How about some DMR gossip

Actually some of it is yesterday’s and the day before’s but I am steadily wrapping my mind around this troubled state agency and there are a couple of items which deserve a second look and maybe a bit of analysis. First comment bumped is from Eye-Spy:

This is a classic example of waste, fraud and abuse by the state government–along with other devious insider deals. Will someone please explain to me how a contracting agency can collect mega bucks from political campaigns and then turn around and nail numerous communications contracts with the state government?

Susan Perkins was put in that position to help fix the PR department and its unfortunate she did not get the chance to do that. The former director Lauren Thompson was clueless since she was hired years ago and she did nothing to help the DMR image. Over the years, she continuously destroyed relationships with the people in the DMR offices, the media, and had groves of employees quit because they couldn’t stand her. Of course she was never moved because Ol’ Bill Walker was in charge and it seems he was caught up with higher priorities. Her finally being demoted from a government position should tell everyone how bad her performance was. So, the question is why didn’t the former director get the boot? Or, is that coming in the near future when Frontier renews another contract to take over all communications?

To this I’ll add the PR department was a dumping ground for Bill Walker cronies and that included his daughter in law Trinity, who did not possess the prerequisites for the position to which she was hired. Sources indicate to Slabbed she showed up for work everyday, put in an honest 8 hours and worked hard. That is also beside the point IMHO.  I suspect such is true across DMR which I’m picturing in my minds eye as having employees scattered about that were qualified for the positions they held and knew how to do the work burdened with political hacks and cronies that may or may not give an honest effort or know how to do the jobs for which they were hired.  To a person in both the commenting community here on Slabbed and former DMR employees familiar with the operations of the agency speaking with Slabbed on the condition of anonymity, Susan Perkins was known as Do Bee that was actually qualified to run the PR department. It raises troubling questions as to why Executive Director Jamie Miller fired her in light of the fact he is now hiring out communications to Phil Bryant political crony Joe Cloyd.

It is at this point that I remember noting from the Sun Herald public records materials posted online that strongly indicated one department head was not qualified to hold the job and that was at the PR department before Perkin’s came back.  A PR Department that must hire freelance a local sports reporter (from the Sun Herald) to do its press releases has several employees too many in my opinion but that is exactly what Ms. Perkin’s predecessor did.  Your tax money at work folks.

Next up is Ocean Springs Mayoral Candidate John McKay and his story du jour about his taxpayer funded deep sea fishing trips with Billy Walker.  Just a few short days ago he even claimed Walker as a friend again, fresh off throwing him under the bus last weekend.  Karen “Campaign Killa” Nelson has the skinny:

McKay told the Sun Herald he is friends with Walker and feels Walker has been mistreated by the Sun Herald, which has reported on spending practices of the agency.

Yoo hoo John over here doc. Methinks you need to become acquainted with Patricia. :mrgreen: Now another reader comment bump and again it is Eye-Spy:

This is hot off the press. This information may have been mentioned at some other time but its new to me and my information flow stream. Inside word has it that the website “Slabbed” is off limits to the DMR employees–it has been blocked. This was noticed right after Mr. Miller assumed his duties and many employees have noticed it. It certainly sounds like he is doing everything he can to plug the leaks because he know’s he is being watched like a hawk and anything he screws up will be reported on the dark side by personnel performing secret operations. 🙂

How about some lovely music:

OMG Slabbed has been banned at the Bolton Building! What else is new 😆 For those keeping track Slabbed has been banned in Canada (we ignore that one), banned in the Yenni Building and now Bolton, but I am pleased to report Slabbed has never been banned in Boston despite the fact we have an occasional page three.  Whew.

It is at this point I could launch into a dissertation on Internet and communications theory but I won’t waste my time.  You want Slabbed during the day?  Well whip out your phone and look us up.  I can say from experience the rest of my DMR peeps that don’t read Slabbed that way will dial us up at home.  All that said I guarantee there are certain people in Bolton that still have access to us on a state computer and that’s OK because the boss needs to know what is going on too.  😉

Feel free to add your own DMR musings in comments.

