The rumors has legs! Gene Taylor is exploring the possibility of running for Congress

Biloxi Blues comment on Congressman Palazzo’s change of heart on sticking massive NFIP rateups on the little people:

I am hearing rumblings that Gene Taylor is going to run for the 4th District seat. He has been seen a lot in Harrison County lately He will have a hard time overcoming the Repub machine that has only gotten stronger since he last ran. Even a fumbler like Palazzo will be hard for Taylor to beat.

Yesterday a politically connected Mississippi West Coastie indicated to Slabbed that indeed Gene Taylor is exploring a run against Steven Palazzo in 2014. Since this is evidently now an open secret I’d urge former Congressman Taylor to stick an (I) after his name and caucus with whatever political party gives the people of this congressional district the best deal after the election, albeit keeping the (I) after the name.