Yup (Part 6)

June 7, 2013

Justice Pierre Leon Muise
Supreme Court of Nova Scotia
Yarmouth Justice Centre
164 Main St.
Yarmouth, NS B5A 1C2

RE: Trout Point et al v Handshoe
Yarmouth Number #411345

Dear Justice Muise:

Please pardon this late reply to your faxed letter of June 4, 2013 as I have been out of my office on business. I have appointments scheduled both June 10 and June 11, 2013 and will not be available for any telephonic hearings on those dates. If you conduct an ex parte hearing in my absence please note it is without my consent.

That said I have noted Leary and Perret’s continued efforts to deprive me of my civil rights to respond to their dubious allegations levied under the US law known as the DMCA in Canada. I also note your court was once used by Leary and Perret before to deprive myself and at least 4 other US Citizens of their civil rights in the Louisiana Media case and I have doubts you were unaware of their specious use of your courtroom for that purpose.

I did not respond to Leary and Perret earlier letters to you trying to exclude my court filings though I will note they will be used in the civil suit I filed against them in Mississippi related to the abuse of processes that occurred in your courtroom in the Louisiana Media case. I have included a copy of this suit for your reference.

Please also note that I requested a hearing date on three different occasions dating to May 9, 2013 from Ms. d’Entremont per Justice Wright’s instructions. I’ll note Ms. d’Entremont was copied by Justice Wright on this entire chain of correspondence thus her office was fully aware of Justice Wright’s instructions and the fact I needed a hearing date. Continue reading “Yup (Part 6)”

National Flood Insurance supplemental: The bastard son of Flash from Key West

Way back when on finance I had a fellow message boarder that went by the handle Flashcash and he claimed to be a fellow long but I’ll be darned if the guy wasn’t the best stock basher on the face of the planet.  It was a small cap stock everyone knew had great upside potential but even if the company had a good quarter on conference call day Flash would always show up bitching a  blue streak and if the price popped up he bitched even worse. It always had the desired effect and when the guy went on a rant he could not be stopped.

I could write a treatise to explain what the guy was doing but I won’t save for saying I immediately knew cyber Yoda when I met him and even though Flash was not looking for a Padawan he ended up with one against his will. In any event me and Flash are on good terms but he deserves some credit:

So what was Flash’s trick? I’m not saying no siree but I’ll share this:

U.S. House passes a delay to flood insurance rate increases ~ Jordon Blum

Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser praised Cassidy’s amendment but he also heaped compliments on Sen. Mary Landrieu’s efforts on the Senate side to delay premium increases that came along with making the NFIP more self sustaining. “That’s why I’m so glad Sen. Landrieu is speaking up, warning about this problem and leading the fight in Congress to fix this program so it works,” Nungesser said.

Now that the House has approved a delay in the increases for many, the legislation next moves to the Senate. Cassidy is challenging Landrieu, D-La., in her re-election next year.

A big key in the House was winning the support of U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., who cosponsored last year’s reauthorization, Cassidy said. “She and Cedric did a good job of getting their side on board,” Cassidy said. Continue reading “National Flood Insurance supplemental: The bastard son of Flash from Key West”