OK folks, here is my two cents worth on this Martin-Zimmerman deal

Actually the truth of the matter is when the TeeVee news sensationalizes a criminal trial like the one involving the Trayvon Martin killing my eyes glaze over and I tune out and that was the case here. That said this matter obviously has the full attention of the Nation and Slabbed’s readership. I happened to be on Twitter when the verdict came in and since then my goal has been mainly to present a range of viewpoints including yesterday’s two pack of posts from Tom Callaghan and Jim Brown.

First up is GOP operative John Weaver via Slabbed Tweep and Mississippi’s own Burns Strider. I highly recommend Burns to everyone on Twitter.

That video is that good so here it is.

I’m a Catholic guy but for the Baptists are Slabbed positive too so it is a natural Dr Russell Moore with the Southern Baptist Convention would spot worthy words of wisdom: Continue reading “OK folks, here is my two cents worth on this Martin-Zimmerman deal”

Are we ready to talk about the NOLA area media landscape again?

I think I’m getting close. To kick start things I’ll confess to watching Errol and the Noisemakers every Friday night at 7:00PM on WYES (or later on my DVR). Those of you on the coast from the Pass east are likely scratching your heads but rest assured Erroll and gang are the NOLA equivalent of WLOX This Week except better. Stephanie Grace has been on the past few weeks with Errol and she is positively beaming with enthusiasm about the new NOLA media landscape. Hammerman back in early May, not so much.  And then there is Perlstein.  😉

Just to prepare everyone I’m likely to have a unique viewpoint as is my wont. Meantime the people poaching continues:

Veteran T-P reporter will spearhead Advocate’s push into St. John, St. Charles parishes ~ The Advocate

Stay tuned.