“I could be wrong” Twofer Tuesday……..

I could be wrong but I do not think the former Goatherder in Chief is getting out much these days or even interacting with the outside world for that matter.

Aaron Broussard listed among defense witnesses in Katrina flooding lawsuit against Jefferson Parish ~ Drew Broach

Maybe they can sneak a camera into FCI Butner and do a video depo.  😉

Moving right along, I could be wrong but it appears James O’Keefe is both a “Gonzo Journalist” (whatever the hell that is) and a complete moron.

Gonzo journalist charged in Landrieu caper confronts Letten ~ John Simerman

2 thoughts on ““I could be wrong” Twofer Tuesday……..”

  1. Dough, smile, it is nice to see our kleptocrats get stooged from time to time. Think about it, maggots like Landru (recall that Star Trek character?) who vote routinely to invade our property and privacy getting a dose of their own medicine.

  2. A “Gonzo journalist” is basically one who at great risk inserts himself/herself, in a personal role/participant, into a daring journalistic investigation.


    Personally I think O’Keefe, who with one fine female went undercover and will be remembered for exposing and bringing the political racist ACORN machine to its knees, has got a giant set of balls bigger than Gonzilla ( son of Godzilla) and is destined to become a major investigative reporter ( that is after he transcends his hyper – testosterone puberty state).


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