Today’s 5 dollar word: Stylometry

Be careful out there. ūüėČ

Stylometry is the application of the study of linguistic style, usually to written language, but it has successfully been applied to music[1] and to fine-art paintings[2] as well.

Stylometry is often used to attribute¬†authorship¬†to¬†anonymous¬†or disputed documents. It has legal as well as academic and literary applications, ranging from the question of the¬†authorship of Shakespeare’s works¬†to¬†forensic linguistics.

5 thoughts on “Today’s 5 dollar word: Stylometry”

  1. Isn’t this how Heebe and his “expert” fingered Perricone, without any forensic examination of the hard drive on his desktop, his laptop or blackberry, which the FBI has, no doubt, been looking at (along with Jan Mann’s, Gregory Kennedy’s and those belonging to other present and former employees of the USA’s Office, and colleagues of Mr. Letten, if not those belonging to “the Big Man” himself. Have a nice weekend! Ashton O’Dwyer.

  2. Back in the 1970s there was an LSU polisci professor by the name of Lennard Falkowski who was using QM computer analysis to do the very thing. That was of course in the punchcard days. The good Prof insisted there was a good degree of accuracy through the methodack then.

      1. Doug, Falkowski back then stated there was a great degree of predictability as to what someone would say based on what they had said. Keep in mind this was in the arena of international relations and assuredly our strategists were using it (Look, suppress the laughter, I understand based on the track record and all that ….). I would counter Falkowski that somewhat rather sophisticated types could disrupt the predictive value, but then as you yourself know, there’s always an outlier territory to which theories do not fit or apply.

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