3 thoughts on “AROD would like another word: A periodic series”

  1. A subdivision of squatters created thru the various reigns of many local parish politicos and epitomizing the perennial principle of corrupt crony capitalism which is inheritable from politico to politico like private estates are.

    AROD don’t waste your time now with appearances before the Council and Slabbed networking.The current conspiring crony politicos need to be exposed at a time they are most vulnerable, like vampires returning at dawn – just before their re-elections. By appearing week after week before the Council and then contacting media with your many videos leaving a burning ass pain of crony corruption in the ears of voters.

  2. I asked my dad about this…..he was a land surveyor for 5 decades in Florida. The initial trespass in 1986 that produced the plat of a development is where the shade starts. No reputable civil engineering firm would accept a work order to survey a piece of land in which the party had no interest. The surveyor in the field could be held liable personally for trespass and the company would be legally responsible for the actions of the employee.

    He’s watching the video now and I’m sure he’ll have more thoughts. This hits close to home for him; in the 90’s he was involved at the state and national levels with professional organizations in civil engineering, and headed up their ethics board at the end of his career.

  3. Unfortunately the booboisie are unprincipled to acknowledge the legal insanity and anti-private property animus of state law which deprives citizens of ownership of property on waterfronts. Sad to say this was a matter the 1973 convention could have cured but decided not to do so. Anyone who bothers reading Louisiana Revised Statutes 34, for example, will be struck by the “quaint” provisions which are rather offensive.

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