Saturday Omnibus: We’re beginning to mark some important anniversaries in the DMR Scandal

By this time last year the unraveling of the Mississippi DMR had begun as we rapidly approach the one year anniversary of several important events. I’m not gonna rehash them today but I need to hook up with one contributor in order to finalize a comprehensive post on the topic that will appear soon.

Moving right along I received a reader email worried Slabbed has been subpoenaed because of our DMR coverage. At the risk of sounding like a broken record from last January the answer is no and I do not expect to receive any. That said I have heard from multiple sources the Auditor’s office investigators made sure certain peeps knew they took a very dim view on anyone involved in the scandal speaking with Slabbed. That I submit, is a major compliment on the voodoo we do here on the Slabb.

In the bad news department the long promised and not delivered “Part 2” of my exploration of Aaron Broussard’s relationship with the media and First Bank and Trust ain’t happening. Instead what I intend to do is break the pdf files down into smaller size files and post the entire Broussard files project for everyone to see in all its glory. I’d look for that beginning tomorrow.

Finally, it is time we tackled some old topics anew in the National Flood Insurance Program, Wind Claims Dumping and certain insurance commishes that clearly need a seeing eye dog. In short State Farm is headed back to the Slabb for further examination.

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  1. I am ready for a DMRathon because I am MAD AS HELL! Lets get this anniversary conversation going. I think someone worried about Corporate America or anybody else trying to pry open the Slabbed lock box is funny. The only companies/people that has the resources to pursue anybody that have been discussed on Slabbed at any length are the oil spill cleanup contractors and the Godfather of that group or the consultants that control who gets what from the state agencies like the DMR and DEQ. In my opinion they have way to much to risk if all of the people started really digging into who they really are and what has gone on in our state since 2006.They are much more involved in what has happened at the DMR past and present. All that has been posted on Slabbed about these groups has not been very far off the truth track. They might silence one voice but it will bring out another 10.I think the public in general is tired of so few controlling so much of the peoples money.

    1. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the man behind the curtain revealed? Maybe then we could get rid of those pogey boats too!

      1. I you know who the people pulling the strings are, you need to tell it loud and clear Coast Rat. I’m sure that the Feds would love to know details!

  2. My Fellow Americans, (Part 1)

    I looks like “The Honorable Jamie Miller” may be trapped deep inside the crawfish hole and the dirt pile is starting to cave in on him.

    He states “I read with great interest Michael Newsom’s column in the Sun Herald on June 2 (New regime, new network at DMR).” Well, I read his letter to the editor with great humor because I believe this was a weak attempt to defend against the bombardment of attacks his new regime has received.

    Since his “Inauguration” we have heard the term “transparency” and his letter to the editor should have been titled “JAMIE must do a better job communicating.” I mention this because since he has “taken office” it appears the department is still behind a smoke screen of questionable actions.

    When speaking with inside operators at the DMR, they all deliver the same intelligence–they have no idea what is going on or what is going to happen.

  3. Weak,weak,weak. He needed the Frontier Gulf Coast guys to write this one for him. Oh, that’s right that would be another $10,000.00.If he was hoping to explain anything with this letter he failed miserably. We the public will be waiting for the report to be released so we can see for ourselves just how much graft, theft and misappropriation of the peoples money has gone on.

    1. Ahh yes, the unveiling of the “BIG REPORT.”

      Maybe the Frontier Group can explain it to the public in a way that we all understand. Here is what I would like explained: How can the public be assured that the report is not biased and it includes an honest and objective evaluation of the agency?

      We have read about the “political connections” involved with certain parties. The BIG REPORT will be compiled from:

      –State Auditors (under Pickering’s direction)
      –Horne (alleged connections with Jamie and the Governor)
      –DMR Business Office Staff (who work directly for Jamie)
      –The Frontier Group will be providing the Communications (also alleged connections of Jamie)

      1. I should add to that Eye….the DMR Business Staff are the ones who allowed this to go on for years while ignoring State laws on Purchasing. They “looked the other way” while Taxpayers’ monies were being drained by the trough swine. One person stood up for what was right and was punnished. Had all of the Business Office staff done the right thing and stood together, this thing would not have been going on for so long! So they are as guilty as the rest of the crooks.

        1. Marcus,

          It sounds to me like the business office personnel are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Think about it, if they were to stand up and say something they may have been walking up Bayview Avenue looking for another job. And I bet that’s what would have happened if they would have stood up to say something.

          Of course, I am wondering myself since the new regime is now in place if there has been any questionable transactions. 😉

          1. What I meant Eye was that if all of the Business Office would have done their jobs like they should have been done and said NO to illegal purchasing, they would have been a united force and would have been someone to be reckoned with. Instead, there was a girl down there that was tortured because she would not “follow the leader”, while the rest just sit there and kept their mouths shut. They should all be held accountable. Including the head honcho, whoever that may be.

