Jackie Clarkson Strikes Again……..

Indeed them good ole days are long gone for New Orleans City Council President Jackie Clarkson but first some lovely music.

Used to be in the good ole days if the hired help got uppity, Massa Jackie could have had ’em whooped but them days are long gone.

New Orleans Councilwoman Jackie Clarkson’s staff walks out on her ~ Rich Rainey

Thuggery and douchebaggery only takes a person so far in life as does a sledgehammer management style. As Rainey’s piece makes clear there are folks in NOLA City Hall that are counting down the days until Clarkson leaves office for good.

Of course there have been persistent whispers about a certain Article III Judge over on Camp Street that is drunk with power that treats her employees (and certain litigants) rudely and with disrepect. I have heard it from too many unrelated sources to not mention it since the general topic is topical today.

7 thoughts on “Jackie Clarkson Strikes Again……..”

  1. The Negros in this CESSPOOL called “Nawlins” can’t wait to capture the “At Large” seat on the Council currently held by Clarkson. How can a “whitey” get elected in a CESSPOOL City inhabited by @ 70% Negros? The “new” Clarkson will contribute to flushing this cesspool, turds, urine and kotex down the sewer (but are we there already?) 5 shooting deaths last Saturday night (all Negros). And a 2-year old shot, but not dead yet (Negro). And at least 2 other Negros shot, but not killed (and they weren’t shot by “whitey”. And last week (Wednesday to Friday) several people were BEATEN with a BASEBALL BAT by a Negro who was part of a GANG. The Lame Stream Media will not report the RACE of the “beatees”, but we all know they were WHITE. What the hell is SLABBED doing touting the loss of Ms. Clarkson’s seat on the Council to IGNORANCE, CORRUPTION, and ABOMINATION of ENGLISH GRAMMER and SYNTAX? Has SLABBED lost its mind? Ashton O’Dwyer.

  2. Mr. O’Dwyer, you are an abomination of the human spirit. The appalling brand of racist ignorance you shout is precisely the reason that poverty oppresses the black population of New Orleans (and the South in general). And as countless research studies prove, it’s poverty that begets crime, not skin tone. Perhaps you’d comprehend these facts, and be horrified by the tyranny of Jackie Clarkson’s reign of cultural oppression, if you’d been born with brown skin.

    1. HH,

      I am still new to slabbed and this is the first post I have read from you. Needless to say I am not impressed and I think you may have a touch of racist ignorance yourself.

      Let me give you a hint: the majority of the black population oppresses themselves. At this point in time in the US, minorities (mainly blacks) have all kinds of tools and gifts at their disposal to help succeed in life. In fact, they actually have more and are quite often handed the handicap crutch to satisfy diversity needs in government and large companies.

      I am not going to doubt your theory regarding poverty and crime but you need to realize there is a large effort that caters to helping blacks while the rest have to fight for themselves. I personally feel no remorse for the poor mouth blacks who continuously bitch about society keeping them down. More especially since a very large portion of them fall victim to behaviors commonly seen in the pop culture. And I also personally believe the black race in general (ages 12-50) are more apt to have illnesses like the “monkee-see, monkee-do” and “copy-Kat” syndromes. The black race is hurting their own kind.

      1. Someday soon, the racial divide is a topic that we need to tackle. Ashton’s systemic racism makes his commentary a lighting rod as large segments of the readership find it offensive. But to the extent racial animus both for and against the Irish evidently still lives on in certain circles (see Jim Letten’s tirade as filmed by James O’Keefe) there is a societal context that can’t be ignored.

        And just when you think you got a handle on the general topic someone leaves a comment like this one and you gotta stop, pause and consider the implications.

        The more you dig the more complicated this subject becomes.

    2. Hey Hugh, how’s your Siamese twin, Prince Charming, these days. It only took you’ll 4.5 months to respond to AROD’s post. I suggest you’ll take a speed reading class once you get yo’ Siamese heed out yo’ social liberal arse.

      I suggest you and I meeting at Melpomene and Dryades on a Saturday night and see if you got the balls to walk without turning yo’ heed every 15 seconds to see if you are gonna bees da’ next player in the “Knock Out Game”, which appears to be mostly a black on “Cracker” game . However, I know blacks can walk in Fat City without turning dere heeds at all. So just who is being victimized among the races.In fact, some of these, with too much idle time on their young hands, hoodlums are being charged with hate crimes and rightly so.

      And where is yo’ grey heeded Obama? Why hasn’t he said something about this predominantly black on white “Cracker” crime wave? Oh I forgot, he only has a social beer meeting when there occurs the rare white on black incidents.

  3. To HUGH HEFNER: Just what the FUCK took you so long to respond to my Comment? Sucking Negro DICKS? Go FUCK YOURSELF, Hugh Hefner. In the meantime, why don’t you tell us how many BILLIONS have been given to Negros (not many of whom opted to return to Africa after Emancipation). So WHY, OH WHY, are they still in poverty (or so you claim). I know many intelligent, hard-working Negros who are NOT in poverty. Ashton O’Dwyer.

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