7 thoughts on “Yup (Part 2)”

    1. Somewhere back in comments, the ever sage Russell mentioned the lunacy associated with the continued filing of meritless SLAPP suits against me, especially when one of the gang is doing “hard time” in the federal pen. Yup.

      Nowdy used to remark how all the Hancock County guys she met after Katrina had harder heads than Ariopsis felis and I’ll cop to that. There is a far more famous Hancock County boy that illustrates this concept:


      And while (almost) everyone here on the coast was rooting for the Black and Gold that day, you couldn’t help but be proud of the Hancock County guy because no matter what Gregg Williams threw at him that day, they could not keep him down or knock him out.

      The disgraced former Goatherder in Chief was served his summons at 8:35AM Central Time yesterday according to the nice deputy sheriff at the Granville County Sheriff’s Office.

  1. I realize that this may be a “delicate” subject, but I don’t see a Demand for Trial by Jury. Regardless of the relationships which may exist between a Mississippi litigant and a Mississippi Judge (pre-dating the litigation, of course, and never intended to curry favor by anyone), I would not think that “The Goatherders” would “play” well to a Mississippi jury. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. There is no such thing as having enough information in this matter and I sincerely thank you for your suggestion Ashton.

  2. I have read the above recipe, especially all the different homogeneous ingredients below VS, and can only think it will make one hell of a spicy Goathead Soup.

    Oh, if only OnASteed could see you now, how good you look in your Handshoe ” briefs” cooking your own Dizzy Dean adaptation of his Goatherd Soup recipe with increased fire, homogeneous ingredients and Slam Yo’ Mama seasoning.

    This is gonna’ be shitkicking good eattin’ bro.

  3. a reading of the tea leaves is telling me that these defendants will be the subjects of a number of similar lawsuits in the very near future. I would think that mr. broussard was not planning on his good friend and confidant dragging him into the chaos of mr. abel’s legal terrorism. loose cannons implode mr. broussard.i

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