Jackie Clarkson Strikes Again……..

Indeed them good ole days are long gone for New Orleans City Council President Jackie Clarkson but first some lovely music.

Used to be in the good ole days if the hired help got uppity, Massa Jackie could have had ’em whooped but them days are long gone.

New Orleans Councilwoman Jackie Clarkson’s staff walks out on her ~ Rich Rainey

Thuggery and douchebaggery only takes a person so far in life as does a sledgehammer management style. As Rainey’s piece makes clear there are folks in NOLA City Hall that are counting down the days until Clarkson leaves office for good.

Of course there have been persistent whispers about a certain Article III Judge over on Camp Street that is drunk with power that treats her employees (and certain litigants) rudely and with disrepect. I have heard it from too many unrelated sources to not mention it since the general topic is topical today.