3 thoughts on “Saturday Music: Dedicated to Jackie……”

  1. Dat’ Hollywood starlit, arrogant buzzard ought to fly west ASAP and done feast herself on a bit acting role wit’ her daughter in the new scify movie ” Invasion of the Commando Plastic Surgery Zombies ” .

    TO HER STAFF: After dat’ big black dude sucked dem evil flies out of her daughter’s mouth in ” The Long Green Mile” and saved her from eminent death, da’ ole buzzard may just have a few fruit flies flitin’ inside her bod done needing to be sucked out , Any volunteers?

  2. MITCH has a NEW BITCH! Her name is JAMES VARNEY ~
    Starting at the top, New Orleans has exchanged Ray Nagin, a quitter, for Mitch Landrieu, a doer.
    One does not have to embrace the totality of Landrieu’s liberal agenda to recognize City Hall is at least engaged and striving in ways it hasn’t for years.
    In calmer times, the best government is the one most dormant and removed from everyday life and commerce, but less than a decade post-Katrina is not one of those times. Landrieu is unquestionably an upgrade.



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