“Delay Claim” Joe Caldarera gets his final pound of flesh from the taxpayers of Louisiana. A (non)Performing Arts Center update

And what a pound of flesh it was:

Jefferson Parish and arts center builder reach deal, includes $6.6 million for delay charges ~ Manuel Torres

Whudda you figure Caldarera had estimated as profit going into the $26MM project?  At a 10% margin the total profit on the job would be $2.6MM.  Yesterday he collected almost 3 times that in delay charges (on top of the millions in delay charges already paid) as the final shafting of the Louisiana taxpayers is almost complete.  Once the boondoggle is complete next year it will house the performances of the taxpayer supported family and friends organization also known as the Jefferson Performing Arts Society.

Anyone know how much the evergreen costs will be  required to pay for this boondoggle.  The flood insurance alone is sure to be astronomical.

Congressman Steven Palazzo: Ignorant of the bills upon which he votes

Maybe if he spent a little less time counting the campaign ca$h he get$ from $tate Farm executive$, the Congressman could spend more time representing the people in the 4th district.

Flood insurance measure heads to Senate ~ Da Noose

I love these snakes taking credit for throwing a scrap back to the populace after letting their insurance benefactors loot the NFIP dry, sticking the bill for the massive fraud on the little people in the process. Say what you want about Gene Taylor folks but he never put the interest of millionaire insurance executives from Illinois above the interest of his constituents.