What the man wants, he generally gets………

Captain, the sensors are picking up faint signs of life!

Houma towing magnate charged with illegal campaign payments to U.S. senators ~ John Simerman

“When Uncle Sam wants someone, they don’t stop until they get him.” ~ Banking professional circa 1999

4 thoughts on “What the man wants, he generally gets………”

  1. Da’ Captain better start monitoring the vital signs of the Admiral in Washington, D.C. who is in Congressional intensive care, on Obamacare life support and barely Holding on to life.

    Ensign Polite is also ethically very ill and conflicted a Ton with his sponsor Mary Mary quite contrary fighting to continue her orgasmic gardening in D.C. for another six years.

  2. Da’Captain might be barely alive but is asleep at wheel as Ensign Polite gets 3 years probation for his client, Ton of BS, just before he takes over the wheel duties.

  3. Gee. Three years probation for a self-confessed FELON? Shades of the troglodyte Tom Wilkinson, who also is a self-confessed, who also received the “gift” of three years probation. I wonder if the Federal Government will compensate me for the 34 days I spent in solitary confinement on charges which I ultimately (after a two year struggle) were specious. And since I was permanently disbarred for life under circumstances that did not involve commission of a FELONY, whereas the self-confessed FELON Wilkinson had his law license suspended for three years (as per our ILLUSTRIOUS Supreme Court), I wonder if I can apply for reinstatement, with credit for “time served”? Ashton O’Dwyer.

  4. I’m sorry did I miss something here? He repays the IRS the 3.6 million he stole from them and then is ordered to pay a late fee of $25,000.00 which equals .007 percent of 3.6 million. Where do I sign up for this penalty program because I’ll just withhold 3.6 and invest it–earn money on the interest and come out ahead. Nice job.

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