From the perverted skeeting old geezer files: Out with one and in with another

Welp folks, the Dantin criminal prosecution appears at an end as Jerry “Captain Jay” Dantin skates facing justice on the sexual molestation allegations that have dogged him for the past few years.  As Paul Purpura points out in his piece on this topic from a few days back and as Slabbed pointed out very early on, Captain Jay is romantically linked to Grand Isle Mayor David Carmadelle’s mother and is the long time friend of Grand Isle Police Chief Euris Dubois.

There are still outstanding allegations Dubois intentionally botched the police investigation into his friend precisely to keep him out of the pokey thus the civil suit Doe v Dantin et al has muckraking potential so stay tuned.

Jack Mozer Mug Shot / St Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office via The Sun Herald
Jack Mozer Mug Shot / St Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office via The Sun Herald

However, one thing I’ve learned in my 5 plus years doing Slabbed is there is not a shortage of perverted old “skeeters” so today’s Donna Harris story on a 79 year old from Biloxi that traveled to Slidell to masturbate in the women’s clothing section at one of the stores in the Slidell Mall is thus full of potential.

At this point there are a few ways I could take the balance of this post. For instance, I noted the Sun Herald has closed their story to reader comments which I view as a terribly misinformed action so this could be an examination of the media piece.  For instance I maintain the “noisemakers” can say what they want about the Newhouse House, but on balance they do the best job letting their readers add to their stories via information or straight out snark (and yes I revisit stories often for the witty, snarky commentary moreso than the actual piece that spawned the chatter).

OTOH Mr. Mozer appears to be a special kind of moron traveling from Harrison County Mississippi to a place also known as St. Slammany Parish to get his jollies. The problem is not that the local authorities are slouches in this type of matter, but at least Mozer has a shot at conjugal visitation with a manikin at Parchment, unlike Angola in Louisiana.

In any event if I may be so bold as to suggest the Sun Herald has a keeper for a story here for the train wreck qualities alone not the mention the double and triple entendre possibilities. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “From the perverted skeeting old geezer files: Out with one and in with another”

  1. Why did they disallowed comments on this article? I did notice some chose to comment about this article on the Sunherald article about the two lesbians applying for the marriage licencse in Harrison County from Wensday .Funny.What I found hard to believe was how many times Grandpa Pervert has been arrested but not required to register as a sex offender. I guess this type of activity is OK under that portion of the law. Its a mad mad world we live in.

    1. Whoever made the decision lacks digital savvy IMHO. For instance when Grant Storms was caught skeeting while watching kids play in Metry it was the reader comments (and an email to me) that revealed Storms was a Gay Bashing Christian Fundamentalist Preacher that liked to hang in the French Quarter during the Southern Decadence Festival causing trouble.

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