Slabbed puts the cherry on top: Broussard, Senator John Alario and his stake in the River Birch Landfill

The landfill fix was in from way far back folks, and in going through the last massive PDF file I snagged last Fall on the terrible reign of corruption and filth that was the administration of former Parish President Aaron Broussard, I forgot the true extent of the historical goodies that I nabbed.

To catch everyone up back in February, 2010 I was like a kid in a candy store finding River Birch Inc. v Robin & Associates, Inc et al and this post provides vital background into how the River Birch Landfill gained the clout it carries today with the state and local political establishments.  It was not a cheap or voluntary endeavor by any means.

Senator Alario was then a democrat and the state GOP took advantage of the Robin lawsuit and ran campaign ads against him. What I found in Aaron Broussard’s Parish Prez files is thus highly enlightening.  Let’s start at the end:

Broussard Alario mailer Cap 1

This is considered official business in the Broussard administration and there was no separation between Aaron Broussard the politician, Aaron Broussard Inc and Aaron Broussard Parish Prez. Notice who signed DA Paul Connick’s check? I sure did:

Broussard Alario mailer Cap 2

Gegenheimer signs his own checks anyway.

Broussard Alario mailer Cap 3

And why was everyone stuffing money into John Alario’s pockets?

Broussard Alario mailer Cap 4

I bet Mr. BrousStar was appalled.  And all the good Republicans that lined up behind Alario tells a heck of a side story unto itself as the late Ken Hollis was working it hard too!

Broussard Alario mailer Cap 5

He owns ’em all boys, lock, stock and barrel….

Here is the full 45 page pdf for those so interested.

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