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  1. McKay is on the ropes with all of this. If you read the articles and the comments in the Sunherald and the Ms.Press about the debates, his meeting with Pickering,it is apparent his campaign has really taken a hit and his attitude is now Angry Man.On another subject why would Jamie Miller do something so dumb as hiring Joe Cloyd to do probably nothing for $25,000.per month The people will really punish him for this and should. Its only the peoples money why should they care?

  2. To the best of my knowledge, is being blocked in Jackson (the ISP for the DMR)., however, appears to still be accessible.

  3. I am not trying to play politics but needless to say when it comes to election day in the city of ocean springs, I will not be voting for McKay. I will proudly cast my vote for the “other member.” 😉

    What McKay has not realized is that electronic media has damaged his reputation beyond belief. This is not the Watergate age when you can simply burn and shred paperwork to cover something up. Once information, videos, photographs, texts and articles are posted on the internet they are there forever.

    If anyone wants to see what kind of damage it can do take a look at news articles, posts, and comments and you will quickly find out that ordinary citizens can conduct lightning fast data searches and plaster it on the internet within minutes–and it cannot be controlled. 30 years ago, this type of information would have taken weeks to obtain, if at all possible.

  4. Trinity Walker was hired at DMR during the Lauren Thompson days. Thompson did crap. Exactly what Walker needed. One can also debate that Susan Perkins has a bit of integrity such as not to spin a story. It is professionally better to agree to a ‘restructuring’ of your job rather than outright firing.

    Since everyone feels strongly that Miller wasn’t one of the top three choices -OR- was a top three plant; it may also be speculated he is doing what he is told by someone else. Sources say state auditors will be in the DMR building every day for years to come sorting out the decades old mess. So why, with state auditors and DMR accounting employees, does one need to hire an outside accounting firm? Restore Act.

    1. McKay carefully worded his statement to say Pickering said he was not the subject of an investigation into the Marine Rescource Foundation which is Bill Walkers nonprofit. I guess this article about “no comment” is about the real investigation, not the fake one McKay is not a part of because it does not exist. Read McKay’s statement rfp to see if you think I am correct. I guess now we are waiting on a comment from Eric Holder-USDOJ and the FBI about the investigation they are conducting. But if he cannot get a pass from his Republican brothers in Jackson he will have no luck in Washington.

      1. I’m no Stacy Pickering, but here are some things he might be thinking about. The desire to jump in and help a fellow pol in a tight race might be tempered with the thought that your own suit might get a little mud splattered. For sure you wouldn’t want to be dragged into the mud with your subordinates in a rescue attempt which could fail in some very public way.

        When it comes to the the Foundation for Fishing Politicians and Lobbyists and other related inquiries, the official silence is probably just what the powers that be ordered. Except, possibly, for the would be mayor whose public proclamations continually remind some of Sgt. Schultz. When the explanation of a birthday fishing trip (or a not birthday fishing trip depending on the statement) begins to resemble a famous Bill Clinton deposition about what the meaning of is is, armchair analysts begin to wonder if this could be tactical, strategic, or even hereditary foot and mouth disease manifesting.

        Pickering might be worried about how this rescue might be reported, both by the rescued, and those others in the mudhole, that he might be forced to leave to sink. Pickering might want to have a carefully constructed statement drafted and approved in advance in order to get it done without over promising or overextending the executive powers. He probably would want to be sure that anyone with the script would follow it.

        Just how important is it for the Republican Party of Mississippi to ensure that John McKay becomes the next mayor of Ocean Springs? Possibly less important than Supervisor McKay thinks.

