8 thoughts on “Yup (Part 9): Meet Randall Cajun of Trout Point Lodge”

  1. Doug, I am mystified as to why anyone would “join issue” in such a manner. Often the best course of action is to simply refrain from acting.

    1. “…STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES… ” They can’t help themselves from joining in the action … it’ about the their DRAMA, not about everyone else’s free speech …

    1. Jones, Walker could care less if Laird can read tea leaves … his managing partner will be reading his billing and collection of fees if he is to continue on this agenda driven defense of the indefensible …

  2. They just moved everything to the same Court and should be assigned the same judge that shot down the $400,000 libel judgment created in Canada. The judge should be fully knowledgeable of past history between the parties and know what the defendants are all about including their possible motive of wreckless defamatory revenge.

      1. Keeping in mind Doug’s adversaries, the type of “evacuation” is of a decidedly different nature.

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