Adventures in Jefferson Parish Leadership Fails. John Young and his ghosts plus Barry Bordelon sticks the tab on the taxpayers plus Sheriff Noodles on hot seat

Whew folks that is a mouthful! I am pleased to announce Slabbed will remain on the Jefferson Parish beat as there is never a dull moment in the “aorta of corruption”! First up is Parish Prez John Young.

After studying this millage renewal thing for a few weeks I now draw 2 conclusions:

  1. There is a critical mass of people that will not vote for any new taxes for the local politicians and their cronies to squander and loot. (See below)
  2. Last week’s emergency council meeting on the failure of the Jefferson Parish water and sewer millage renewals, disgraceful as it was with all the itinerant grandstanding, is mostly John Young’s fault.

Say what?  Is Slabbed blaming John Young for the defeat of the renewals?  No.  His fault is a lack of leadership. Clancy DuBos explains for Gambit:

Instead of admitting he dropped the ball, which is what a real leader would do, Young repeatedly tried to deflect blame onto others, including the parish’s bond counsel. He also claimed that his administration mounted a bona fide effort to educate voters about the millage. That was simply untrue. All in all, Young’s performance during and after the “campaign” was a classic, and classless, display of political cowardice.

Drop the ball or not Young threw his own people under the bus last week. Bad form, very bad form indeed. Speaking of bad form even John Young and Clancy DuBos would be forced to admit I called this whole Richard Hart disaster from wayyyyyy far back. Let’s review with this snippet from my first post on the topic:

Next up is deputy chief operating officer Richard Hart. Hart, John Young’s #3 man in the Parish pecking order came to the Parish from his gig as executive director of the state Department of Agriculture and Forestry and is credited for helping pick and poach Chris Cox from the US Attorney’s office for the #2 spot in Team Young. I mention Hart because some of the birdies are telling me he is the new administrator that most reminds them of Tim Whitmer in terms of being a ruthless snake in the grass. The birdies tell me that Hart has a checkered background that makes him a most worthy candidate for further exploration here on Slabbed so I’ll float the balloon and see if our readers can fill in some blanks.

And then less than a year later Slabbed broke the bad news:

Yes I am folks as there are rumors floating about that CAA Heather Hilliard has filed a workplace harassment suit against Deputy COO Richard Hart. If a suit was indeed filed it is not on Jeff Net nor PACER. That said I have heard varieties of the same rumor today from multiple observers of Jefferson Parish Government so something is clearly wrong here.

At this point I’ll add Hart’s reputation inside the Yenni Building is best described as piss poor. John Young was sold a pig in the poke in Hart and his assholery is evidently coming back on him in spades.

The reason the suit never showed back then on PACER or Jeff Net was because no suit had been filed. By time I made that post, DMM and Associates, the consultants hired by Phelps Dunbar on behalf of the Parish has interviewed over 10 people and the word of these interviews filtered out to the rank and file at Yenni.  I heard it from one of the janitors as memory serves.  😉

The story crossed over into the Main Stream Media and after DMM presented its report Hart thought it best to retire, two days after its release on bad news Friday, February 10, 2012 and the rest is history.  Now, thanks to the lawsuit Heather Hillard really did file everyone gets to see the DMM and Associates report and frankly it is damning.  Here are a couple of snippets:

Hilliard v Parish of Jefferson Doc 20-1 Cap1

Fear and intimidation? John Young looked to be following in some very unsavory footsteps before getting religion and I do give props for his conversion.

Hilliard v Parish of Jefferson Doc 20-1 Cap2

The conclusion of the report is damning:

Hilliard v Parish of Jefferson Doc 20-1 Cap3

The taxpayers are sure to get stuck with the final bill on Hart’s tenure with Team Young.

Moving right along Andrea Shaw with NOLA reports the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Office of Inspector General has issued a repayment demand to the Jefferson Parish Housing Authority to repay close to $400,000 in misspent federal funds under Barry Bordelon’s tenure there as executive director. This does not count the tax money the Housing Authority spent on hired guns that tried to prettify the stink that is this state chartered special purpose entity.  Word is the criminal investigation into same continues.

Yes, with more education new taxes will easily pass in Jefferson Parish right folks?

Finally we have Sheriff Noodles getting grilled Monday night over a bill sailing through the legislature to allow the same gaggle of politicians that brought everyone the River Birch and Redflex disasters to dispose of the two public hospitals in secret without a vote of the people per Manuel Torrres’ report on same.  The public is not buying into the whole notion of letting local politicians cut even more backroom deals on the disposition of the two publicly owned hospitals in Jefferson Parish.  Given the performance of this group there is no basis to trust anything other than the fact they will cut the best deal they can for themselves and stick the taxpayers with the bill.

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6 thoughts on “Adventures in Jefferson Parish Leadership Fails. John Young and his ghosts plus Barry Bordelon sticks the tab on the taxpayers plus Sheriff Noodles on hot seat”

  1. Litchfield and Hart – that explains it. Hart of course was one of the Non-Ag Commissioner Strain’s flunkies after the takeover from Odom, and Litchfield was Strain’s consigliere. Like other political operatives and your swop-meet “girlfriends,” get passed around. Typical SOS.

    1. I had several people claiming to be Hart’s former co workers from AG contact me back in the day. The man has not done a good job making friends with his former co workers.

      Now the bonus question since you have Hart and Litchfield connected. Who is the third amigo in that triumvirate? (Hint member of the media)

  2. Appointing Nancy Cassagne as director of WJMC is more than a blemish Sheriff … and her selection process was a sham and a shame … why should we think this back room political deal will be any different ?

  3. ( PROHB + Ej&Wj)30YrL = $$$$ FSOOMC = MPL

    PROHB – Political Retards On Hospital Boards

    Ej&Wj – East and West Jefferson Hospitals

    30YrL – times a 30 year lease

    = Equals

    $$$$ – Millions of dollars

    FSOOMC – For Spending Only On Medical Care

    = Equals

    MPL – More Political Lies

  4. Doug, Clancy DuBos is a lickspittle idiot. If that’s the best spin he can contrive instead of acknowledging the fact that the sheeple seek a momentary pause from being sheared…

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