Slabbed updates the case of the Tranny and the NOLA JD Mystery John: Tranny back in da Pokey!

Folks it is very hard to stand trial in one county when you land in the pokey in another.  I checked the docket in Orange County Florida to see the results of the Extorting Tranny Trial only to find that Terrill Lewis landed in jail in Lee County Florida on a criminal traffic and misdemeanor charges thus the Tranny Extortion trial has been pushed back to December!

Things are certainly not looking good for Team Tranny. Stay tuned.

Welp, seeing as how we successfully tackled the Zimmerman-Martin story who wants to tackle Paula Deen?

Her recipes were oh so bad for you but they usually tasted oh so good. But then it comes out they are whoopin’ the hired help still over at the Deen Plantation in Savannah Georgia. If Coastal Cowboy were still around, he’d say something about it being ok to whoop your Mexicans but not your employees, especially if they are black. Paula found out the reason for that homespun wisdom first hand. I gotta admit though that I ended up feeling badly for her, especially after she broke down on the Today show. (Hint to you Yankees readers, when an old Southern woman starts crying and says “I iz what I iz” it is a sure sign said old Southern Woman is hurt and indeed rocked to the very core.)

So there you have it folks, one man’s opinion. My fearless prediction is that Paula herself will be by and in that event I expect everyone to be on their best behavior. 😉

Dominicales Omnibus: Altis tenuibusque conciliat!

Indeed it does does folks because the news gods favor Slabbed New Media this morning.  First up because you heard it here first:

Catching up with South Mississippi’s Gene Taylor and Trent Lott ~ Da Noose and Nelson

(Gene) saved the county up to $45,000 in labor.

Does he consider getting back into politics?

“Sometimes I do,” he said. “Like when I see this mess with the National Flood Insurance (Program) — Congress holding a gun to people’s heads and the best they’re offering is a year extension.”

It’s frustrating, he said, the inflated premiums, “which will adversely effect so many people down here and knowing that I know there’s a better solution.”

Indeed there is a better way. Michael and Karen’s piece also solved a mystery as the Dunbar Pier is close by. Altis Tenuibusque comes at a price thus my surprise at seeing the public pier fixed a few weeks back and not knowing it was a community production. And yeah Gene, please run because this area needs you in Washington!

That said the advantages of Altis Tenuibusque are also very clear as today’s missive will illustrate but first we have major news from the New Orleans Media Congroovancy as Ace Investigative Reporter Nell Nolan leaves the House of News to join the Lucky Coin Today. A fair read of these pages well illustrates why Slabbed New Media has come to conclude that Nolan was Ashton Phelps best hire bar none during his tenure as publisher of the T-P and Nell goes back farther than that to the old States Item, which I well remember because we used to get it in Waveland back in the olden days. Plus if Nell ever decides to leave the news biz a very lucrative career pumping the pinks awaits. Either way I’m a fan for life.

Now for the best political gossip from Jefferson Parish bar none because I have it.  I’m hearing from multiple sources it is likely that Parish Prez John Young will not seek re election. In the event that prediction comes to fruition here are the scenarios: Continue reading “Dominicales Omnibus: Altis tenuibusque conciliat!”