Batter up! Broussard document dump Part Deux

July 25, 2012 was the day I made my first official visit to the Yenni Building and the assistant Parish Attorney that was initially assigned to handle public records for Team Young/Foshee was singing her swan song as she had to leave due to the no longer meeting the residency requirements in the Parish Charter resulting from nuptials and relocation to another Parish in the area.

We got on quite well though initially I was very aware that Slabbed and the guy behind it was a huge curiosity inside the Yenni Building.  Eventually we ended up chatting about AROD among other subjects while I selected and scanned records from Box 3.  Time literally flew by.

In any event here are the files from that day from the early post Aaron Broussard days in the Spring of 2010 when Steve Theriot was Goatherder in Chief, some published on Slabbed, others not until now. Enjoy.

Aaron goes on Toolman

Bob Evans


Drew Broach meet with Theriot

Fed investigation and PRR

Fontenot Meeting with TheRiot

Interview with the Paul Murphy

Interview with the Val 2

Interview with the Val

Jimmy lawson Theriot

Jones Walker Theriot


JPAC Job Site Visits

JPAC Theriot

JPAC Theriot4-30-12

JPAS Theriot

Lambert Engineering

Lunch at Antoines

Lunch with the Picayune

Meeting with Aaron

Meeting with Sising

Mystery email

P&C Meeting JPAC

Paul Rioux Theriot

Phelps Dunbar meeting with Leg Auditor re AMV

Public Belt Railroad

Redflex, Wilkinson and Theriot

Saints Parade

Theriot meets with Dutchy and Julie Murphy

Theriot AMV Meeting

Theriot Landfill Meeting

Theriot meeting with Kin and Nan

Theriot Mtg Karen parker

WJMC Theriot

5 thoughts on “Batter up! Broussard document dump Part Deux”

  1. “Batter Up” ?

    Sure your Dizzy Dean monicker isn’t taking over your mind? Besides after getting it in da’ ear by nuckleballer Head on Camp St he.bees rehabbing wit ‘ dat” farm team, the Penal Prostates as their catcher . Though rumor has it he may be transferred down to da’ Carolina Crybabies battin’ in dere’ diaper coveted turd position.

    I bees most interested in yo’ homeboy “Dizzie Briefs” and your pitch counts, mainly yo’ strike to goatherders’ foul/curve balls count ratio.

  2. One remark among many, Doug, but I’m “amazed” the Theriot regime or the state Legh Auditor or of course, the ever aggressive crime fighters holding those discretionary-action enabled offices (known as Disabled Attorneys to the public, such as CONnick or CanniZERO) didn’t find offensive the antics of Broussard for a private entity (the bank) while on public time. After all, Theriot and his predecssor as a Legislative Auditor would go all ballistic on the “little transgressions” such as that (while $millions go flying through the door, of course). One is reduced to tugging on the forelock these days….

    1. Theriot’s job as Leg Auditor was to stay as far away from the doings in Jefferson Parish as he could. “Big Dog” could not have had a more faithful servant than his “Lil’ Pup” in that position.

      The JPAC change order 7 documentation is damning and I may need to feature it in a dedicated post.

      And of course we have far more than what I have dumped so far.

      Lockie it is hotter than Hades here in the land of Dizzy Dean this afternoon. But alas I had lunch today at the Blow Fly Inn and everyone on the coast knows if you wanna find out what is happening at DMR you go to the Blowfly and indeed I heard a tale of the California and Topaz that bears looking into. 🙂

      But before that

      1. Quite indeed, Theriot was just that, a foil and a tool. I was jesting of course, but still, knoweth the man NO shame (while laughing all the way to the bank….)

        Your docs still present intriguing ideas as the deposition of Aaron Broussard on various cases is underway. How he answers with the Jefferson Government lawyers looking on is to be a bit of slapstick comedy.

  3. Holy Rapid Rolling RPM’s Diz,

    Bet you were pretty stealthy arriving on da’ quiet Wing to overhear dat DMR tale I’m anxious to hear. I challenge da’ Advocate, da’ TP or Fox 8 live to done got themselves an investigative reporter dat can arrive in a nanosecond at a story but be quiet and stealthy like da’ Diz.

    But first tell me what could possibly tease yo’ lunch tastebuds at da’ Blowfly off their newly revised roadkill menu. And tell me zackly what bees in dat’ famous drink dey call ” The Dizzy Dean” dey did serve in their attached bar me members called the Vomitus.

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