15 thoughts on ““The chicken is in the pot””

  1. Hell yeah- turn the fire up high bro, throw in da’ holy trinity, a little Slap Your Mama, pour out a cold frosty Abita Purple and lets get to eattin’ cause I’m tired of that bland homecookin’ crap

    1. Today at 8:35 Central standard time. BrousStar received his invite.

      “The best way to clear the air is to have it all out in the open”

      1. Holy Involuntary Introspective Invitations, Batman

        Have you hired a Chef or are you stirring your personal.Dizzy Dean adapted recipe of Goathead Soup. BrouStars are known to keep their shells shut but a few boxes of Slap Yo’ Mama will purge them nicely.

        Where’s OnASteed these days as he could maybe look in his Merlin’s Crystal Ball and help you with the recipe’s fine print.

  2. This breaking news just in from Pascagoula. McKay announces that the mudhole he was splattered by (the one offshore in the G.O.M. with a crew and catered beverages and food and NO BIRTHDAY CAKE!) was a trumped up mudhole.

    “”On the other hand, at times it has gotten very ugly,” he continued. “There was a trumped-up issue, which I don’t even want to discuss again. I would have never thought a small town race would get this ugly.”

    Reading between the lines, apparently the requested indulgences from Pickering and staff concerning those fishing charters will not be appearing before the election.

    Meanwhile in DMR news has anything been heard about those phone records?

  3. Instead of using “trumped up” he should be using “I apologize” and “who do I repay for the expenses of these trips I planned and took with friends/family” I guess we will not hear anything like that until a judge forces it out of McKay in Federal Court. His having the Governor at a luncheon to raise money will not help him unless maybe he uses $ for legal fees, even if prohibited by the laws that he is ignoring anyway.

  4. We need a new post dedicated to the John McKay For Mayor campaign. So many have so much to say I believe it is worthy.

    1. I agree. Whether McKay wins or loses the election there will not be a graceful ending imo.

      I expect if he loses that he will be ready to place some blame. He might accuse the entire Walker clan of Shanghaiing him and his family members onto a chartered deep sea fishing vessel under the disguise of a free birthday party. Which then proceeded to strand on the mudflats on the way to a secret MGFB reef. If and that is a big IF McKay has any mud on his DMR official “sample” gear, then that is how it happened. Birthday cake or not.

      The other time that Stacy’s auditors (along with some of the voters) might want to know more about McKay could explain away cleverly. He might explain there were a lot of other important friends and family types pols and contractors and donors Shanghaied with him. If they all (and there were some really smart people on the boat this time) get fooled and stuck in the mudflats a second time, then how could this be any of John’s fault? John could have said something like:

      “Fool me once, fool me twice, dayum that bait shore tasted good! Thanks for the ride Bill. Have Kerwin’s boys bring some more ice to keep my samples safe ’till I get home to my grill. Anything I can do for you? My back still itches, howsa bout your back? Got any more donations lined up for that charity foundation of yours? The more boats you have the more good we can do inspectin’ those reefs! Know what I mean?” Above excerpt from http://facebook.com/ItIsSONotJohnMckay'sfaultanythingMUDHOLESandBOATS.com

          1. Proof you are livin’ right.

            If you ran with the Friends and Family Plan Home Cookin’ Columns at 132 Krewe you wouldn’t know there was such a thing as a dry hole! :-)

  5. Rfp that FB page is not available. John McKay will end up chocking the Walkers for sure. They tricked him into getting in the the mudhole and his anger will show up sooner or later. He has no one but himself to blame. Well, maybe his campaign manager,Linda, should take some of the blame. She has offended a whole bunch of people around town with her pretty frown and unfriendly demeanor I hear from my relatives. He will limp away hoping he is not listed in the near future on some bill of information or target letter from Uncle Sam’s enforcers because somebody is going to be before this is over.

    1. The thing is McKay will continue to have a public forum as a Jackson County Supervisor (unless hypothetical future prosecutorial events). Will he be able to resist the temptation to engage in recriminations and score settling?

      1. I predict he will be humbled for a month or so.He will get the money from Bill Walker or one of his wealthy Republican friends like Frank Palazzo or David Harris and pay the DMR fishing trip money to the Stacey Pickering’s office. One Day he will explode and attach Frank Leach at Winn Dixie. That’s just what my friends say anyway.

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