Dang! Left out again…….

I’m personally happy such BS does not make it to my inbox.

SUN HERALD | Editorial: What was ‘inaccurate’ about DMR reports? ~ Sun Herald Editorial Board

So yes, Billy Walker has hired one of State Farm’s big Mississippi based law firms to represent him in Baker Donelson, such firm an occasional topic on these pages dating way back to Slabbed’s early days.

Last month I thought the signs indicated something was fixing to break loose with the investigation and I am still seeing those signals.

And now for that piece of gossip I heard yesterday at the Blowfly Inn, I’ve been googling away now for a couple of hours and am having a hard time finding anything so maybe the community can help out sourcing it. Continue reading “Dang! Left out again…….”

Biggert-Waters disaster update: We have problems in the Senate

Seems like it was just yesterday when South Mississippi’s fluffer congressman Steven Palazzo was patting himself on the back and claiming credit for fixing a disaster he helped create in the Biggert-Waters National Flood Insurance Program, which has dumped on the premium payers, billions of dollars in Wind Obligations private insurers stuck the program in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

So is everything OK now that Palazzo has “delayed” the inevitable?  Heck no because you gotta have the Senate agree and Houston there is a problem! Manuel Torres has the skinny:

Vitter and Landrieu have also warned of the drastic effects of the upcoming flood insurance premium increases, and the two senators have unsuccessfully tried to attach amendments to other Senate bills to stop those rate hikes.

Some senators have objected to efforts to stop implementation of the Biggert-Waters Act, arguing that Congress passed that law, by large margins, to make the National Flood Insurance Program financially sustainable.

So how electing a sold out Ed Rust shoe shine boy working out for everyone in South Mississippi?  On the bright side for those that are in decent financial condition the repo market has never been better down here in Soggy Bottom as ordinary folks are financially crushed and forced out under the weight of corporate greed and their own sold out politicians.

Batter up! Broussard document dump Part Deux

July 25, 2012 was the day I made my first official visit to the Yenni Building and the assistant Parish Attorney that was initially assigned to handle public records for Team Young/Foshee was singing her swan song as she had to leave due to the no longer meeting the residency requirements in the Parish Charter resulting from nuptials and relocation to another Parish in the area.

We got on quite well though initially I was very aware that Slabbed and the guy behind it was a huge curiosity inside the Yenni Building.  Eventually we ended up chatting about AROD among other subjects while I selected and scanned records from Box 3.  Time literally flew by.

In any event here are the files from that day from the early post Aaron Broussard days in the Spring of 2010 when Steve Theriot was Goatherder in Chief, some published on Slabbed, others not until now. Enjoy.

Aaron goes on Toolman

Bob Evans


Drew Broach meet with Theriot

Fed investigation and PRR

Fontenot Meeting with TheRiot Continue reading “Batter up! Broussard document dump Part Deux”

This is too rich……

I’ve had some interesting days in my 5 plus years doing this blog and today ranks right up there.

A few weeks ago I promised to publish the entire document dump from Slabbed’s Jefferson Parish Public Records Request project of 2012. Here is the first installment of docs obtained August 10, 2012, a day and week I’ll never forget as that week as I helped bury a close friend as well as box dived Aaron Broussard’s files sick as a dog with the shingles.

Here are the files from that day, some of which have been published, others not.

AMV PRR and Personnel Board Appeal

Broussard First Bank and Trust 1

Broussard First Bank and Trust 2

Broussard First Bank and Trust 3

Broussard First Bank and Trust

Chereen Gegemheimer PRR and Email Chain Continue reading “This is too rich……”

History will record that…………

Not that long ago I wrote that the Occupy movement and the TEA Party had far more in common with each other than they ever will with the politicians that purport to represent them. Consider this Exhibit A:

IRS Targeted Progressive Groups, Too, Documents Reveal ~ Sam Stein

It is also equally true I’ve never had much use for political shills that drink too much of the Kool Aid they slop to the general public so I thought I would point out the right wing nuts at Human Events once again exhibit themselves as idiots and not even the useful variety.

Politicians keep the masses divided using bullshit issues that are in reality not salient to the lives of 99% of the populace.  Keeping people divided enables politicians in both parties to lie, cheat and steal to their hearts content.

What will be interesting to see is if the right wing pols that have made a big deal of the IRS being a political extension of the executive offices of the President of the United States will be as interested in pursuing the targeting of perceived left wing groups.