He so lucky……

Yep he sho’ is:

Why is he lucky?  Because there no time for me to dissect the report on DMR’s operations today. I’ve read the reader comments left here on same and am amused professionally. CPAs always write “to the inside” and the Horne CPA Group report is no different. Did anyone find the problems Slabbed uncovered in the artificial reef program mentioned? It is not in there by name but it is in there folks.

I caution the readers about substituting their judgments on risk assessment for Horne’s though I will not illustrate why right now in the interest of time. I did make sure the part I thought was most important made it out on Twitter yesterday and I see Paul Hampton got the takeaway and included it at the end of his comprehensive piece on yesterday’s developments.

This review is a damning portrait of the Bill Walker tenure at DMR so how about another lovely song.

The best part for me was one of Hampton’s earliest stories on the report’s release and I want to encourage everyone to read it too.  If the takeaway is the report sayeth much of nothing, then I’d urge a second and third reads because it not only sheds light and context on all the bad things that have surfaced in the media, it gives us a roadmap to hone in on where the investigation is focusing. The fact that Mr. Asper wants people to make like Officer Barbrady and “move along, nothing to see here” gives us a clue the report is well worth reading and dissecting for it is damning.

Stay tuned while I sharpen my knife.

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  1. I held my comments to see what you might have to say on this topic today. I do have a few minutes, so I will supplement my previous suggestions concerning the marketing plan with some more for the apparently clueless Commission on Marine Resources chairman Vern Asper.

    The first suggestion is for Commissioner Asper to review the CMR Administrative Handbook again. (Again presumes he has done this on a prior occasion, that might be explored by others at a later time).

    The second suggestion is for Asper to read this report. If it is hard for him to understand, then he should consider paying competent help (maybe a CPA and an attorney) to walk him through it.

    The third suggestion concerns Asper’s issues with Horne’s work product. Since Asper questions whether Horne performed the work Asper apparently thought they would, he should review the proposal that the CMR used and approved to hire Horne (which probably describes the scope of work to be performed) before inserting his foot into his mouth.

    Moving on to the report and what it has to say about the CMR let me begin with an excerpt:

    On page 7 under the heading Agency Governance is the subhead Oversight Activities. Part of that includes the following:

    The Commission maintains an Administrative Handbook to provide additional guidance to the Commission and Executive Director to address the general authority, function, policy and operating principles of the Agency. Among other authorities and functions of the Commission, the Administrative Handbook discusses the Commission’s responsibility for establishing adequate controls through periodic reports from the Executive Director sufficient to ensure the following:

    (a) all legal requirements, as set forth in statutes, rules and regulations are met;
    (b) established goals and objectives of the department are met;
    (c) approved policies are adhered to; and
    (d) adequate performance in all program areas is attained.

    Put another way, the CMR is charged with making and approving the rules of play, and ensuring they are then enforced by the DMR Director. If (as alleged) certain activities and transactions violative of the CMR mission and various federal and state laws and regulations have occurred then the blame process decision tree might be something like this:

    1. Did the Administrative Handbook have the necessary rules to prevent the activity?

    2. Did the CMR take appropriate action to ensure the Handbook was up to date, complete and more importantly, used to guide operations?

    3. Did the CMR receive reports from the former DMR director as prescribed by the Handbook; and what oversight was performed by the CMR to ensure that any such reports were accurate and complete?

    4. Did the CMR approve or have constructive knowledge of activities which were contrary to the Administrative Handbook?

    5. Did any members of the CMR (or their families or business associates) benefit in any way from activities which were violative of either the Administrative Handbook or state or federal rules and laws? If so, what did the CMR members know?

    1. Somewhere in that report I also saw where the CMR is responsible for approving all contracts, many of which are now the focus of the investigation and scandal right down to Bill Walker’s Conprofit that he used to wine and dine everyone on those deep sea fishing boats.

      The Sun Herald was right to call for a complete house cleaning of the CMR.

