The mystery of the murderous White Porsche Panamera begins……

OK folks everyone down here knows the score because the story on the in the line of duty death of Officer Rodney Thomas has dominated the NOLA media for a few days now. Officer Thomas was struck on I-10 while rendering assistance to another motorist in a hit and run accident.

The NOPD quickly determined the suspect vehicle was a white Porsche Panamera and sure enough the authorities found the vehicle in a collision repair shop over close to Tulane and Broad.  The public seems to know all the details of the story including the people NOPD considered persons of interest to the crime. Well, everything but one detail such as who owns a vehicle with a price tag starting at $78,000 which mowed Officer Thomas down.

With that setup this type of mystery is a natural fit because there is speculation the owner is rich, famous and/or highly politically connected.  Eric Gordon of the Hornets turned Pelicans has a white Porsche Panamera according to the comments to the story linked above. No one is saying the vehicle in question belongs to Gordon but one must be possessive of coin in order to drive about town in such a vehicle.

Like the Tranny mystery this one is simple process of elimination. I’m not gonna do the eliminating as my plate is full but according to Wiki: Continue reading “The mystery of the murderous White Porsche Panamera begins……”

Muspench is too kind…..

Indeed she is.  I can tell you folks having done my homework that such a compliment is high praise considering what Muspench has accomplished as a cyber/data sleuth.

As far as the comment chain that included the above, yesterday there was a pretrial conference in the case of the Race Car Driving / Prominent New Orleans Attorney and extremely well endowed T.S. Dream.  As things stand the trial begins next Monday in Orange County Florida.

So the assemblage is calling for Mugshots…..

After covering a couple three of these criminal investigation thingys my best advice is patience as there is certainly lots happening in the background. For instance political favors are certainly being called etc etc as these things are undeniably intertwined with the criminal justice process. These are reasons that folks like Ray Ray the Chocolate Guy in New Orleans are literally indicted on the eve of the expiration of the statute of limitations.  These things are largely outside the control of the unwashed masses.

But for those that may have forgotten Slabbed, along with the Sun Herald were early innovators on the topic of mugshots and the Walker clan.  In fairness to Slabbed, the Sun Herald didn’t use Scott Walker’s Mug Shot from his DUI arrest as their only Walker photo as we did here at Slabbed, but we operate on a shoestring budget,

There has been stuff happening though and but it takes some ciphern’ and deciphering to make sense of but luckily for everyone Cousin Cooter from Jackson has lent some assistance.  He tells me the authorities are evidently looking at far more than just DMR corruption and it is hard to tell if the various data points intersect.  I do not have all the answers but we cracked the Dampier Fishing trip and the connection to Hemphill as the community came through for RFP knows his chit.

This is what I can say as the following data points do correlate.  The investigative community is closely examining S. H. Anthony Construction (‘Gate take a bow) and when I think about that topic I think Harrison County Utility Authority. The Sun Herald has done some great work in exposing the insider perks Anthony showered on the previous executive director but the name I heard linked to Anthony had nothing to do with that, at least on the surface. That name is Continue reading “So the assemblage is calling for Mugshots…..”