          2. Ok Marcus, I will respect your opinion and say that we agree to disagree. If the DMR was unionized (as it should be) they would have had a leg to stand on and they probably would have been able to stop most of it. I am a seasoned veteran with these types of situations and I’ll tell you, the employees who would have united would have statistically lost the whistle blowing case short term (maybe long term), may have lost their jobs entirely, and they probably do not have the resources to fight it. Let me give the readers some insight on how departments and organizations like this work:

            –A director is usually hired by political or personal motives (IMHO, this is why we have Jamie Miller now)
            –The support management is hired by the director to help fulfill the motives
            –HR is typically hired by management to support management and protect the motives. They are not there for all employees as many may believe.
            –Attorneys are hired by management to protect management at all costs.

            So, when you have these four functions of an organization in control, the employees essentially have no rights, have no where to go to, and have everything working against them. They essentially loose every time unless it involves an issue about racial relations or some other kind of discrimination.

  4. My Fellow Americans, (Part 2)

    Over the last few months, a lot of the citizens of South Mississippi have been up in arms about the actions going on at the DMR. I for one, am not impressed either and there seems to be a lot of conflicting stories.

    According to inside operators at the DMR, an employee all hands meeting was held sometime last week. During this meeting the topic of removing the employee protection was spoken of.

    According to multiple sources, it was mentioned that the protection was desired to be lifted in order to give DMR employees raises. I for one would not believe this for a minute because the perception given to the public entails “saving money,” employees have been fired, and now he wants to give them raises. Additional intelligence also stated that this would also enable the recruitment of highly qualified candidates. Hmmm, I guess someone may not think there are highly qualified employees within the department.

    Inside operators also mentioned that it was stated during this meeting that it was desired for the employees to be informed before the news hit the Sun Herald. Well, I wouldn’t believe this one either since nobody I have spoken to knew about the underground operation code named “Hire Melissa Scallan” until it was on the Sun Herald.

    1. First, let me say…Go Michael Newsome!!! I just love that guy!
      Now, why is the DMR getting in bed with the Sun Herald all of the sudden? There was a qualified person with a Master’s in Journalism over the PR department (Susan Perkins). I guess she wouldn’t bow down and do things that might be questionable?? Why is she being replaced with Melissa Scallan, who, by the way, was reported by WLOX TV before the DMR employees were told?? Now, nothing against Ms Scallan, as I do not know her personally, but I just don’t see how she could be any more qualified than Ms Perkins was. And I am sure that all eyes will be upon her….constantly, and she will be suspect to the existing staff at the DMR.
      What the heck is going on? IS the GOP trying to salvege what they can from this train wreck? People who work at the DMR have relayed that they are just stumped and have never seen anything like this before. Strange happenings folks…..someone needs to get a hold on this run-away train!!!!

          1. Maybe an exclusive story about the Life Styles of the Rich and Famous. Where the hell is Robin Leach? Anita is doing a local celebrity version. Probably being shadowed by G Men.

    1. I heard she was asked to stand down by investigators due to her reporting impacting what people being investigated knew. Sounds to me like she was stepping on the wrong toes.

  5. My Fellow Americans (Part 3)

    As we are all awaiting the unveiling of the BIG REPORT there seems to be a lot of personnel action going on within the Bolton Building. He speaks the words “Transparency” but I honestly think the only people that can see the transparency are the ones who have been given a pair of “secret decoder glasses.”

    Since Transparency took effect a few months ago we have seen:

    –The creation of a Chief Scientist Position
    –The creation of a Public Information Officer Position
    –Loose rumors about the creation of a Chief Financial Officer Position

    This is no dig against the people who have accepted the positions above but it does leave the public with a lot of negative speculation. More especially when inside operators have stated that the jobs were not advertised. So, if the jobs were not advertised then I think this may shed some light on the opinions of the employees currently working at the DMR. If the jobs were not open for recruitment then what kind of an image does that create with the current employees view of the new “regime?” It’s one thing that many are fearing their jobs, but now the dim light for upward mobility is about to burn out.

  6. Anybody heard from Sel? I have his application ready for his acceptance. Maybe we can have a conference call about this matter this morning. Sel, come in Sel…where in the Sel are you….Hello.

    1. When I was reading this I was trying to put myself in Trinity’s shoes:

      “OMG ya’ll, you have to check out my family blog. It’s like, so cool and it tells all about our lives and everything. And ummm, it’s got some really cool pictures. And ummm, it even has a picture of me wearing my new shoe’s Scott bought me. Um, they were like 400 dollarz but he got a really good deal and only had to pay like 275 dollarz—so I was like, OMG, that’s really cool.”

      I think the most comical part of the blog was when she described Scott as a Workaholic. LOL

      1. Why are they in Alaska blowing the Taxpayers money? I am sure that the world travelers will have a huge amount of dollars to refund imho.

        1. That be good, real good and very applicable to Trinity in Wonderland. One day soon we will find out that this Million Dollar House of Cards was built on a foundation of taxpayer money sort of like the dining room table I hear was paid for by the DMR or Foundation for conferencing purposes but used for dining purposes. That one was easy,check please.

