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  1. Here are a few things I am wondering about concerning this asset disposal.

    1. Did the state ever have the boats surveyed by a qualified and competent marine surveyor?

    2. One would think that a marine survey might evaluate the condition of the hulls and the electronics and the mechanical equipment. There were a lot of repairs invoiced to these two boats.

    3. What are the hours on the often repaired and overhauled diesels? Were these repairs necessary due to hours of usage, or abuse and poor maintenance? One might suppose that some efforts were made to verify that the expensive repairs and parts were actually applied to the two foundation boats as the invoices show.

    4. There is a log isn’t there?

    If I were a bidder I know that I’d want my own surveyor to assess the vessel and the maintenance and usage logs. I’d be skeptical about any records that might indicate added value from past mechanical work. . Only an insider would know what the real history and value is. All others might be wise to assume rode hard and put away wet. Caveat emptor = buy the hull and pay very little more than the value of the hull.

    1. Surveyor, surveyor, did you done say surveyor.

      Dat be a total insanity workout for da’ politicos as it might reveal what should’ve, could’ve or would’ve been done OR NOT DONE to da’ bateaus for da’ millions supposedly spent to repair/ refurbish dem’.

      As is where is the only way to protect your political ass/es.

  2. At first I thought your headline “Put those bad boys on ebay was in reference to getting rid of the CMR bad boys, not these boats. I have never seen such a bumbling group of people in my life trying to bring something to market with no thought what so ever on how to maximize what may be recovered. If I were Bill Walker and David Harris I would be filing some type of objection to the way this is being handled. The less money that these old worn sea dogs bring the more Stacey Pickering is going to demand be paid back to the state by these two stooges.

  3. Any hints on the special treat? Were diamonds and emeralds found in a hidden compartment within the hull of the Topaz?

  4. Even here in the addled state of Louisiana the Division of (Mis)Administration is charged to put some value on state property to be disposed, after determining the property is surplus.
    RFP, you rear up a good point, ought to prove fun in making offers what with my surveyor being able to low-bal your surveyor with a straight face and what-not. Perhaps we should expect some “civil union” of buyers who afterwards split the proceeds in hiked-up sales, du verstanden?

  5. Mississippi Press: Attorneys for former MDMR director Bill Walker issue statement

    “The statement, in its entirety:

    “As counsel to Dr. William Walker, we wish to briefly respond to the recent spate of
    inaccurate reports regarding the operation of the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources during Dr. Walker’s tenure as its Director.

    “Dr. Walker cares deeply about the hard working employees and future successes of the DMR. We cannot respond to specifics during an ongoing investigation. However, we are confident that the reports of mismanagement, lack of oversight, or worse, at the DMR are simply wrong.

    “We are equally confident that Dr. Walker’s integrity,ability, and longstanding dedication to public service will be fully vindicated.”

    Do click through to get the background and rest of the story (which includes the previous statement (which was issued in February) and recently referenced here.

    Attorneys from the firm, J. Scott Newton and Rusty Fortenberry, emailed the following statement Saturday morning to the Sun Herald:

    “For the past several weeks and months, Dr. William Walker and his family have been the victims of unrelenting innuendos by a local south Mississippi newspaper. The insinuations against the Walkers appear to be fueled largely by leaks from some government offices and contain no specific allegations of wrongdoing. These leaks can only compromise the efforts of a fair investigation and unfairly smear Dr. Walker. Dr. Walker has engaged in no wrongdoing.”

    “Dr. Walker has dedicated his career to the improvement of marine resources in and along Mississippi

    1. I will probably be in the cross-hairs of some people here on slabbed but here is my take on the Walker statement.

      He may have merit stating the report is inaccurate (not everything). I for one beleive that it is most likely a biased report. Has anything been released in the past regarding the DMR budget? I don’t remember seeing any ground breaking news about the DMR going belly up until recently. It’s funny how if they were in such bad shape how the legislature or the governor knew nothing about it.

  6. Another goofy press release by these high profile attorneys that are charging him big bucks .Notice they gave this new info to the Ms.Press and WLOX. Sunherald is in the corner being punished. Wishful thinking when they say “vindicated”. Of course we all have opinions and mine is “indicted “or “convicted” might be in the future for some and the white collar attorneys win either way. Sunherald you are a much better newspaper anyway so don’t worry I read you everyday and read the Ms.Press only 3 days a week. Keep the unrelenting innuendos coming. Everybody is inaccurate except the Walkers.

  7. I think that Scotty boy has some connections with the MS Press. So, I am sure that is why they got the “scoop” instead of the SH. Keep up the good work SH!

  8. Why eBay? Mississippi, like most states and the federalies already have procedures, all legit, for disposing of surplus assets. Being in the biz of liquidated assets of manufacturing facilities, eBay actually sucks and brings in less income.

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