he! So what do we know now?  Here are a few observations.