    2. If I were Trinity Walker I would not put myself out there for the abuse she will receive by doing so.She appears based on her blog, not to have a clue of what is building up around her. I feel sorry for her. She is young, attractive and very naive unfortunately. I did not see any mention of the day the state/federal investigators forced the door down at the Million Dollar Mansion and had their way with her house. I can hear her now as they went thru her drawers looking for any evidence of a crime. “Please be very careful with those, I have only worn them one time!!!.Scott Walker will do great in the laundry at one of these Federal Facilities folding somebodies cloths. Wow what a world they live in, crash coming soon. brace yourself but do not go off line cause we have no need to know but do enjoy a good laugh.

      1. Party lasts until the the judge checks you into the Hotel Graybar. Not to mention they don’t usually seize used shoes and clothes.

      2. omg trinity ! do you think scott’s first wife annoyed him as much as you do. they were divorced right ? you don’t think scott and his family are annoyed with your very public inane babblings ? are you really that clueless girl ? take a hint trinity, get a shark divorce lawyer, asap.

      3. on the other hand, by getting pregnant, then married, she could be described as a gold digger. a cunning opportunist, manipulating herself into an arena of perceived wealth and power. a place that she desires to be part of–a lifestyle she never had in her past.

    3. I really thought that this was a parody. That first post about the radio show, wow. Very unflattering. If anyone wants to read a real puff piece, check out the May issue of Gulf Coast Living. The Jamie Miller piece is so bad it sounds like he wrote it. It reads like some of that campaign propaganda that candidates get printed. Even has the DMR seal on it. I looked everywhere, I can’t find the paid advertisement disclaimer.

  7. She knows she is a handful but her dress is cute!!! Can you say Trailer Park Party girl now a Million Dollar Momma involved in the High Society of Ocean Springs proper. How long do you think her resale website will be up for view now that the sharks have found it? Northface here she comes.

    1. How long do you think her resale website will be up for view now

      That’s not just a website! That’s a real busyness for Trinity and Scotty complete with an LLC behind it!

      Voila! Meet wornonetime L.L.C. Trinity Ryals Walker Owner/Operator and Scott Walker Owner.

      1. Now we know how they were able to afford that big expensive house. This information answers a whole lot questions for me.

  8. They have nothing to hide.

    Can you spell obstructionist? Sure you can!

    Can you say “Feel the good open government?” Sure you can!

    Nothing says the state is getting in tune with Feel: Technology shapes the way we interact with the world and use information,

  9. The old saying “Delay, Delay, Deny still applies in this modern age. The MDA has been the state’s brokerage house for Katrina related money. The CDBG program is one that in my opinion has been greatly abused, especially the work force housing portion of it. You will find some of the same consultants that are involved in the various other things taking advantage of CDBG money. Should be investigated by the FEDS.

  10. OMG! Why, I swan! Those Walkers sure can spend that money! Now, let’s see, Scotty is saying they did not make their bed at the Ritz? The Ritz-Carlton? Where rooms start at $2250? Quelle noveau riche! Does she feel safe there…the phones are those old-timey ones that you can’t throw, they are connected by a cord.

    If you are going to “blog” on how cute you are, please try not to wear a dress that shows your VPL. The 80’s called and wants its bottle of Sun-In back. If you must go online and tell all, please tell us useful information, such as did you get knocked up on purpose to trap Scott into marriage, or was it just party night at the Ritz, and, where did you hide your “Dutchie” when the Feds raided your house? Tip: try the dishwasher, it has a seal, but don’t forget to retrieve your stash before you run it, tee-hee!

    1. Just checked, and there is still a bill in arrears up Oxford way. Now it must be said that JAWA INVESTMENTS LLC is the actual party in arrears, and that JAWA INVESTMENTS LLC is at least Michael W Janus and Scott J Walker. But could Scott Walker put the money in to pay that bill if he chose to, instead of that vacation? Hope there is nothing valuable left in the freezer at the High Cotton Condo; otherwise, why not pay that bill?

      Just a few more sales at that internet business and all could be paid up again at the High Cotton condo.


    To address MDMR’s needs as they relate to advertising, it is clear that now is the time for MDMR to launch a new brand identity to herald the Agency’s new leadership and renewed spirit of this important state government entity.

    *This branding should include Developing a new logo and branding strategy for MDMR.

    *MDMR should consider additional public awareness campaigns to better inform the public about important issues and activities.
    See page 54.

    Sounds like they are fishing for some logo suggestions for the new marketing campaign. The DMR missions include seafood marketing, and to help promote charter fishing (keep those boats full, and now all those DMR related slots are available). My new MDMR branding strategy includes the new slogan (soon to trademark applied for) “Bait. Mmmm Mmmm. It’s not just for fishing anymore!”

    I’m not any good with the graphics type stuff, maybe someone can supply the graphic to go with the slogan. Perhaps someone from JAWA will be available for the spokesperson duties. SEO to be implemented including related phrases people might confuse with the new slogan:

    * “Tasty Bait!”
    * “Tasty Bait! Not just for fish anymore!”
    * “Fish with that bait or eat that bait- Win WIN!”
    * “From the MDMR to your grill, for everyone who knows who to ask!”
    * “That’s No Smell! That’s the bait on the grill!”
    * “No one goes home with an empty cooler when the MDMR is on your boat!”
    * “Never ask who is paying, it’s Mississippi!”

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