6 thoughts on “Yup (Part 7)”

  1. Did Jefferson Parish really think that after it voluntarily dismissed its BS litigation that Waste Management would just say ” ok, we realize it was not the taxpayers fault but instead just an innocent case of more political corruption and therefore no harm done”?

    This is the reason the Parish must insist that all public servants( elected and non-elected) participating in its retirement system be held moneterily liable for all intentional deeds of corruption. If the public official refuses to sign such document then he /she is disqualified from participation in any retirement benefits and can not contribute into Parish’s retirement plan.

    It is bad enough the taxpayers paid for the salaries of the corrupt but to take care of these same douchbags in their old age is intolerable.

    If President Young was a true reformist he would propose such an ordinance or rule. Maybe the CFGG would see the need to propose such an ordinance especially when all the douchbags that got probation are retiring on $200,000/yr pensions while leaving the Parish liable for millions in potential malicious prosecution damages due waste Management.

  2. I have a better chance of a endless orgy with Kate Upton and every SI swimsuit model than the chance of any of the JP swine ever taking money out of their pockets….. Great idea though….

  3. Sop can cancel BrouStar’s deposition as subsequent to reading District Court Order I have shoved a 6″ railroad tie up passed his prostate, blowtorched his crotch and dumped Drano in his mouth.A Mike Tyson voodoo doll is scheduled for a visit soon to bite cancerous ear off while Chuckie visits on July 4th to slice and dice his atrophied family jewels.

    1. On the bright side, just like NFIP, when the the taxpaying public get the shaft on a massive legal bill they will wake up and be mighty pissed. On the brighter side Mississippi is one of those voluntary dismissal states to which Judge Feldman referred. :mrgreen:

      1. Thank you Judge Feldman … this critically frank and legally astute written opinion should fold in well with Waste Management’s ongoing RICO complaint ..

  4. Waste Management would have basis to conclude a SJ on elements of a correct wrongful prosecution case have been met assuming Feldman is consistent in application of legal principles.

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