Its simply a matter of time: Dream a little dream of Slabbed…….

I seem to recall someone was yammering about the need for a Trannygate update.  Actually several of y’all have asked. :mrgreen:

The case is headed to a July trial and there has been no status change since my last post on this subject. Some update huh? Well actually……..

I know we have several newbies here at Slabbed and if you are new this particular topic has been the hottest iron of all the irons Slabbed has in the fire bar none. The stakes are high and despite the fact we have greatly narrowed the list of suspects we still do not have definitive identification of the NOLA Race Car driving lawyer that engaged TS Dream’s services that fateful night in California less than one year ago.  Here is a peek at what covering this story has been like on my end:

OK, I know some of y’all are saying something like this Handshoe cat is teasing again but alas I never tease about a subject as serious as the most well hung tranny in North America drilling for oil in the NOLA legal scene so along those lines I am pleased to report that TS Dream is a card carrying member of the greater Slabbed Nation. Continue reading “Its simply a matter of time: Dream a little dream of Slabbed…….”