Time to go guys……

SUN HERALD | Editorial: Bryant has key role to fill at the CMR, but don’t limit his choices just to Hancock County

So again, we urge the remaining commissioners to follow Asper’s lead and permit the governor to appoint a fresh group of commissioners. Such a clear and clean break with the past would go a long way toward re-establishing the credibility of both the CMR and the DMR.

A federal audit has confirmed that during the tenure of the previous executive director and the current commissioners, the DMR became a rogue agency. Millions of tax dollars were misspent or mismanaged.

And the public has yet to learn the results of ongoing investigations by the state Auditor’s Office and the FBI.

6 thoughts on “Time to go guys……”

  1. You know, I am not taking up for the Commissioners at the DMR; however, why is the focus not being put on the real crooks down there? There are still employees there that are/were involved in all of the cover-up and in my opinion, also aided and abetted the cons by enabling them. Let’s get the crooks out of the DMR and stay focused on that! Dump the crooks….it’s past time!

    1. Mona

      I think the major reason we have seen such a big shift onto the CMR is due to the recent report from the brilliant consultents that were contracted to do Jamie’s job. Additionally, the CMR has been one source of the blame since this all started so anything publicized about them will just add more fuel to the fire. In my personal opinion I think part of the Cloyd…..sorry ploy will be to keep the heat on the CMR in hopes of them giving up their positions. That way, Miller and Bryant can find a way to bring in some cronies of their own to support the agenda. As of now, I would be willing to bet the current CMR would “bow up” if there are any questionable doings happening within the Bolton building. And based on rumors I have heard, “Mr. Miller” is not one that enjoys being questioned.

  2. The only questioning Miller likes is the soft stuff from Dave and Doug on WLOX. They seem to be over complimentary of his service/abilities. I do not see any reason or purpose in the current CMR commissioners staying .They do nothing to benefit who they are supposed to represent. If they do resign we could get whomever the consultants pick. Bad either way. If they win we loose. If the current remaining CMR stays intact we loose.

    1. Thats right Mad, the CMR hired Miller and the CMR hired Horne. Makes no sense to imply the current CMR are not already lackies to Bryant and Miller.

      Accountability is what is missing from the the equation. This is why the CMR must go.

  3. I’m with you Coast Rat. When are the indictments coming down? How much longer do the “good” employees at the DMR have to have mud slung at them for doing the right thing and doing their jobs? It is about time that the real troughsloppers get what is coming to them. The lady that worked under Tina Schumate named Price has been awful quiet. Has the FBI asked her about her pedicures and hairdos? Or have they asked her how she has benefitted personally through the CIAP program monies? Come on FEDS, it is past time to get this show on the road. Get rid of all of the far right rogue radical Republican clan at the DMR. All of them! Clean house!!! Let the sun shine in! Go talk to the right employees that know the facts! Give the hard workers at the DMR a break and stop putting the blame on them and put the blame where it is due – BRING ON THE INDICTMENTS~!!

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