      1. Oh, just realized I forgot to answer your question.

        “Did anyone find the problems Slabbed uncovered in the artificial reef program mentioned? It is not in there by name but it is in there folks.”

        The answer is yes I did. I will try to make some time later to post on this particular aspect of the issue. The above comment is the foundation which has landed on ASSper’s head whether or not he realizes it.

          1. 🙂 Saw that he said that yesterday and just went away smh. Asper has months to get a statement ready to address the obvious issues and that is what he has to say. Still smh.

      2. Somewhere in that report I also saw where the CMR is responsible for approving all contracts,

        First referenced on page 4 of the report under Agency Governance subhead Oversight Activities. See (b) below.

        Oversight Activities

        The Mississippi Commission on Marine Resources (the “Commission”) was created and authorized as defined in Miss. Code Ann. 49-15-301 and 49-15-303 to regulate all matters pertaining to saltwater aquatic life and marine resources and to provide guidance to the Executive Director in the operation of MDMR. In addition, the Commission was established to administer the Coastal Wetlands Protection law and the Public Trust Tidelands Act. Miss. Code Ann. 49-15-303 defines the powers and duties of the Commission on Marine resources as the following:

        (a) To formulate the policy of the department regarding marine resources within the jurisdiction of the department;

        (b) To enter into and authorize the executive director to execute contracts, grants and cooperative agreemenmts with any public or private institution, federal or state Agency or any subdivision thereof to carry out the duties of the commission;

        (c) To adopt, amend or repeal such rules and regulations necessary for the operation of the commission and the department; and

        (d) To discharge such other duties and powers as are necessary to implement state policy regarding marine resources.

        1. Great review work rfp. Amazing to me why these guys on the CMR are still trying to hang on to this nonpaying appointed position. In my opinion as a legal seagull I think they could have some real liability for what has gone on with Walker in charge. Did they approve of the contract with Horne that Miller signed? In listening to Asper and the other commissioners commenting on WLOX they sure looked worried, right Jimmy “Billfish” Taylor?

  2. So the DMR is broke now, and Jamie needs more money. How were they not broke before? Between Jamie Miller and Danny Guice they cut a lot of employees. It looks to me like this is the work that Frontier GC is getting paid so much for, Jamie’s transformation from Angel of Death to Bringer of Light.

    If the DMR really does need money why not sell the Topaz and Californian? Maybe that drone thing too.

    1. I remember reading in comments here DMR is like a job service for ex GOP congressional staffers.

      I do not disagree about the need for a Chief Science Officer. I disagree with having nonprofessionals in management positions in places like the Lyman Fish Hatchery.

      And then them high end fishin’ boats. High End boats have limited markets. Could take a while to sell them but sold they should be.

      And yes, I imagine Jamie Miller found out early on the agency was broke. Good thing it is the last month of the fiscal year.

    2. Ya, I get the impression that he wants to give the appearance that he is fighting to keep the employees. I can see it now. Prior to the law makers making the decision, he will probably hold another all hands meeting and try to pump up the employees to believe his is fighting for them. Then, if the deal bottoms out and the money does not come to the DMR we will probably hear how Jamie fought a good fight, but the law makers would not budge. Then for good measure, they may try to shift some blame to Bill Walker to make Jamie immune.

      1. You got it. It also could give him cover to clear out the political hacks.

        The report also made clear DMR was not leveraging recoverables like indirect costs from their federal grants. Such things add up to a significant amount of money.

        Without doubt a purge is on.

    1. Something tells me some of these comments will make it into a CPE course before this is done.

      I thought Joe Cloyd had communications covered? The accountingese is not translating with the general public or stakeholders.

