I am hearing disturbing things about another Bay Waveland School District real estate deal…….

Here is the setup via the Seacoast Echo:

The sale of the old Second Street Elementary property in Bay St. Louis has been slightly delayed, but the prospective buyers have put up $100,000 to sweeten the deal.

At a special meeting on Friday, the Bay-Waveland School District Board of Trustees approved an amendment to its commercial real estate contract with New Orleans developers Jim and Catherine MacPhaille.

The deal was expected to close on May 2, but the amendment extends the closing until May 20. School board attorney Ronnie Artigues told board members that the delay is necessary because the MacPhailles are in the midst of another real estate transaction.

Once again doing research on a topic leads me to a St Chas mansion via the Times Picayune social pages:

Queen Anne-style house matches the grandeur of the Uptown park it overlooks ~ NOLA.com

So these cats live in a multi million dollar mansion with a view of Audubon Park and yet they are jonesing on a $786,000 steal in the heart of Old Town Bay St Louis? After all these are the same folks that shelled out $2.45MM on a historic school in NOLA just for the heck of it.

Back to that story from the Echo circa May 2013. I hear the deal for between the MacPhailles and the School District still has not closed.

But alas I know we have peeps in the Slabbed Nation that know MacPhailles well because the Mrs pops up in the gosh dernest places such as Lycée Francais debacle. The Lens was all over that story as was Pistolette.

Alas Slabbed has another tree to shake.  🙂

4 thoughts on “I am hearing disturbing things about another Bay Waveland School District real estate deal…….”

  1. Is this the guy that prompted Ken Murphy to write his letter on Saturday to the Sea Coast Echo about some
    guy in Cedar Point running him off the seawall where he was fishing because he was supposedly parked on
    his property, which I think turned out to be the “right of way?”
    Now we hear someone else’s small parcel of land next to his in downtown is in jeopardy of being gobbled
    up by him. Maybe he ought to do what Murphy said and just go back to his ivory tower in N.O.
    We welcome newcomers here, but not the “grabbenheimer” type.

  2. Didn’t know if you had heard the latest, but the school district just found out this week that the big school
    facing Second St. (the big white one) that they have had for sale for 15 months, doesn’t belong to them.
    Since it was built in the late 1920’s, it has been the property of the city of Bay St. Louis.
    But the city officials deeded it over to the school district at Tues. night’s council meeting. The city attorney
    did, however, take the opportunity to announce to the public that the school district got the FEMA money
    for the renovations. Don’t know how much renovating has been done. Not much, I hope, cause I am hearing that it is going to be demolished and apartments or condos or something else is going up.
    More money wasted by public officials. The city should have hung on to it. They are broke, and sure
    could use the nearly 1 million it is going for.

  3. Watch out for this MacPhaille guy (“McFly” as he is known in NO). Chances are no one will be happy at the end of the proposed project. He will do what he wants and just point everyone to his lawyer.

  4. Re MacPhaille:

    I just read this in another article about a driveway issue in Bay St. Louis:

    “I contacted MacPhaille and he told me he has no issues with Boswell and his wife. He said he doesn’t sue neighbors. He wants to work with them once he closes on the property. He added, “They can have joint usage of the driveway, or I can take some trees down and build another driveway.” MacPhaille said he purchased a school in New Orleans and negotiated with the neighbors, and that’s what he plans to do in Bay St. Louis.

    Speaking as one of the very unhappy neighbors in NO… The proposal to the neighbors was altered (bait and switch), he did (verbally) threaten to sue us, he has not fulfilled promises.

    I predict that the folks will lose access to their carport and he will say, “Sue me.”

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