  5. Mr McKay does not realize or has received bad advice (again) that the State Auditor will only investigate state agencies and those affiliated with them … So, Mr McKay would only be a sidelight in any such investigation … IF Mr McKay wishes to get “absolution” in this matter, he should go to the FBI who are really conducting this multi – pronged investigation … it is that agency that should be asked … they are the only ones who can answer, “You, Mr. McKay, are not the subject of this whole investigation … ” … but the FBI will not comment … because they cannot …

  6. Doug, I understand that the DMR has a “ghost employee” that lives in Hattiesburg who has been getting $60K for not showing up to work. His son works with Thad Cochran and associated with Trent Lott and rumor is that he is the kingpin of all of this jihad-right wing takeover of this State and the funds to restore the Coast. I can tell you that the “ghost employee” has the last name of Boyles….maybe Mike or Mark?? Not sure which. Do you have any way of checking this out? And do you think that any of relieving the Taxpayers of their money has to do with keeping Lott’s staff paid (since they didn’t have any jobs left when the Senator stepped down)? I have noticed that a lot of GOP staffers are on the dole and are associated with this fiasco….any way to check this out? IMHO, this could be a lead in the right direction???? What do you think? I’ll keep looking for more clues.

    1. No comment on the statements made. Here are the names.

      DMR employee = Mark Boyles. Google name+ CIAP or CMRP
      Link 1

      Link 2 See page 125 of the pdf (B-3 original page number)

      The son of a Mark Boyles (unknown if it is the Mark Boyles above) and former Trent Lott staffer = Bret Boyles.

  7. I can say all things point to Mark Boyles currently residing in Hattiesburg, no idea on his employment status with DMR past late 2011/early 2012

  8. You guys are great information diggers! However, if what the information points to is true, wouldn’t it be a slap in the face to both Senator Lott and Cochran?? Wouldn’t they be stepping up and straightening out this mess? I feel sure that they wouldn’t want their names associated with the likes of people that could be misusing Tax dollars or misappropriating funds. Also, wouldn’t the GOPer’s be up in arms at what is being done to their good name by this handful of far-right wingers? Not to say that they are relieving them of their Tax dollars also??? Nothing seems to make sense!

  9. How dare you call these crooks right wingers? Thieves know no ideology, and possess no principles. I happen to know that the Tea Party loves Slabbed. These crooks are part of the GOP establishment. Both parties are prone to corruption when in power. The solution is to follow the advice of Mark Twain. Term Limits.

    1. There is mucho irony in the association Coast Rat since I am viewed as a liberal blogger and I will cop to the notion of belief in social justice. To the extent I’ve always said the folks with The Occupy movement share lots in common with the TEA party your post is living proof. 😉

      I am happy the TEA party movements in 2 states claim membership in the Slabbed Nation.

      1. The Occupy Movement is an Anarchist – destroy the Machine group funded primarily by arch-villain George Soros and his Tides Foundation … The Tea Party groups are true grass roots, educated, and principled citizens who don’t want their country’s founding principles/rights destroyed …
        I see a big difference … In common is NOTHING …
        sorry Doug .. you missed on this one

        1. Ah, yes mainstream media stereotypes of Occupy movement. Meantime your brothers on the left make the same type of derogatory allegations against the Tea party as being a bunch of middle and upper class white racists.

          I see things a bit different. One of my clients, a former elected official from one of the inland coastal counties attended the original million man march in DC in 2008. The story he told me about the experience of discerning whether the pissed off Union folks from the north east that were there were “friend or foe” encapsulates what I am speaking of because he found out they were his friend and in fact shared mucho in common.

          The crooks in both political parties use artificial divisions to keep the 99% fractured and distracted from the stealing they are doing. If you believe in honest, transparent government you already have more in common with 90% of the occupy movement than you ever will with political crooks that loot the public treasury.

          Yeah, there are anarchists in the Occupy movement and some of them likely do not bathe daily. Yes, there are racists in the TEA Party and I bet even some of them do not bathe daily. My experience doing Slabbed is that neither truly define these movements.

