Congressman Steven Palazzo: Ignorant of the bills upon which he votes

Maybe if he spent a little less time counting the campaign ca$h he get$ from $tate Farm executive$, the Congressman could spend more time representing the people in the 4th district.

Flood insurance measure heads to Senate ~ Da Noose

I love these snakes taking credit for throwing a scrap back to the populace after letting their insurance benefactors loot the NFIP dry, sticking the bill for the massive fraud on the little people in the process. Say what you want about Gene Taylor folks but he never put the interest of millionaire insurance executives from Illinois above the interest of his constituents.

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  1. I am hearing rumblings that Gene Taylor is going to run for the 4th District seat. He has been seen a lot in Harrison County lately He will have a hard time overcoming the Repub machine that has only gotten stronger since he last ran. Even a fumbler like Palazzo will be hard for Taylor to beat.

  2. I think we would be surprised at how many people would vote for Gene. I think even a strong percentage of the “Repubs” would rather have him than what they have trying to lead us now.
    I am wondering if this garbage going on in Washington now is not just something drummed up by the GOP machine to draw attention away from the bomb that is getting ready to be dropped along the Coastal States. I continually hear moans and groans about how the Dems get all of their scandals “covered up”. Doesn’t look like that is the case now, does it? The National media hasn’t mentioned anything about the GOP scandal that is about to burst wide open. Not a peep. Even the local television station has been cautious and reporting little on this huge miscarrage of justice. This is grand larceny we are delaing with. It is a conspiracy and certainly deserving of the RICO Act rules. Just like organized crime, because basically, that is what it is. Only Governmental organized crime is the true name for it. Because make no mistake….it was planned and it was organized. Wonder if the National media is monitoring this as it develops?

  3. With all the federal monies sent to the coast recently, what are the odds that these investigations* and audits* turn up Coconut Road style earmarks and campaign contributions?

    *DMR is not the only one known to be ongoing

      1. Don’t know any rumors on this particularly. Just reading between the lines and knowing there were billions in the feed troughs these past few years.

        Human nature + shameless opportunism + trough full to overflowing – effective auditing and controls – OPM syndrome X GOB network X Oversight on the Friends and Family Plan = Git-R-Dun?

        1. Whoops, I think I might know what you are referring to. 🙂 Hmmm. That’s not what I had in mind though.

          If this type of situation goes on for a while what are the odds that any “successful” scam is a one off and not repeated by the same perps? Not to mention others in the know observing and then rolling out their own variation using their own spheres of influence and funding.

          It is one thing to do it with state and local funds, but when the feds rolled in the troughs and slopped them full of federal money, what hog could not eat their fill? The Feds might be more likely to take fat hogs to slaughter than the state and locals.

          1. rfp, my response to your last sentence is….One can only hope that is the case. Our State (and our Coastal area) has been overrun with not only local, but imported oinkers also. The latter being very large in number.

          2. Rest easy, rfp, won’t happen, as we’ve seen in the sewer pit of SE Louisiana.

            Hell, Ron Paul outed the Congress when pointing out none of them read the Patriot Act. You don’t beef about an appropriation bill when you are cashing in your own green stamps.

          3. RFP, I understand your belief, but ever now and then federal prosecutors are known to pick & choose a LST to keep the booboisie excited. Empiricism tells us at least locally that even if you get your hand caught in the cookie jar the odds of doing time for “THE” offense is nil.

      2. Which rumors are we referencing? The DEQ,the DMR and the MDA have handled hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts, grants and give-a-ways since 2005.Now they are all ramping up,licking their lips and getting ready to roll again with the Restore Act money. You will have the same groups of people who go from debris contractors to oil spill contractors to consultants to advisors to Restore Act participants. Same people different titles doing what they do best which is taking money from somebody else.I am MAD AS HELL about it myself.

    1. Utilitie too. The County Utility Authorities that were established by Haley with CDBG funds. I hope the CDBG given to MS Power gets checked out thoroughly. Haley has lobbied for Southern Co for years. We were fools to elect him as Governor.And since we’re on utilities the Feds need to have a look at Deviney. Oh wait, they already did? Seems the investigation hit a snag when Haley appointed him to Wildlife.

      1. I agree.DMR,DEQ,MDA,HCUA ect.,ect. all need to be looked at. We need a separate story line on Slabbed to expose waste, fraud ,theft, kickbacks(this includes financing cars) misappropriation, and giving advantage to the connected. We all need to find an area to dig into. Right now I am investigating the misappropriation of CDBG funds for what was supposed to be workforce housing and is now being advertised as a retirement home. I have discovered that a connected group secured this money thru MDA and now in my opinion are misusing it. I will be providing more soon.

  4. Regarding the flood insurance rates, the state diverted more than $1 billion of free federal Katrina relief with no state/local match requirement to the Port of Gulfport, to water and sewer projects that subsidize inland developments that were not affected by Katrina, and to other smuggled in projects that were not really recovery or risk mitigation.

    That money could have elevated a thousand or so homes, redesigned flood drainage systems, built ring levees and flood walls in some areas, and otherwise actually reduced the flood risk on the Coast.

    Then everyone would not have to depend on federal taxpayers continuing to subsidize flood insurance rates.

    1. Brian, you could have kept a blank in place of the state. At least you ad only one billion diverted. Here in Louisiana we had monies plunked down into projects which essentially are perpetual votebuying/expenditure machines for the next generation of kleptocrats when another storm arises. Instead of giving the money to move people elsewhere, the money going to homeowners was to keep them in place. Beyond keeping them stupid and voting for the local kleptos, Louisiana simply made them hostage to future storms – and even now is trying to ream over some who were unfortunate to run out of money rebuilding.
      Meanwhile, local and state government continue to feast on the gift that keeps on giving instead of simply giving the money to homeowners, period.

  5. It looks like the debate between Palazzo and Taylor is off. As I suspected, Palazzo will simply resort to weak minded and ball-less tactics commonly found within the Mississippi Republican Regime. As a matter of fact, I received another mailer from the Palazzo Headquarters today and my hypothesis has been proven to be fairly accurate. Palazzo will spend most of his time sending out mailers and making public comments that will stress nothing more than an “us against them” mentality infested with anti-liberal comments which are shallow and lack depth. Lack of depth with symbolize his work accomplishments.

    While he is at it he may even use the “support for veterans” crutch he is famous for. He loves to use and highlight veterans when its a public issue and the cameras are rolling.

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