Good Government Monday: Jefferson Parish Citizens for Good Government

Supporters of Good Government:

The Jefferson Parish Council will meet this Wednesday, June 25th at 10 a.m. on the East Bank at the Yenni Building. Citizens for Good Government will again present summary information from our Campaign Contribution Table shown below. Total campaign contributions of $449,266 were made during the past four years to our councilmen by contractors and subcontractors on whom the councilmembers are scheduled to vote at the June 25th council meeting.

CFGG Campaign Finance Graphic 6-26-13 meeting

Because consideration of a comprehensive Request for Proposal (RFP) reform ordinance was deferred several months ago until September, and there was opposition to some of the reforms in the ordinance, Citizens for Good Government is concerned that none of the needed reforms to the contracting process will ever be implemented. CFGG has therefore been waging a campaign in recent months to pressure the Jefferson Parish Council to at least start the process of implementing reforms in the contracting process by passing an ordinance to reinstate price in the evaluation and ranking of Request for Proposal (RFP) submittals. Because published reports indicated that this reform was supported by both the council and by the administration, CFGG felt that implementation of this reform should be possible.

Because we were not able to convince any of the councilmembers to introduce this ordinance, CFGG Vice-Chairman Margie Seemann publicly asked Councilman Roberts at the May 27th council meeting if he would introduce such an ordinance, and he responded that he would “look at it.” Then at the June 12th council meeting, CFGG Chairman Margaret Baird spoke again about the need for an ordinance which restored price to the RFP evaluation process, with the intention of reminding Councilman Roberts about his comments at the previous meeting. However, he twice interrupted her stating that there was an item that was going to be read into summary at that council meeting which was addressing the issue about which Margaret was speaking. We accepted Councilman Roberts statements as fact and were jubilant that something was finally being done to start the reform process. However, such an ordinance was NOT read into summary at the end of the council meeting, and there is therefore no ordinance on the Agenda for the June 26th council meeting to reinstate price in the RFP evaluation process. What a disappointment! We will have to address this issue at the June 26th council meeting to find out what happened.

Margie Seemann
Vice-Chairman, Citizens for Good Government

7 thoughts on “Good Government Monday: Jefferson Parish Citizens for Good Government”

  1. A possible song sung at 5AM sitting on a 4G terlit looking a one’s JP political campaign contributions, “Sittin’ on da’ terlit, Sittin’ on da’ terlit, Now FLUSH $118,000.”

    Then at the end of da’ song a self realization thought, “Its good to be King of JP Campaign Payola”.

    But its better to be “The Have-Not Cinderella of JP Campaign Payola” like Councilwoman Lee- Sheng who from now on should get great recognition for not being on the contractor money train that arrives at the Yenni building bi-monthy and is jumped on and arrogantly ridden by her fellow 6 Councilmen.Maybe its Lee-Sheng’s turn to have her political campaign rags ( $10,000) turned into Cinderella’s dress and run for Councilwoman -at -Large or First Lady President of JP .

    Hope the M&M Sista’s start to praise Lee-Sheng ‘s campaign rags as she’s come a long way since receiving $$$$$ to help approve a westbank gambling project years ago.

  2. Looking at the list of the usual suspects, I am amazed that long timers like Linfield Hunter still perceive the need to make nice with local kleptocrats.

    Seeman’s faith in the credibility of the kleptocrats aside, one issue comes to mind given the ID of one of the “players”: do the contracts so happen to have a hold-harmless/defend/indemnification clause in favor of the contractor much like done with the Plaquemines Parish Government kleptocrats?

  3. Empire, you’ll may have da’ best tasting creole tomatoes with hold harmless stickers but da’ political kleptocrat tomatoes in JP are da’ biggest as they self- fertilize themselves through “delay charges” and “contract extensions” of the crony capitalism system.

  4. Campaign Train Schedule Alert:
    Contractors’ gravy train arriving on time at the Yenni Station at 10 AM Wednesday June 26th. Have your district councilman’s contractor’s non-bid tickets ready to be punched.

    Da’ ticket Collectors- at- Large will bees hollering, ” All aboard- All aboard, next stops Crony St, followed by Payola Ave, No whistleblowers allowed. Beware of da’ pesky M&M Sistas wandering onto yo’ tracks. Watch yo’ step on departing by done e-mailing all business on private e-mails as there is absolutely no PRR return transfers issued nor Sunshine Law/ rain checks honored. Hold on tight we sometimes stop suddenly at Camp and Poydras to drop off pee-ons. Finally, relax and enjoy da’ ride da’ Inspector won’t be checking fo’ identifications for another year”

    1. The shillmeisters wil be singing, “Fund yore friends & family plans, courtesy of the boobs and hayseeds in dis here audience, and lo’, stand in splendour knowin’ full well the hicks, hayseeds and rubes will reward ye with another four years of annointed filching of that dere public purse, a common fund if there was ever one. Verily, verily, we say, the peeps of Jefferson Parish are suckers oneand all, and reborn every minute.”

      1. “…another four years of annointed filching of dere public purse…”

        Da’ word “filching” – did had to look me up and it done mean – ” 1.) to take sometin’ in a furtive manner.”- which I done again had to look up furtive and it did mean, ” 1.) Characterized by stealth; surreptitious. 2.)Expressive of hidden motives or purposes shifty”

        Well sayeth yo’ Empire, verily yo’ bees rappin’ me dem’ good $64,000 words ain’t got to learn in school bro’.

        Educatin’ da’ SlabbedNation, one dumbass at da’ time.

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