          Something else you have in common with the Occupy movement. You both read and enjoy this blog. 🙂

  10. I believe many conservatives will vote for Moran. We know she’s far left. But she’ll be balanced by a diverse Board of Aldermen. I’d rather vote for a liberal than a thief. It’s just a damn shame that Deneyer is staying, for now anyways…

  11. I think you are correct CR.She will get the vote of a lot of people that would normally vote Repub. I do believe she is closer to the middle than you think. She knows one thing for sure. Ocean Springs has to be charming to thrive. She knows part of that charm has to do with extra landscape features,sidewalks and places to eat and drink. She gets an “A” for most of what has been done since Katrina. To think you can force retail development to the east side of Ocean Springs is absurd. Everything “charming” must revolve around the downtown. McKay cannot beat her by going after her love for charm. A vote for her is a vote for the person she is not the party she affiliates with.

  12. Can you blame McKay for wanting to develop east OS? He has real estate interests there. Ain’t that right Scotty?

    1. In checking the internet I now find the rumor mill reminding that the new Jackson County jail still isn’t. Among other postings, the following statement seemed to be a concrete allegation subject to either proof or disproof:

      Maybe that the Auditors are more interested in tne OVERPAYMENT of ARCHITECTURAL Fees relative to the Jax County Jail Complex.

      Approximately $242,000 MORE THAN ALLOWED – was given / contracted the Newest Architect.

      Between the OLD / TERMINATED Architect and the NEW HIRED Architect,….$ 3,000,000 has been paid for Design Fees.

      The Project has still Been LET for Construction Bids. The “estimated” construction costs of $ 30M may not come to fruition.

      OH WELL !!!

      The planning and (non)construction of the new Jackson County jail has been under way for over a decade. In January of 2011 the architect was Pryor and Morrow and the pie was drawing flies umm watchdogs of the taxpayers purse.

      The manufacturer of the domes approached Florence-based Hemphill Construction Co., Pascagoula Mayor Robbie Maxwell said, and asked for Hemphill’s help in getting a proposal to supervisors.

      Hemphill then asked Maxwell’s business, Maxwell-Walker Consulting Group, for help submitting the information to the board. The consulting firm is made up of Maxwell and Ocean Springs businessman Scott Walker.

      “This thing has the potential to save some money, and we felt obligated from that standpoint to bring it to the supervisors,” Maxwell said. “What they do with the information is up to them.”

      It seems hard to imagine that this allegation that the current architect has been overpaid could be true.

  13. I do not blame him as a supervisor or using it as a talking point. I just know politicians cannot force development. They must create an environment in which it thrives such as downtown. The east side of town will always be dominated by Walmart and the only growth will occur around the Hospital zone.

    Of the ENVIRONMENT, the Taxpayers, preying off the elderly & impoverished.
    LOUISIANA & MISSISSIPPI lead the nation in incarceration rates & the UNITED STATES RANKS #1 in the WORLD.
    POLITICIANS are the Monkey on the back of the TAXPAYERS. What purpose do they serve?
    Protecting us from foreign invasion?
    I never had a foreigner handcuff me at gunpoint.
    I am SICKENED by the human rights violations committed 24/7 by UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT!
    I am DISGUSTED by the Court System in which truth and/or justice are of NO MERIT.
    Government provides NO USEFUL PUBLIC PRODUCT.

  15. My Fellow Americans,

    The rumor mill was wide open at the Bolton Building this week. About the only good news is I didn’t hear of anyone else getting fired. I had the opportunity to speak with a few employees offsite and they provided some very interesting information. Mostly soft facts that I will be stockpiling for future use when things really start to cook.

    The overwhelming fear seems to be of Jamie Miller himself and the reckless firing of personnel in the building which has earned him the nick-name “The Angel of Death.”