      Please carry on. :mrgreen:

      1. Cloyd and Company are busy on many fronts.It has been recently disclosed that the Frontier Gulf Coast group was given a $50,000.contract to do something which is yet to be identified. If they indeed are handling communications they are doing a miserable job.Was this amount just a payback for getting Miller in front of the Governor? Will anyone at the DMR ever provide the FGC work product? I think we will hear much more about the soon. We all need to look closer at this groups real estate dealings.

  3. You guys are all quick to catch on….you don’t miss anything!Too bad there aren’t more like you.
    This thing is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better. And as you have pointed out, the “true cons” are not being mentioned….rather, the poor old work mules that do the mundane technical work that keeps the top cheeses informed on the Gulf. So sad.
    Why are we forgetting to mention all of the other names involved when we discuss the issues? Like McKay, Baby Walker, Denyer, Boyd, the Boyles, Joe Zeigler, Hewes, to name a few. Not to take anything away from Daddy Walker, but he did have some help in all of this. They all need to be lined up and pay the price…instead, they are being rewarded with other political jobs and positions by the same ignorant sheeple that think this bunch of misfits are “God-like”. What a joke….neither of this bunch would make a pimple on a real man’s rear. And a hard day of work would put any of them in a coma. Please, somebody do something to put a stop to this!! Is it going to take a riot? Civil war among the classes? Come on folks….it has to stop!!!

    1. The reason I don’t bring up the people that you mentioned is because it’s kind of old news and the process is ongoing. I have no idea what will become of all this myself but I do know that some of the people you mentioned do not work in the building anymore.

    1. About the only thing we can due is make wiser decisions when its time to vote and blow the whistle when corruption is evident and can be proven.

    2. TOtT: I am right with you. I have commented a time or two in the past on other issues re: this dilemma and I think Doug’s response to me when questioned was spot-on – We have to keep shining the light on anything and everything we can. Some people will wake-up when the evidence becomes overwhelming. But more importantly, with enough sunlight, the critters will either be burned or decide “this place” is too hot and will move their shenanigans to some other dark hole. It is our job to make our environment inhospitable and thus undesirable to them.
      Dirty, hard, unending, and without glory? Yes.
      Worth it? Absolutely!

  4. Looks like the ground work is being laid to cut the workforce.I could not recommend that any more money be given to the DMR without a total accounting of all money spent. I assume this is how the politicians from around the state would also feel. I assume Miller is smart enough to know this and is sending up a warning flare to the employees. Maybe in the end they cut back to a small group of people doing what they were originally charged to do. Law enforcement is a duplication and should be the first to go. The science of the Gulf of Mexico is the most important

      1. Law enforcement is a duplication? Maybe you’re right, why do we need marine officers when we could just let Biloxi and Gulfport PD go out and count and measure fish, check fishing licenses.

  5. Cloyd and his gang are all laughing at you blogsters for throwing stones at their efforts to make money through their connections in Jackson and DC. And I mean doubled over belly aching hilarious laughter.

    1. If what your saying is actually true then I personally would not be laughing if I was attempting to use political connections to make money off the local government. That would be of bad taste and it would certainly give the impression of being an untouchable machine. More especially if these people are laughing about it. I would hope that this is not true.

    2. The laughing will soon turn to worry about the impending investigation into how things were funded and who made it happen. Stay tuned to the drama on East Beach.

      1. I think its great Joe Cloyd and the gang can derive amusement from these pages. Rest assured they’re not the only ones so situated.

        There is a downside to the PR strategies being employed by Team Walker and Cloyd and the gang at Frontier. I’m most content to sit back and watch the disaster unfold so the amusement is a mutual thing.

        MAH the reason the Walkers have a PR strategy is because they are greatly worried. Been here, done that……

    3. Be assured they are watching this and other online sites/blogs to see what the public is saying. Where else can they get that kind of honesty? Not at the office for sure. While most fear Big Brother watching these political operatives fear the exposed truth being batted about the community,in my opinion.

