“Delay Claim” Joe Caldarera gets his final pound of flesh from the taxpayers of Louisiana. A (non)Performing Arts Center update

And what a pound of flesh it was:

Jefferson Parish and arts center builder reach deal, includes $6.6 million for delay charges ~ Manuel Torres

Whudda you figure Caldarera had estimated as profit going into the $26MM project?  At a 10% margin the total profit on the job would be $2.6MM.  Yesterday he collected almost 3 times that in delay charges (on top of the millions in delay charges already paid) as the final shafting of the Louisiana taxpayers is almost complete.  Once the boondoggle is complete next year it will house the performances of the taxpayer supported family and friends organization also known as the Jefferson Performing Arts Society.

Anyone know how much the evergreen costs will be  required to pay for this boondoggle.  The flood insurance alone is sure to be astronomical.

8 thoughts on ““Delay Claim” Joe Caldarera gets his final pound of flesh from the taxpayers of Louisiana. A (non)Performing Arts Center update”

  1. Notice that once again a POS district atorney steps to the fore to screw over the taxpayers of the state?Granted, not a good a screw job as by other district attorneys over time, including the $500 million man in that little area in southeast Louisiana, but the beat goes on and on and ….

  2. I recently heard an expression: “Don’t vote, it only encourages the bastards.” Will we ever get any honesty in government? How could these guys look us in the eye and ask us to vote for them. So sad. So sad

    1. It’s the way the system is set up – it guarantees the corruption. Allowing district attorneys to moonlight is a prime example of that.

      Remember JPAC this fall when they try raising your taxes as a commenter at NOLA noted. It only takes an increase in voter turnout from 15 to 21% to have a big impact.

      1. Doug,

        the mantra should be simple: Here is an example of a state agent who prosecutes under the law who is engaged in suing another state actor (local governments are merely extensions of the state). Hypocricy has a rather rank smell.

        Suetonious once attributed a comment to a character in his Lives of the Twelve Caesers that the first sense to go in the decline of a republic (or the creation of Empire, take your pick) is the sense of smell.

  3. Had the Parish put Mr.Joe in default,Mr. Joe had these mothers over a pork barrel wit their asses in da’ air and would have pulled his pants down and filed a bunch of subpoenas for depositions to everyone involved.

    Including those on the Council in the past, current Council, past and present Code officials(Banana man), Mr.Young, some on probation(Whitmer) and even in jail.

    So I’m sure all these mothers pleaded with every local La. Senator and Rep. to give dem’ da’ money( 10 MILLION) to make Mr.Joe sail off into the sunset wit’ crane fulls of $$$$$$$$.

    That is until Mr.Joe lowball bids another Parish contract or assumes another contractor’s construction project in trouble which of course is his specialty(see website).

  4. If this flaming douchebag ever gets another parish contract there should be an instant recall of the entire Parish government…. what a @[email protected]%!% joke.

    The only guy that seems to have a bigger set of balls than this tool is the true Lord of the Douches himself, Peter Galvan….imagine suing the state so you can continue to rob everyone in plain sight….extra large huevos to do that….hope he and AAron can share a cell soon….

  5. Opps, forgot to answer Sop’s question -“Does anyone know what the evergreen costs will be…”?:

    Me think Mr.Joe will be planting 54 MILLION Birds of Paradise symbolizing how majestically he and da’ Council personally shot the finger at the dumb ass JP taxpayers over the last 7 years.

    The real unknown question is will these same dumb ass taxpayers done vote to renew da’ sewer taxes dis’ October or will dey “flush” doe’s taxes in coitus with dem’ stinking politico turds excreted in prior elections.

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