    One comment from an “insider” stated that: “Jamie is the kind of guy who will piss on your boots, look you in the eye, and try to convince you that its raining outside–and smile about it.”

    Sun Herald article comments from Juice13, Cottonmouth, and Cobra seem to support the fear seen among the employees. I can’t say that a hit list of 20 people exists but it really would not surprise me with this dude in charge. I agree with Cobra and Cottonmouth who state that Jamie Miller must go in the article about the patrol chief retiring. Hell, the chief may have seen the writing on the wall himself and abandoned ship.

    With the support of Slabbed Nation, the Sun Herald readers, and the citizens of the Gulf Coast I would like to encourage support for the DMR employees at the Bolton Building on the next commission meeting. I saw it is Tuesday and it starts at 9AM. All interested need to make sure this date is correct. We can’t expect the poor employees to stand up in public due to their current working environment. God help them if they do because I am quite sure the “Angel of Death” knows how many wraps comprise a “certified noose.”

    1. Yep trying to make a name for himself. I don’t know what he’s thinking, but Angel of Death isn’t a very good one. He could sure afford to get rid of that “carpenter” with a $90k salary at the hatchery though.

      1. That Byrd is still roosting over there? Hard to believe. You would assume he would have headed back north for fear of being part of the coming FBI takedown. Maybe they told him not to leave town or maybe he has always been an undercover carpenter. Hell Greg Denyer was a woodworking expert. These are much needed tradesmen at the lab and hatchery, right?

    1. I mean this with due respect to McKay because I almost lit him up a week ago but held my fire because I thought he had enough sense to actually campaign for Mayor despite knowing he had already lost.

      Instead he’s gone defiant and that Sun herald editorial nailed it: He’s become a pompous, self entitled old fool that is not fit to hold any public office including the one he’s in currently.

      I’m not trained in the field but experience tells me he should never have brought his own weak point to the public’s eye. (Aristotle 101)

      Patricia where are you??????

      1. Rovian inoculations should only be performed after a proper diagnosis by skilled practitioners.

        Self-administered Rovian inoculations are always risky, because the maneuver turns off the plausible deniability cloaking mechanism for the issue(s) in question. The risks are GREATLY enhanced when they are based on a faulty self diagnosis by the patient.

        Using a 12 gauge shotgun to vaccinate one or both feet shall be prima facia evidence that the patient and/or the quack adviser did not RTFM. Treatment of such unintentional wounds by placing one or both feet firmly in the mouth is sometimes successful. Research indicates this may be due to the sudden silence effect minimizing further verbal diarrhea.

  16. He had to see this one coming. Blaming the Sunherald for reporting the facts on the Walkers and himself will get him nowhere. He really has no were to go but further down in the percentage of votes he will get. I feel certain he is in church this morning trying to get the almighty to intervene. Even that will not help him a this point.

  17. What concerns many of us is what Jackson County projects have been created, devised or maybe even reconfigured by Supervisor McKay in order to benefit the Walkers? Everything from the unwisely chosen site for the new high school to the abandoned and reconfigured plans to build a new jail are suspect. Is Supervisor Ross, who benefited from fund raisers by the Walkers, a puppet of McKay’s or the Walkers or both! Either way we need investigative proof why more than a million dollars was lost by abandoning architects and plans for the jail and reinventing the wheel! And who does really benefit by having that monster-size school in a swamp which floods during rains? We need answers. Maybe someone making a deal to squeal will tell us.

  18. Wasn’t it a fellow staffer who’s wife Director Miller had an affair with in Pascagoula? Marine Patrol better watch your wives! An act like that shows true character.

    1. Hannah I hope you are dead on with that because that is prime defamation suit material if you’re not (my ass is not on the line for third party comments).

