Vehuntur Ursus: Sunt sibi persuadere conabantur?

Oh my, trashing talking Steve Newhouse while celebrating the rise of the daily paper like Phoenix from the ashes……

SUN HERALD | Editorial: Latest research underscore confidence in daily newspapers ~ Sun Herald Editorial Board

But who else did they trash talk?

Some skeptics see the Internet as competition for or somehow detrimental to newspapers. But the AOR study — and all other serious media research — document that the Internet has become a most effective tool for extending newspaper readership. News is one of the primary reasons people use the Internet, and newspapers are by far the largest contributors to factual news content (as opposed to blogs, gossip and opinions) on the Web.

Paint me a skeptic and I have two words that well give the reason why as the following was handed to the Sun Herald on a silver platter and they choose to ignore it.

Bay Tech

Hardly confidence inspiring. But it isn’t one blog that constitutes the threat, rather it is the social media in its entirety. ¬†After all, with Twitter who needed a journalist to cover the doings with Occupy Wall Street protest well after the fact on paper? Such is a growing trend, unlike the top line at the S/H’s corporate parent McClatchy.

What do the numbers at McClatchy say? They paint a far different picture because on May 10, 2013 McClatchy’s quarterly financials were filed and buried on page 3 of the MD&A is what most companies normally highlight on page 1 of same:

MNI Q12013 MD&A

And this is what management says about the year over year (YOY) revenue decline:

During the quarter ended March 31, 2013, total revenues decreased 3.8% compared to the same period in 2012 as we continue to be impacted by the industry-wide declines in advertising revenues. The continued weak economy and a secular shift in advertising demand from print to digital products are the principal causes of the change. However, in the quarter ended March 31, 2013, decreases in total advertising revenues were partially offset by increases in circulation revenues and other revenues.

In fact such continued sequential YOY secular revenue decreases typically indicate the business in question is in a dying industry. Polaroid was once the darling of the financial markets, part of what the financial media of the 60s and 70s termed the “Nifty 50” in fact. Nothing lasts forever though.

None of this means McClatchy is going bankrupt anytime soon but you gotta wonder if the people that wrote today’s OpEd know what is going on inside their own corporate parent. In any event if this is the start of the 2013 dog days of summer, great media spitball fight I guess I’m game. I thought last year’s was a blast courtesy of Steve Newhouse and Errol (and the noisemakers). ūüėČ

None of this means Slabbed does not support good journalism in the public interest and the punditry that marries well with it so here is a three pack of stories from the good people that gather news stories we’re following here at Slabbed:

File this one under “Da Noose” hurts…

JAMIE M. MILLER: Newsom’s column was right about one thing: DMR must do a better job communicating ~ Jamie Miller, DMR Executive Director

Moving right along I seem to recall Garret Graves also told us how effective sand berms would be against the oil spill back in 2010 while his boss funneled no bid contracts for their construction to his political supporters. Neither he nor his narcissistic boss Piyush Jindal are to be trusted:

Louisiana levee plan’s effects on Mississippi mostly unknown ~ Da Noose

Finally from the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend files I have this via reader comment:

Legal experts find timing of NOAH indictment puzzling ~ Gordon Russell

Good thing that pesky statute of limitations didn’t expire huh? ¬†This would be one way a politically connected prosecutor could deny justice to the public and I’ve heard several stories about this happening with a disturbing frequency in the NOLA US Attorney’s office. ¬†I continue to wonder if the real purpose of the office is to eliminate the competition.

I guarantee you there is a back story to the delay in Stacey Jackson ‘s indictment.

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2 thoughts on “Vehuntur Ursus: Sunt sibi persuadere conabantur?”

  1. Kamerad, we know the “news”paper is destined for the dungheap of history if only for the reason the daily simply does not meet market expectations. That is, fewer are willing to “consume” for various reasons. But in keeping with the doctrine of insanity requiring doing the same thing over and over, the idiot owners are doubling down, on the theory that insulting the intellect of those who could be readers, at the same time giving more of the same, is the way to go.

  2. the clearest indication of the sad humor the average NOLA area denizen associates with the departure of the daily paper was expressed in this comment from Facebook when Pope Francis was elected late in the afternoon on a Wednesday “I can’t wait till Friday’s edition of the TP to find out who got elected Pope!”

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