Other voices | Frank Magazine: The Trout Point Lodge (TPL) vs. Louisiana blogger Douglas Handshoe saga continues!

On May 17, slabbed.com owner Douglas Handshoe filed lawsuit in the Circuit Court of Hancock County, Mississippi. The defendant is listed as John Doe, aka Randall Cajun, because someone using that alias has allegedly been posting defamatory comments about Doug on a few blogging websites; Real-Mailce.blogspot.com, and theamericanzombie.com.

In his suit, Doug is claiming that he has valid reason to believe that Randall Cajun is at least one (or all) of the owners of TPL. As Frankologists will recall, Doug and TPL have been in an ongoing legal drama for years. Doug has accused TPL owners Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret of being involved in some shady Louisiana political goings-on, which they in turn have repeatedly denied. Last year, Chuck and Vaughn celebrated a legal victory stemming from a defamation suit they had been fighting against Doug and slabbed.org. The duo was awarded $425,000 in a decision handed down in Yarmouth Supreme Court on February 1, 2012. The court ruled that Charles, Vaughn and TPL were falsely linked to a Louisiana political corruption scandal by Doug and slabbed.org. However, since this decision was awarded North of 49, the ruling has no jurisdiction or authority in the United States (Frank 658).

And in early 2013, Charles and Vaughn claimed that blogger Doug swiped some copyrighted photographs off of TPL’s website, and then proceeded to post them on slabbed.org without permission (Frank 659).

The pictures in question are everyday shots of Charles, Vaughn and Trout Point Lodge itself, but there are also allegations that slabbed.org had comments juxtaposed next to the swiped pics, which may have (or may not have) included derogatory comments directed towards the TPL owners.

However, it was precisely around this time, January 2013, when Mr. Randall Cajun started popping up on the internet and (allegedly) began posting numerous defamatory comments about blogger Doug, saying that he was involved in crooked corporations, and that he was a part of an organized crime conspiracy in Louisiana.
Doug’s suit alleges that this Randall Cajun knows some very intimate details of TPL’s and Doug’s past dealings, which, according to Doug’s suit, “strongly indicates Randall Cajun is one or more of the owners of TPL.”

While Randall was posting on theamericanzombie.com, its moderator was able to grab Randall’s service provider, which revealed that Randall was posting from Nova Scotia via Eastlink, and that the signal allegedly originated from an area that was consistent where TPL is located.

Some of Randall’s postings include blogs titled “Douglas K. Handshoe; Liquidating Assets, and, Good ‘n Handy; Doug Handshoe, Coverup & Fred Goodson. In the second blog, Randall alleged that Doug is an “avowed anti-gay blogger,” which Doug’s lawsuit claims is “patently false.”

Doug is stating that the blogs and posts are false, defamatory, misleading, unethical, and are completely dishonest. In turn, Doug is seeking a court order compelling Real-Malice.blogspot.ca to reveal the IP address of all contributions to weblog, subsequent court order(s) to internet service providers used by Randall Cajun to post defamatory content in order to ascertain his identity to properly file suit, and to issue subpoenas as appropriate in the circumstances.

TPL did not return messages before presstime.

By Andrew Speller
[email protected]

4 thoughts on “Other voices | Frank Magazine: The Trout Point Lodge (TPL) vs. Louisiana blogger Douglas Handshoe saga continues!”

  1. none of this surprizes me, none of it, I worked with these guys and I can tell you first hand what they are capable of, Vaughn always told me he had gypsy blood , brings to mind a Cher song : )
    I also have proof of their defamation against me but I will sit on that for a little while : )and when the time is right …….what goes around comes around ……

    1. Actually Ms Case Harlow it has become quite the topic in the courtroom of Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Muise just yesterday.

      I will be contacting you immediately. Thank you.

  2. Yup, the internet is global. ‘Crackdown in Russia’ will air this evening on 60 Minutes. Pussy Riot is known simply as “the girls”. See, ‘Anti-gay bill passes in Russia’ – The Advocate 6/12/2013. Contrast this article with the extensive media coverage in metro-New Orleans, on the 1973 UpStairs Lounge Fire and Gay Pride Month, as a result of political activism. I’ll leave litigation to the legal eagles but note that it’s a stretch to call Charles, Vaughan & Danny gay rights activists. I look forward to Randall Cajun’s reflection at Real-Malice.blogspot.

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