  19. Well that is a little strong I guess. I have lost my concentration on what I wanted to discuss. Oh yea, the new Ocean Springs High School location was a very bizarre location selected by someone. I have read several posts in the past and must agree some special interest pushed this location. I recently went to Gautier to pick something up at Lowes and decided to take a tour of the location. Is it even in Ocean Springs? Did not seem like it was. Anytime that kind of money is spent somebody gets rich or at least makes it worth their effort to push a particular location. Did someone enhance the old retirement? I got a feeling all of these issues are being looked at due to the same player participation and team leader, the Walker family.

    1. Property tax records indicate that “special interests” indeed were involved in the school location. Let’s see. Momma was school board Prez. Look at who owns the properties there in east Ocean Springs, then you’ll see why McKay wants to develop it so bad.

  20. I meant far right wingers (off the hungry crooks that claim to be repubs Coast Rat).
    Wasnt picking any particular group….they just hide behind the GOPers….didnt mean to offend anyone. Now what else do we know about this Boyles person? Is he friends with the Walkers?

  21. Sorry to leave you guys hanging…have been gone…now what can be done about the boyles grifters? Do you think the feds are aware of this game? Why hasnt the republican party stepped up and cleaned house? If they didnt know before, they sure know now. How about it Governor and Mr Pickering?

  22. There seems to be an abundance of fake repubs here on the coast. They washed down the Pearl River along with= the hatching of the CDBG money at MDA. Most got their grifter training in one of these state government offices. It is almost like a locust swarm. I will be glad when they go back into the ground.

  23. GMAFB!

    Yes the public has some questions. No, Vernon Asper is not a member of the public concerning this, imho.

    I have a bone to pick with Vernon Asper right now.
    When you are at the wheel of the SS Mississippi CMR, then you ARE NOT entitled to claim that you are a “member of the public”. You are one of the officers on bridge of the CMR that ran up on the rocks! Don’t slip on the birthday cake, and watch out for mud puddles!

    CMR Chairman Vernon Asper obviously wanted to hear more about the budget.

    “As a member of the public, I’m sure there are a lot of people who have a lot of questions about this,” Asper said. “I want to make just a few comments.

    CMR chief: ‘Nobody really knows how much money the agency really has’

      1. Meet the man that chairs the board that supposedly oversaw and whose approval was required of every shithouse contract Billy Walker executed. Useless does not begin to describe the CMR.

        1. Sun Herald quotes Asper (really twitching to add another s):

          “Asper promised the public would get a more detailed picture in the near future.

          Until then, he said, “nobody really knows how much money the agency really has.”

          No doubt the pr consultants are doing good work. It would be embarrassing had he said something like:


          Asper promised the public would get a more detailed picture in the near future.

          Until then, he said, “nobody really knows how much money has gotten lost in the various mud puddles. We are sure it accidentally lost and misplaced, for sure we think it couldn’t have really been misappropriated.

          No one ever told us to watch for out mud puddles and not to step in birthday cakes! We have hired some expensive expert help and we maintain hope that this is really mud and not something filthier that we somehow have been splattered with. Please pass the bait…if it hasn’t all been eaten…

  24. Sounds like Frontier Gulf Coast did not have time to get the strings hooked up to old Vernon. He was being way to honest. He will not be allowed to do this again. 25k a month is good money for those master baiters to play with. Don’t get in the way of them consultants or you will be in the subantarctic chasing a Eudyyptula minor.Consider this a friendly warning,these guys don’t mess around.

  25. Does the city of Pascagoula have its own police chief? I heard some upsetting info today….it’s too unbelievable to repeat. I mean really??? I would surely try to pick someone other than a Police Chief to aggrivate? You want them to be your friend.

  26. And talking about McKay owning property in East Ocean Springs he hopes to develop, is it correct some of the Walkers own some also?

    Vancleave and Ocean Springs residents in McKay’s district certainly deserve to be represented. I certainly hope some HONEST individual will via for McKay’s spot in the August primary. His ‘Hoof & Mouth Disease’ in reference to the Singing River Hospital pension plan debacle shows his true colors.

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