Oh yeah boys and girls, it’s on alright

Let’s just say that the hearing week ago Wednesday did not go well for Danny Abel and his boys Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret aka Randall Cajun.

July 19 Goathertder Motion expand proceedings and letter to Justice Muise

And this Coyle guy the gang at Team Goatherder keeps yammering on about…..well, lets just say a former Federal prosecutor once told me in reference to doing criminal or civil law that he’d take Colombian Narco Terrorists any day over a determined civil litigant, not even close in his world so I guess I’ll share a little secret that when I am fully provoked I throw sharp elbows. This Coyle guy’s time is up: Continue reading “Oh yeah boys and girls, it’s on alright”

OK, here is the latest DMR Indictment rumor

I’ll repeat this one despite the fact I do not completely buy in but here goes.  There are sealed state indictments in three counties, including two counties here on the coast.  There are currently sealed or will be additional federal indictments.  The total number out there as of this general time period is 12-18, which is the part I have the hardest time believing.

The number of 12-18 would indicate a very wide range to the investigation – not outside the realm of possibility but unusual based on my prior experience.

Take this post for what is it cost you to read it but the level of chatter is intense and I considered the source before publishing.

Regarding this Steve Simpson chatter – it involves the new Troop K Highway Patrol building on Highway 67.

John “Jack” Tilghman Culotta, Sr. entered eternal rest on July 16, 2013, at the age of 55…………………

He worked tirelessly for others while giving his time and energy to many organizations. He was a past president of Metairie Country Club, a member of the ForeKids! Foundation, the St. Dominic Golf Committee, BNI, the Federal Bar Association, and Bridge House. He was an enthusiastic basketball coach for all of his children and many athletes throughout the city. A true athlete himself, he spent time running and playing golf with “Da 4-some.” He successfully completed the Mardi Gras Marathon in 2003 and the Iron Man in 2009. A passionate attorney, he always gave 110% to his clients. With his charismatic personality, he never met a stranger and was always willing to help anyone in need. Jack celebrated life not only with his family but also with more friends than can be measured. He never stopped providing for his family, and stayed true to this statement: “The greatest legacy I leave is my children.” Most of all, he was tremendously overjoyed with the love and a devotion of his high school sweetheart, who became his wife and the mother of his six children.

NFIP Disaster Update: Dey be humpin’ it on da hill!

Another step forward for measure delaying some flood insurance rate hikes ~ Bruce Alpert

And the following solved two minor mysteries as it appears Slabbed has competition claiming credit for the recent NFIP gyrations.

Mississippi politicians work to delay flood insurance rate hikes ~ Anita Lee

So the deal, in politicaleze as I see it is you push back the rate ups on grandfathered properties one year and then the momentum to continue doing exactly that is established. Against the backdrop of the country being beyond broke and in debt how the proverbial NFIP rubber meets the road is anyone’s guess. That said Brian Martin did stop in with us explaining how things could be a tad different on the Mississippi Coast if only……:

We had billions of dollars in the CIAP, Katrina Community Development Block Grants, FEMA Hazard Mitigation grants, and Corps of Engineers coastal improvement funds that coulda, woulda, shoulda been used to buy out and/or elevate homes in the lowest, most flood-prone areas, but the 100% federal funds with weak federal oversight were just too tempting for the state and local officials to smuggle into subsidizing other things. We know about CIAP. Some CDBG money went to the homeowner grants including some elevation money (that need was what got the money awarded), but big chunks of the CDBG money went to the port, to water and sewer infrastructure for inland developments that still haven’t happened, and other subsidies for developers rather than for individual homeowners owners. The FEMA money built a bunch of new public buildings all over Hancock, Harrison, and Jackson Counties by calling every new building a shelter, so federal taxpayers paid to build a bunch of community centers, recreation centers, etc. with money that was supposed to mitigate against future disaster losses. The Corps scared everybody by proposing to buy out about half of Bay St. Louis instead of smaller targeted projects, and then went and threw $500+ million into trying to restore Ship Island to its pre-Camille footprint – not pre-Katrina, pre-Camille – when it was still one island. As great as that ambition sounds to island lovers, it is nowhere near the top 10 best uses for $500 million in any legitimate cost-benefit analysis. They will pump sand until they run out of money and it might reduce the next storm surge by a foot on a small stretch of beach in Biloxi or Gulfport, and then when the next major storm runs over it a big chunk of Ship Island will disappear again. Continue reading “NFIP Disaster Update: Dey be humpin’ it on da hill!”