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  1. Mr. McKay, Joe Cloyd, Josh Gerard, Scott Walker, David Harris – all need to go to a revival …

      1. You are correct … a quick search of the Sec State website for Business Corporate Officers reveals interesting connections ….

  2. Cat Stevens singing “… he thought he had a weedeater in his Fruit of the Loom”….

    Sounds like music that should have played on Wednesday.

      1. Cat,Cat-Cat, Ray, Ray-Ray – and in the famous words of Hillary “… what difference does it make?”

        The fact is we have a self righteous man screaming with a perceived ‘weed eater in his Fruit of the Looms’. It doesn’t matter whether his Fruit of the Looms were weak, unsupported “briefs”, full of breathless BS or voluntarily removed before the public , the important thing is that we never allow such an experience to happen again.

  3. John McKay is a proud member of the Ocean Springs First Baptist Church. We need to tweek this song for his use in the remaining days of his campaign.

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