12 thoughts on “With West Bank breakfast memories….. John Georges adds a few more “dangerous people” to the internet”

  1. Frankly ridiculous. Georges is buying into a bad buasiness model when daily newspapers nationally are dropping into the dustbin of history. Resurrection of the brain dead is just that, and Grace and Gill are definitely poster children. Gill was very good years ago but now is meaningless; and Grace exemplifies banality, although Jeffrey was being charitable in caling her “conventional.” To that extent, one could call a vacuum cleaner “conventional,” too, but one does not see any sign of wit when a vacuum leaner picks up lint.

  2. If one wishes to control the message one would be less concerned with the profitability if such model

    1. Ignatius, the problem with that approach is you have now a multitude of news sources. “Control” is not achievable unless you first establish cred. One would believe Georges better intelligenced than shown with his actions.

    2. Throughout history there has been a broad spectrum of many businesses( restaurants, bars, manufacturing, financial investment firms and even tomato salesmen etc..)whose long term profitability may have been in doubt. Their true purpose may have been for tax write-offs, pyramid schemes, advantageous political connections,inside social tips used for political arm twisting, money laundering, federal grants and loans,etc.. I personally hope Mr. Georges has only civil service reasons for buying the Advocate. The most important one being keeping the Times-Picayune on their investigative toes.

      1. Gov, that is why the actions to date truly don’t indicate any positive, and what you state would be a positive, “but for” George’s actions. You don’t keep the Tipsy on any toe at all if you hire from the usual gang of suspects who really have demonstrated little inclination, let alone wit, to dig. I speak from familiarity and you’d have to get yourself a time machine and go back some time to get true investigative reporters from the Tipsy or States-Item, for that matter. Also, I’m looking at the Advocate and nothing has changed. If Georges wants to establish “cred” for no other reason than to show he has “muscle” then he has to savage a few scapegoats for show.

        Given the fact we have a target rich environment there is no excuse for Georges not simply turning loose the staff if he wants to imitate muckrakers/yellow journalists of old. And, given the correlation of politial forces in this state at this present time, Georges is simply missing an opportunity to create his own authority,if that is what he intends to do. And, given the sentiments of our age where action equals acceptance, Georges can use his ADvocate as a force vector to engage in lateral takeover of communications. Energetic people are out there who will work merely to see their statements in print.
        Don’t forget the old adage, it is hard to engage in a war of ink when the other side has it by the barrel.

  3. Gordon and Martha’s jobs are being advertised right now so no one has taken their positions. They are not filled by anyone. Constant loud rumors running around that Mark Schleifstein, Nell Nolan, Rich Rainey, Mark Waller, and several others are getting ready to make the jump or are weighing options about jumping to the Advocate. Someone needs to call Pete Finney up immediately at the Advocate.

    I also have 100 bucks that says Ricky won’t make it another 12 months at Nola.com. He departure isn’t greatly exaggerated.

  4. And I wonder how John “Don’t Drop the Soap” Georger will be reporting developments in The O’Dwyer Family Mississippi River Batture case, given that he is married to the daughter of a “squatter and trespasser”, who has no title (or only “bad faith title”) to the property, namely Tommy Coleman. I’d bet my left NUT that “Don’t Drop the Soap” (this weekend is “Greek Fest” in New Orleans) and his wife have committed CRIMINAL TRESPASS on my Family’s property a time or two themselves. Where ARE you Sheriff “Noodle” Normand? Ashton O’Dwyer.

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