Lay off poor ol’ Phil. Can’t you see he likes sucking his Gov boots?

A poll found 70 percent felt the governor’s remarks “perpetuate the worst image of Mississippi. He sounds like a Neanderthal.”

He sounds to me like a guy who likes sucking on his own toes or, in Gov Phil’s case, his toes inside his Gov boots. Here is proof of that which I speak:

These boots are made for talking, and Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant likes to brag on his comfy, customized footwear corralled through Cowboy Corner in Southaven.

“Well, I’m just very proud of them,” he says of his Lucchese boots with the state seal installed on the top front of each polished leather boot. “They’re just beautiful. These are cowhide — they’ll hold up.”

And here he is showing them off before insertion:

Photo by Stan Carroll / Memphis Commercial Appeal
Photo by Stan Carroll / Memphis Commercial Appeal

So what do I think of Gov Phil’s latest gaffe? It doesn’t really matter what I think but I thought former Biloxi Schools Superintendent Paul Tisdale was particularly eloquent in his remarks on the issue in the Sun Herald story on same:

Paul Tisdale is a former superintendent of the Biloxi School District and was a teacher and principal.

“I think I know what he was trying to say, but it’s an unfortunate choice of words,” he said. “When you have to qualify a statement that much, chances are you should have said something different.

“I wish the governor had chosen his words a little more carefully. It leaves folks with the impression that we’re still barefoot in Mississippi.”

Tisdale said Mississippi is a pro-business state, so to blame working moms for the decline in education isn’t a good idea, especially when the state hasn’t fully funded education in years.

He added although it’s true single-parent homes have more challenges than the traditional nuclear family, it’s unfair to blame the decline of education on working mothers.

Now before anyone out there in the greater Slabbed Nation casts stones at Gov Phil for being a boot sucking pervert, please remember former Gov. Ronnie Musgrove liked sucking the toes of the opposite sex before conferring state benefits upon them.

So with all that setup here is the social scientific lowdown on Phil’s affliction:

In order to determine the relative prevalences of different types of fetishes, scientists obtained a sample of at least 5000 individuals worldwide from 381 Internet discussion groups. The relative prevalences were estimated based on (a) the number of groups devoted to a particular fetish, (b) the number of individuals participating in the groups and (c) the number of messages exchanged. Using these measures, feet and shoes were found to be the most common target of preferences. This is consistent with an analysis of millions of search queries by users from the USA that were accidentally released during the AOL search data scandal.[6] Sixty-four (64) percent of the sampled population that had a preference for an object associated with the body had a preference for shoes, boots, and other footwear.[7][8]

Popular culture

In the 19th century, Central European students drank wine or champagne from their lady’s shoe or bootlet as a sign of devotion. The custom is noted among else in the 1882 opera Der Bettelstudent, where Symon drinks champagne from Laura’s shoe at their wedding. In commemoration of this romantic tradition, the French shoe manufacturer Louboutin issued in 2009 a glass shaped like a woman’s shoe, which was reviewed critically by the German daily Die Welt. [9] [10]

Phil can you stop sucking long enough to help get the poorest, unhealthiest state in the union, (you know, your peeps), better access to health insurance.  Thanks.

8 thoughts on “Lay off poor ol’ Phil. Can’t you see he likes sucking his Gov boots?”

  1. Dr.Phil needs to hire more political advisers to tell him what to say. Even better he can get Frontier to explain to the public what he really means dressed up in a way we will get it,like they are doing at the DMR.A cool million dollar contract should be about right. No CONflict of interest I do not think cause they are already on the no bid,no transparency,no problem list of connected companies that are doing business with our great state that is ranked at the bottom of all good and at the top of all bad. Maybe they can explain that.I am MAD AS HELL

  2. The problem is that families must have both parents work these days just to make ends meet because both parties (although a greater percentage of Republicans than Democrats) have since around 1980 allowed the bulk of our manufacturing to be shipped overseas. Our politicians have hollowed out our economy which has left only low-paying jobs. So if you want to return to a time in which only one parent need work we must eliminate the so-called free trade agreements, NAFTA and so forth and bring back manufacturing jobs to the US.

  3. The best thing Phil can do for Mississippi is keep his mouth shut.He can’t Goveren either. Doing nothing is his best quality going back to his days as State Auditor.Phil stick with what your good at. Nothing

  4. Our Governor needs to get off of his tail and address the stealing going on at the DMR. It amounts to grand larceny….under his watch…..our past State Auditor! Why didn’t he Audit the DMR when he was the Auditor? Why hasn’t he gone after the millions of dollars that have been stolen from the Taxpayers? Light a fire Governor! Let’s see some heads roll. Let’s see the RIGHT heads roll….not just sacrificial lambs.

  5. Two weeks ago, our lawnmower gas smelling governor, was spouting the job numbers for Mississippians to store nuclear waste. Then he changed his tune that we would only manage the waste. Huh? Last week, he was pushing MDA, DMR & EPA to revise leasing & drilling rules to begin the process of drilling for natural gas in full view of the Biloxi Lighthouse and Visitor Center. I heard tonight he is on a Trade Mission to Brazil. I wonder what the dumb bell governor will come up with this trip?

    1. A canal to shorten the distance between the Mississippi Delta and the Amazon Delta? To facilitate the cross importation of government subsidized bean and corn derived ethanol with the government subsidized sugar cane derived ethanol.

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