Picayune Porn links: Mayor HotMop?

After my first post on the intersection of Picayune porn links and City Hall my inbox lit up like it was the evening of the 4th of July on the beach here in Soggy Bottom. One reader in particular took the time and effort to make sure I had this story right because the part of my first post where I guessed was indeed wrong. Before I make this right it helps to say the right incantation before hitting the way back machine and following is the one I use most.

First up is the timeline of the existence of Mayor Pinero’s LLC which owned the website:

Screen Capture 5/20/13
Screen Capture 5/20/13

So there you go, born in 1999, died in 2009 and 2009 was an important year for a few reasons. First it was the season when our beloved Saints took everyone to the promised land of Super Bowl glory. Second, the end of January, 2009 was right before primary season for the municipal elections in the City of Picayune. Earlier I guessed and opined they sold the pornographic link website but that was wrong. Here is the reason for the dissolution in their own words: Continue reading “Picayune Porn links: Mayor HotMop?”

Repost: Something you can do to help

Deborah Cotton, writer and editor of recently launched New Orleans entertainment based website, New Orleans Good Good, was one of the most severely affected victims in the Mother’s Day second line shooting last Sunday. She’s been through hell in the past five days and she has no easy path to recovery ahead of her. Luckily, the storm clouds are beginning to break for her but she needs as much help as this community can give her. She is a true champion of New Orleans culture and she has given her heart and soul to this city and its community. Here’s your chance to give back to her.

This is Deb’s donation site:


Deb Cotton

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Monday Morning Omnibus: “Gone to hell in a hand basket”

Oh the memories……

I regret to announce that my previously unannounced central Mississippi tour this week has been cancelled.  I’ll likely make it up to Jacktown next month as it stands now.

First up is problems in the engine room here at Slabbed.  I dispatched Mr Scott and even he was confounded. So on the theory people across this great nation are both paying close attention and Slabbed positive I sent off a bat signal:

What can I say but 20 minutes later:

Plus DJ sent a detailed email explaining that one of the dilithium crystal nodes in the warp core needed replacing.  With that fixed and before we engage the warp drive how about some lovely music that first appeared on these pages in our insurance litigation blogging days:

First up is a question.  How can one tell when New Orleans Police Chief Ronal Serpas is lying about NOLA crime stats? Answer: Continue reading “Monday Morning Omnibus: “Gone to hell in a hand basket””