Jim Brown’s Weekly Column: To our Yankee Friends We Say – Get a Life!

Thursday, July 11th, 2013
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Our friends up north need to let it go. According to a cross section of northern commentators, the Second Reconstruction may be over, but they think a third one may be necessary. The first came with the demise of the South following the Civil War. The second began a century later when the Voting Rights Act was enacted in 1965. But this is no longer the ’60s, and the Supreme Court, with whom I often disagree, got this one right. The South can finally be treated like everyone else. And this apparently makes a good number of our northern friends, particularly on the east coast, disgruntled.

Consider the Washington Post’s take in an Op Ed by their columnist Harold Meyerson. He suggests that, “Underpinning all this was the virulent racism of the white Southern establishment.” But he’s just warming up. He goes on to say: “If the federal government wants to build a fence that keeps the United States safe from the danger of lower wages and poverty and their attendant ills – and the all around fruitcakery of the right wing white South – it should build the fence from Norfolk to Dallas. There is nothing wrong with the fence as long as you put it in the right place.”

This kind of attitude goes much further than just having a problem with voiding the Voting Rights Act. When you refer to Southerners as fruitcakes, and suggest a border to keep them in their place, it reflects a weird desire for sectionalism, and a long tired grudge to keep re-fighting the Civil War. Look, we down here acknowledge that the South lost the war. Oh, it was close, and bull-headed politicians on both sides caused over one million solders to die. But that was then, and most of the South has let it go. But it appears that many in the North still have trouble with it.

Sure there are racial issues to deal with. To many observers, who’s to be believed in the Travon Martin-George Zimmerman case comes down to black and white. Remember the racial breakdown in the O.J. Simpson trial out in California? Polls showed it to be 90-10. Overwhelmingly, whites thought Simpson was guilty. Over 90% of African-Americans believed he was innocent. I can remember watching split TV screens showing African-American groups cheering, and rooms full of whites shaking their heads in disgust. Racial issues and unrest are still realities all over America. Continue Reading………………