  6. Wait til the billion or 2 or 3 or more gets teed up from BP Cash gets trickled down. You ain’t seen nothing yet. And you will see a pirhana feeding frenzy chasing those $$$$ Waggoner, Neel Schaffer, Carl Ray, Pickering , URS, CDM, Horne, Demery Grubbs, Jimmy Gouras, and WG Out of Time over Budget Yates Dork Goober Sons. Get ready. It won’t be pretty. We can do better

      1. I think the new men behind the curtain are not on the CMR. They are the local mouth piece from the Gov’s office. They have Millers ear because that is where the day to day directions come from. Another point to be made is this board never has exercised any desire to dictate anything to the DMR. Why would that change at this point. I believe the members are now scared to death because of potential liability they must have based on these inactions. On another subject I stumbled across a very large building on Lamey Bridge Road @ Johnson Still Rd.on the west side just north of Sangani Blvd.The name of this project is called Riverside and is a senior independent facility with 118 units. This project was financed as a Work Force Housing project with money provided thru the State of Ms.thu the MDA,CDBG program.The developer is listed as none other than an LLC including Joe Cloyd, a man of many trades. Need to dig down on this one just to make sure it is legit. Seems funny to me work force housing could be a retirement home. RFP I know you can put this under your magnifying glass, you are the best. Eye-Spy you too are excellent at spotlighting the truth/facts. I feel certain plenty exists pertaining to this project. If indeed taxpayers money is involved we have every right to know. I am going onsite on this one to see for myself what is going on. Got my hard hat, tool belt, and mustache on. They will never recognize me cause I will not seem MAD AS HELL.Everybody should drive by to see our tax dollars being put to work by these good people.

        1. I made my trip to this WORK FORCE HOUSING development named Riverside.Went by boat so to be avoid security. Looks massive from the water.I cannot help but wonder what the neighbors think. Micheal Janus must have helped on this one. If you see the location you will agree. One sign out front calls it “An Adult Waterfront Community 55+”.For more on this age restricted Adult Waterfront Community Work Force Housing Development you can go to http://www.riverside.ms. or contact the Ms.Development Authority about getting some CDBG funding for your next venture @ 1-800-NO-RISK

  7. They are all members of that exclusive Republican group. Shumates mother and brother have been very active over the years and with Miller’s employment at the City of Pascagoula I feel certain a relationship is there to be found.

    1. The party isn’t very exclusive. It’s more like a big family, with lots of outlaws and in-laws. Here’s a question. Who hates Tina and was able to smear her in the media as a diversion to the real problems? Hint: His brother in law has a lot of pull at the Sun Herald. There’s a name that really could have been published a bit and really let the sunshine in. When the right names start making it into the paper, or the courthouse, then we might see some justice.

      1. Must be Joe the Schmo.He has been able to keep his name unmentioned for a while. Tina carried a big stick and was there when Bill Walker washed up on the DMR shore then pushed Joe Gill overboard. In the years since this coup d’e tat the annual budget was strapped to a Saturn rocket and the controls/oversight was jettisoned like empty fuel tanks.And Joe the Schmo had check signing authority on many accounts. How about that!!!

        1. And Joe Z and his goofy brother-in-law are in this up to their necks. So far, nothing has been really mentioned because the Sun Herald must be afraid to write about them. I hope those two scum bags don’t slither out of the investigation. They are the ring leaders and there had to be someone with authority in the Senate toget the networking done for this coo to become a reality. Word is that Fore has thrown some $$ down and is a crony of the munchkin and his brother-in-law Joe Z. Maybe they can all share a jail cell together….might get a bit cozy in there though?

  8. Speaking of Fore. Rumor has it that Hensley Lee of Pearl River County is going to be doing a lot of dirt(y) work in Gulfport soon. Lee appears to be the largest single contributor to Gov. Bryant this last election.

  9. Sometimes I get the impression that our state leaders are attempting to create a “Biff-World” as in Back to the Future Part 2. A world where your either connected to “The Man” or you ain’t shit just like it was in the movie

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